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The Principality of Tir Righ consists of most of the province of British Columbia, and the northernmost counties of Washington state.


Tirrigh arms.png
Blazon: Azure, on a saltire between four mullets of eight points argent a laurel wreath azure

Populace Badge

The following badge associated with this name was registered in May of 1999 (via An Tir):
Azure, a compass star voided argent.


History of the Badge:
This badge was registered to An Tir and used by the Northern Region before we became a principality and is now used as the populace badge.

The badge was actually registered in Oct 1981. Yup. To a very nice lady by the name of Astriel of Smael Nest in Caid.

When we began seriously rumbling along the path toward becoming a principality, Ariel de Courtenay (who lived in Shittimwoode at the time) designed what essentially was the same badge. Not on purpose, but for all heraldic purposes the same.

We only discovered that the badge actually belonged to someone else when we started getting our heraldic ducks in a row. On the off chance that she might be willing, we contacted Lady Astriel and asked humbly that if she wasn't using it, might she be willing to transfer her badge to our yet-to-be principality? She sweetly replied that she'd always wanted extensive lands in the north and very graciously transferred the badge to An Tir to hold on our behalf. If she ever shows up at an event in Tir Righ, she deserves to be wined and dined as a honoured guest.

I've always considered Lady Astriel to be one of the lesser-known godparents of Tir Righ.

- Mistress Elizabeth Braidwood, February 22, 2007 AS XLI


  • Recognized as a Crown Principality at Twelfth Night in Seagirt on 13-Jan XXXV/2001 by King Skapti Thorinson and Queen Asa Starradottir, Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the North
  • At Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship XXXVI/2002, the Crown Principality of the North is given instruction to hold a Coronet Tournament.
  • On April 26, 2003 Tir Righ officially becomes a Principality, and King Davin Steingrimsson and Queen Groa Amicus Exhiderius are the Prince and Princess until the First Coronet Tournament can be held.
  • Tir Righ First Coronet Tournament

Royalty of the Principality of Tir Righ

Crown Princes and Crown Princesses

Crown Prince and Crown Princess of the North / Tir Righ

  1. King and Queen Skepti II and Asa I, 15 July AS XXXV/2000 - 13 Jan AS XXXV/2001
  2. King and Queen Davin III and Groa II, 13 Jan AS XXXV/2001 - 21 July AS XXXVI/2001
  3. King and Queen Aveloc and Mahliqa, 21 July AS XXXVI/2001 - 12 Jan AS XXXVI/2002
  4. King and Queen Wilam and Siobhan, 12 Jan AS XXXVI/2002 - 20 July AS XXXVII/2002
  5. King and Queen Nicholaus and Alyssia, 20 July AS XXXVII/2002 - 11 Jan AS XXXVII/2003
  6. King and Queen Davin IV and Groa III, 11 Jan AS XXXVII/2003 - 26 Apr XXXVII/2003

Prince and Princess of Tir Righ

  1. King and Queen Davin IV and Groa III, 26 Apr XXXVII/2003 - 14 June XXXVIII/2003

Princes and Princesses

Prince and Princess of Tir Righ

  1. Einar and Thora, 14 June XXXVIII/2003 - 22 Nov XXXVIII/2003
  2. Ulf and Celdae, 22 Nov XXXVIII/2003 - 13 June XXXIX/2004
  3. Kheron I and Ksenia I, 13 June XXXIX/2004 - 20 Nov XXXIX/2004
  4. Ulf and Bernadette, 20 Nov XXXIX/2004 - 14 May XL/2005
  5. Ieuan and Gwyneth, 14 May XL/2005 - 19 Nov XL/2005
  6. Ulf and Amanda, 19 Nov XL/2005 - 13 May XLI/2006
  7. Kheron II and Ksenia II, 13 May XLI/2006 - 18 Nov XLI/2006
  8. Ulfgar and Renee, 18 Nov XLI/2006 - 25 May XLII/2007
  9. Ulf and Caoimhinn, 25 May XLII/2007 - 17 Nov XLII/2007
  10. Owain and Wrenn, 17 Nov XLII/2007 - 10 May XLIII/2008
  11. Savaric and Safiye, 10 May XLIII/2008 - 22 November XLIII/2008
  12. Raknar and Chiara, 22 November XLIII/2008 - 29 August XLIV/2009
  13. Ulfgar II and Renee II, 29 August XLIV/2009 - 20 February XLIV/2010
  14. Ieuan II and Gwyneth II, 20 February XLIV/2010 - 28 August XLV/2010
  15. Alden and Katherine, 28 August XLV/2010 - 5 March XLV/2011
  16. Kheron III and Kenna I, 5 March XLV/2011 - 28 August XLV/2011
  17. Alden II and Lenora, 28 Aug XLV/2011 – 18 February XLVI/2012
  18. Steinn and Gemma, 18 February XLVI/2012 - 25 August XLVII/2012
  19. Kheron IV and Kenna II 25 August XLVII/2012 - 16 February XLVII/2013
  20. Christian and Heléne 16 February XLVII/2013 - 24 August XLVIII/2013
  21. Ulfgar III and Juahara 24 August XLVIII/2013 - 22 February XLVIII/2014
  22. Savaric II and Dalla 22 February XLVIII/2014 - 23 August XLVIX/2014
  23. Kerrigan and Lenora II 23 August XLVIX/2014 - 21 February XLIX/2015
  24. Olen and Chiara II 21 February XLIX/2015 - 29 August L/2015
  25. Vikingr and Lishinia 29 August L/2015 - 19 February L/2016
  26. Thorwulf and Wulfwyn 19 February L/2016 - 27 August LI/2016
  27. Ieuan III and Gwyneth III 27 August LI/2016 - 18 Feb LI/2017
  28. Einar II & Tangwystl 18 February LI/2017 - 26 August LII/2017
  29. William and Nadezhda 26 August LII/2017 - 17 February LII/2018
  30. Vikingr II and Lishinia II 17 February LII/2018 - 25 August LIII/2018
  31. Havordh and Mary Grace 25 August LIII/2018 - 16 February LIII/2019
  32. Sethric and Kolbera 16 February LIII/2018 - 24 August LIV/2019
  33. Kheron V and Kenna III 24 August LIV/2019 - 15 February LIV/2020
  34. Vikingr III and Lishinia III 15 February LIV/2020 - 6 November LVI/2021
  35. Steinn II and Gemma II 6 November LVI/2021 - 27 August LVII/2022
  36. Saif and Alessandra 27 August LVII/2022 - present


Tir Righ Past Officers
Tir Righans Who Have Held Kingdom Offices
Tir Righans Who Have Held Kingdom/Society Positions


Seneschal - Desiree Aurelia Chiarestella

Contingency Deputy: Kheron Azov,
Calendar: Lady Adelheid Wyss
Events Deputy: Dame Maminka & HL Elphin
Family Activities: Vacant
Social Media: Vacant
New Branches Deputy: Vacant
Royal Transition Officer: Vacant


Arts & Sciences Minister - HL Theodora van Zeeland

Deputy A&S Minister: Vacant
Deputy A&S Minister - Guilds: Vacant
Deputy A&S Minister - Bardic Arts: Vacant


Exchequer - Frau Gretta Grundwald

Contingency Exchequer Deputy: Dame Elena de Maisnilwarin
Chamberlain: Vacant
Awards Deputy - Viscountess Lishinia Aurelia
Fundraising Deputy: Dame Arianna Freemont of the Clan MacBeighn
Teamster: Sir Cyneric Bearson


Chatelaine - Lord Moriyama no Daitaro

Deputy Chatelaine: Baroness Tangwystl verch Glyn


Chronicler - Sigridis "Gala" Eriksdottir

Northern Sentinel Editor: Vacant


Web Minister - HL Astrid of the Wolfpack

Deputy: Vacant
Contingency Deputy: Vacant


Governor of The University of Tir Righ - Madame Jacqueline Lafleur

Contingency Deputy of The University of Tir Righ: Vacant
Registrar: HL Saito no Ryoichi Mitsukage
Dean for Novus: Mistress Tanikh bint Farida
Dean for A&S: HL Taliesin ap Hafgan
Dean for Humanities: HL Brynja Kortsdottir
Dean for Marshallate: Vacant
Deputy to the Deans: HL Maminka the Bohemian


Silver Yale Herald - HL Elspeth Farre

Hafoc Herald (Contingency): Vacant
Silver Pillar Herald (OP): Vacant
Red Flame Herald (Submissions): Vemundr Syverson
Recieving Submissions Clerk (Admin Deputy for Red Flame): Agneß Scherer
Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant (Notification Deputy for Red Flame): Adelheid Wyss
Silver Wolf Herald (Field and Town Crier): Elphin O Flaithbheartaigh
Black Adder Bolte Herald (Education): Anthony Hawke
Silver Hand Herald: Vacant
Lynx Herald (Website): Vacant

The Tir Righ College of Heralds website


Scribe - Maminka the Bohemian


Earl Marshal - Sir Vikingr Eiricksson

Contingency Deputy Marshal: Viscount Thorwulf Bjornsson
Cut & Thrust Marshal: Vacant
Equestrian Marshal: HL Cassandra Wineday

Rapier Marshal: HL Seamus McKinneach

Archery Marshal: Archos Athelina Grey


Minister of Lists - DameElena de Maisnilwarin


Tir Righ Past Champions

Scourge of the North - Guardian of the Spear (Heavy Champion of Tir Righ)
Scar of the North - Guardian of the Rapier (Rapier Champion of Tir Righ)
Scorer of the North - Guardian of the Bow (Archery Champion of Tir Righ)
Scholar of the North - Guardian of the Book (Arts & Sciences Champion of Tir Righ)
Skald of the North - Guardian of the Horn (Bardic Champion of Tir Righ)
Skeggor of the North - Guardian of the Axe (Thrown Weapons Champion of Tir Righ)


Tir Righ Spring Coronet Tournament - the second weekend in April unless it falls on Easter, then the previous weekend
Tir Righ Summer Investiture - the weekend before May Crown
Tir Righ Fall Coronet Tournament - weekend of the second Saturday after Labour Day (Labour Day is the first Monday of September)
Tir Righ Winter Investiture - the weekend before the U.S. Thanksgiving (U.S. Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday of November)
Tir Righ Traditional Events


The Awards of the Principality of Tir Righ are:

The Crown of An Tir has granted Principality Coronets the privilege of bestowing Award of Arms to subjects of Their Principalities in the name of the Crown.

Current Branches in Order of Known Precedence

Barony of Lions Gate (1976)
Barony of Seagirt (1998)
Shire of Thornwold (1981)
Shire of Appledore (1983)
Shire of Ramsgaard (1988)
Shire of Hartwood (1991)
Shire of Cold Keep (1994)
Shire of Krakafjord (1997)
Shire of Tir Bannog (1999)
Shire of Coill Mhor (2001)
Shire of Danescombe (2002)
Shire of Lionsdale (2014)

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