Adelheid Wyss

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Lady Adelheid in Wulsthaube and Circlet
Resides: Tir Righ
Date Started: 2018
Awards: Order of Precedence
Or, Three piles in point issuant from sinister base gules surmounted by a bear couchant sable, a ford proper
Azure, a chevron argent and in base a sunflower slipped proper
2022 Princess' Token of Favour, Hartwood Yule
2023 Becoming Part of the Tir Righ College of Heralds (photo credit: Greta Grunwald)
2021 12th Night Stash Bust Challenge
2023 A&S Demonstration - Towards a Better St. Birgitta's Cap (photo credit: Greta Grunwald)
Some of my favourite tokens, gifts and treasured items


Adelheid Wyss is a 16th century Swiss Burgher, living in Zurich just before the Reformation (around 1520).

Her mundane counterpart lives on the Sunshine Coast of BC and has been a part of the SCA since approximately 2018.


Protege to Dama Maminka


String arts, such as nålbinding, fingerloop braiding, sewing, inkle loom weaving

Garb making, including history of styles

Personna development, dance, music, education

Current obsession: Sprang

Wants to learn next: Bobbin Lace making and Tablet Weaving

Learning and Project Record

Adelheid in the SCA


January 2024 to Present - Regional Education Deputy for the Principalities, Kingdom of An Tir

August 2023 to Present - Calendar Deputy, Principality of Tir Righ

November 2022 to Present - Blue Inkhorn Pursuivant, Principality of Tir Righ

July 2020 to July 2021 - Exchequer, Shire of Fjordland


September 2024 - Class Coordinator for September Crown

August 2024 - TUTR Coordinator for Tir Righ August Investiture

April 2024 - On-site TUTR support for Tir Righ Scribal and Heraldic Symposium

September 2023 - Head of Gate, Tir Righ A&S and Bardic Championship

August 2023 - Head of Gate, August Investiture

February 2023 - Post-Production Support, 48 hr Scribal Challenge 5

February 2023 - Head Gate Deputy, February Investiture

August 2022 to February 2023 - Retinue for Prince Saif and Princess Alessandra

2022 - Largesse competitions "Super Six" at August Investiture and November Coronet

2019 - Technical Support, 48 hr Scribal Challenge 1

Ongoing - Largesse Maker, both as part of a group and individual

Ongoing - Friendly volunteer at events, always happy to help wherever needed such as set up/tear down, gate, attendant/guard shifts, TUTR paperwork...


Award of Arms - March 2022

Princess' Token of Favour (HH Alessandra) - November 2022

Silver Wolf - August 2023

Ordre de L'Etoile d'Argent - April 2024

Frequently Found With...

Dama Maminka the Bohemian and Proto-sister HL Caterine Rose d'Evreux

Mistress Desiree Chirastella

Mistress Gemma Delaroche

Elspeth Farre

Elphin O Flaithbheartaigh

Sadhbh Bheag


The Family

And of course, Neil of the Apps, without whom I would be lost.