Caterine Rose d’Evreux

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Caterine Rose d’Evreux
Resides: Lionsdale
Date Started: 2019
Awards: [1]
Offices: A&S Officer for Lionsdale
Or, a lion sable maintaining in its dexter paw a tower gules, on a chief sable three fleurs-de-lys Or..

Event Volunteering

September Crown Tournament 2021 Camp McClean- volunteered with lists
Spring online TUTR February 2022 - took many online classes
Seagirt Gentle Arts 2022 - Cobblehill - took classes
Canterbury Fayre April 2022 - took classes
Antioch Demo June 2022 at Albion Fairgrounds- organized A&S displays
Tir Righ June Coronet 2022 at 100 Mile House - lists with Duchess Dalla & retinue
August Summer Fayre - Atcheliz Hall - organized largesse competition / donated largesse / set-up & take-down
Tir Righ November Coronet 2022 at Albion Fairgrounds- organized 12 TUTR classes & helped Dalla with lists

Tir Righ February Investiture 2023 Pitt Meadows Hall - organized A&S displays
Tir Righ August Investiture 2023 - created & donated a Banner for the Shire of Lionsdale, helped at gate & assisted Afra with lists
September Crown 2023 - Camp McClean - helped at gate
Hope Brigade Days Demo -A & S display - set up A & S table & displays
Lionsgate Trials September 29,2023 at Hazelmere Park - helped at gate

January Hartwood TUTR 2024 - Nanaimo Navy Hall - took 5 classes
February Investiture 2024 at Pitt Meadows - assisting Event Steward, Mistress Desiree and presented a large bag of largesse to the crown
Heraldic & Scribal Symposium 2024 - took 4 classes
Canterbury Fayre! April 20, 2024 - helped with TUTR classes & took 2 classes


nalbinding - 3 pairs of gloves, 3 hats
making largesse - 8 wool norse hoods, 10 linen caps, 3 large pilgram totes, 20+ drawstring bags
embroidery - many items embellished, large wool banner for Lionsdale, donated to Tir Righ
sewing and making garb -
taking TUTR classes
illumination / painting / calligraphy
service during events - gate & lists
making hats - wool hats, caps, hoods
service at shire & principality

Historical events

February 2020 - came as a newcomber to February Investiture in Vancouver
March 2020 - bought my membership for the SCA
September 2021 - A & S minister for the Shire of Lionsdale (2 year term)
September 2022 - TUTR minister for the Shire of Lionsdale (2 year term)
September 2023 - A & S minister for the Shire of Lionsdale (2 year term)
February 2024 - became a protege to the FANTASTIC Maminka the Bohemian

Usual Suspcts

Elspeth Selwode of Wilton
Wulfstan Hrafnsson
Elspeth Farre