Sadhbh Bheag inghean Toirrdhealbhaigh

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Bantiarna Sadhbh Bheag inghean Toirrdhealbhaigh
Feb Investiture 2020
Resides: Lions Gate
Date Started: 1988
OP Entry: [1]
Offices: Lions Gate Chamberlain
Argent, an ounce sejant azure and in chief three roses proper.
Fieldless a demi-ounce azure
Most Recent Award - Goutte de Sang
Goutte de Sang
Painting: Maminka Shevelykha the Bohemian
Calligraphy/Art: Hlutwige Wolfkiller
Exemplar: Visconti Book of Hours
Lions Gate Courtier 2023
Artists listed as:


Sadhbh Bheag is currently Serving as:
Courtier of Lions Gate (October 2023)
Barony of Lions Gate Chamberlain (February 2022).
An Tir College of Heralds: Sinister Gauntlet Pursuivant

Preferred title: Bantiarna
Pronunciation: Sive vyag eenan Tor-yil-vyag
Persona: Irish, circa 1450
Court Preference: Please no significant surprises. Writs very much appreciated
Progress: Sadhbh Bheag's Progress
Arts: Bardic, spinning, weaving, nalbinding, crochet, knitting
Service: Youth activities, general hand, consulting and silent herald, Submissions Herald Office, teaching, steward team member/Co-steward


Saiv of Lough Neagh, original anglicized version from original research book (pre-internet) plus the name of the lake (lough) my family was originally from in Ireland.
Sibhaidh of Lough Neagh, guestimated gaelic spelling based on discussions with those who speak Irish

Better search and fun led to current name registration.

Story Time

See Sadhbh Bheag's Backstory for how it all started!

Once I was given my Arms, it occurred to me there was a reason we choose a period and place for our personae. I began looking into what a Lady (Bantiarna) would be doing in Ireland c1450. I wanted to enjoy the pass-time while learning something I could then pass on and teach. I have a love of turning threads into things and began looking into various aspects of cloth and textiles creations. My main question was, if a bantiarna was in the fibre arts as a career, what part of it would I be interested in doing? Then I realized I wouldn't know until I tried it all! So I began learning inkle loom weaving and reminded myself how to drop spin wool. Then card and prep the wool. Then I was given the inspiration to look into flax. And that is when I met The Honourable Lord Topher. I put out a request on the Booke of Faces to see if any would help answer questions as I'd never seen anything but wool. He answered and invited me to come to the next event and sit to chat. As I sat there, I had to focus super hard to not fan-girl all over him. As we chatted, I realized just how much our minds and thoughts on this were alike. Most events, from then on, I would find reasons to chat with him on fibers. He knew soo much I wanted to learn. Projects I wanted to do, he'd done once before and he encouraged me to do it too. I told him of my thoughts for nettlecloth, and he found me more research and inspired me to what will be a grand and long term project I have in mind. He gifted me some flax he'd grown himself that I may learn to spin longer staples and work with something less processed than the commercially available flax roving. Sadly, he was taken from us before I could do more than a small nettle spinning presentation at Tir Righ Arts and Sciences. I will never forget and I will be ever grateful for his inspiration and encouragement.

Eventually, I looked at the Sergeants and Courtiers of the Barony and was inspired to give more to my Barony and Principality. I have made some armour and begun learning heavy fighting. In an effort to learn what I'd need to know IF I wanted to apply to the Courtiers, I moved on into heraldry, becoming deputy to Red Flame Herald, and becoming Red Flame Herald myself. I teach Novus Heraldry, Games and Costuming classes. I am a ground crew and sometimes rider in our Baronial equestrian fun. I take my youngest to Archery and Thrown Weapons. I have been co-steward to 3-4 events, and Steward for a small event called Lions Stage for 2020. A very different person and set of fun than when I first begun.

As of October AS XVIII, I am now a Courtier of Lions Gate having passed my Trials after two attempts. While heraldry and other knowledge sets were relatively easy after these many years of study, the bardic and persona pursuits were the most challenging to me. Bardic, I presented Eriskay Love Lilt which is a plausibly period sean-nós from the Irish roots in Eriskay, despite it's political boundaries in Scotland. I rewrote an SCA based song I wrote decades ago into a similar style for my created piece. It is called Sweet Sorrow


Lion's Claw (Lions Gate) - Nov 14, 1998 (AS XXXIII)
Award of Arms (Tir Righ) - Jul 30, 2016 (AS LI)
Order of the Silver Pillar "Óige Pillar" (Tir Righ) - Aug 4, 2018 (AS LIII)
Order of the Goutte de Sang (An Tir) - Jan 11, 2020 (AS LIV)
Princess' Talon of Favor (Tir Righ) - Feb 15, 2020 (AS LIV)
Coronet's Favor (Tir Righ) - Nov 6, 2021 (AS LVI)
Silver Wing (Tir Righ) - April 16, 2022
l'Esperon et du Lion - April 30, 2022
Coronet Call coins - via Sir Helga, Princess of the Mists and Sir Hans, Prince Consort of the Mists (May 2022)
Crown Call coin - via Sir Rauokinn, Queen of An Tir (June 2022)


At The Trials of Lions Gate, on September 16th, CE 2018, I was presented by my Sponsor to the Courtiers, HL Wulfstan Hrafnsson, to the Baron Uilliam of Lions Gate to submit my application to the Courtiers of Lions Gate.

At the Investiture of Tir Righ, on February 16th, CE 2019, I was taken on as Protégé to Mestr Garet Doiron, Order of the Pelican, by the simplicity of his dropping a yellow baldric upon me and directing me to keep working. This was much in the style of lassoing a mustang in the wild. Much dust was kicked up as I scrambled off to complete my heraldic duties before armouring up as a temporary Squire to Sir William of the Battered Helm, to whom Mestr Garet is fully Squired, and trying my sword and shield against other Squires in the Tourney that day. I had 4 wins to my name on that day! I humbly admit my pride at these small successes.

At Lions Gate Champions' Tourney, on June 2nd, CE 2019, I did take Máirghréad inghean Raghnaill as my student, for a year and a day, in order to mentor her and help her find her place and fun in the SCA. To introduce her to people, places and projects that she finds happiness and confidence. To be a confidante and friend. July CE 2020, we did renew this relationship for another year and a day. We continue our fealty as she grows. She includes Event Stewarding Canterbury Fayre 2022 for Lions Gate in her service record.

At Baroness' Inspiration, on November 16th, CE 2019, I did take Sæthryth aet Apeleia as my student, for a year and a day, in order to mentor her and help her find her place and fun in the SCA. To introduce her to people, places and projects that she finds happiness and confidence. To be a confidante and friend and enabler of Arts and research! While this fealty has ended, our friendship continues and I happily offer any advice or support as she may need. As of January 2022, she is the Baronial Chatelaine, has taught a medieval math class in a Lions Den Zoom, amongst other services and embroidery arts.

At Baroness' Inspiration, on November 20th, CE 2021, I did give my oath as Man-At-Arms to Sergeant Brynja Kennari Kortsdottir to learn the ways of the Sword and Sergeantry of the Barony of Lions Gate.

At Golden Swan, on October 9, 2022, I took Hallbjorn Skjalda-Hrafnsson of Appledore as my student for a year and a day to be friend, guide, confidante.


Senior Youth Combat Marshal - Expiry 6/30/24
Equestrian Ground Crew - Expiry 8/26/27
Equestrian General Riding - Expiry 8/26/27
Equestrian Mounted Gaming - Expiry 8/26/27
Armoured Combat - Weapon and Sheild - 3/13/27

Claims to Infamy...errr...Fame

Crier Article: Nettles: The Other Plant Fiber || [2]

Past Offices

Deputy Pied Piper (Lions Gate) - 1996-1998
Pied Piper (Lions Gate) - 1998
Warden of Youth Combat (Lions Gate) - 2015-2018
Successes include implentation of "Youth Combat Champion of Lions Gate", creation of Minor Key, including 6 swords, 4 shields for loaner use.
Silver Sparkes Pursuivant (Tir Righ College of Heralds) - 2017-2019
Successes include creating and implementing the initial submissions tracking records on Office 365 with the assistance of Red Flame, tracking the backlog and updating submissions in limbo, helping to bring the Tir Righ College of Heralds Submissions Office into Office 365 implentation
Red Flame Herald (Tir Righ College of Heralds) - 2019-2021
Successes include increasing heraldic submissions and customer service through team development
Lion's Blood Herald (An Tir College of Heralds) - 2021-2023
Successes include further team development and increasing branch heraldic submissions and consultations


Event Co-Steward, The Trials (Lions Gate) 2017
Youth and Family Achievement Mentor, 2017-current
Equestrian, Senior Grounds Crew, 2016-2022
Sr. Marshal, Youth Armoured Combat, 2017-2020
Event Co-Steward, Baronial Banquet (Lions Gate), 2018
Event Co-Steward, Canterbury Faire (Lions Gate), 2019
Youth Classes Co-ordinator, Lions Stage (Lions Gate), 2019
Silent Herald, Investiture (Tir Righ), August 2018
Consulting Book Herald (Tir Righ), 2018-current
Spot Retinue, THs, (Tir Righ), 2018-2019
Court Heraldry, (Tir Righ), 2019
Teacher/Mentor - Novus Heraldry, TUTR and YAFA, Submissions Forms and Process, OSCAR Commentary 101 (Tir Righ), Nettle as a Textile Discussion Class (Online Ithra) 2018-current
Event Steward, Lions Stage (Lions Gate) February 2020
Demo Coordinator LFSS February 2020 with Heavy, Rapier, Scribal Arts, Fiber Arts, Arms and Armour and Music Arts
Demo Coordinator Brookswood March 2020 with Heavy, Fiber Arts, Arms and Armour, Dance and Medieval Inventions
Plague Virtual Herald's Point Consulting Herald (February 2021, January 2022)
Helper Herald for two 48 Hour Scribal Challenges working with the An Tir Backlog Project (2020-2021)
Tir Righ Heraldic Zoom Commentary Chats 2020-2021
Cold Keep Chatter Zoom - Teaching Heraldry February 2021
COVID Table Organizer and Field Herald An Tir Fall Crown October 2021
Acting Silver Wolf (Field Heraldry) Tir Righ Coronet/Investiture November 2021
The University of Tir Righ Zoom (Tir Righ) February 2022 - Virtual Class Persona Development and Name Documentation
FanExpo Demo (Lions Gate) February 2022 - Fibre spinning 4 hours
Autism Student Program Demo with Roesia du Bois - Fibres spinning, games 2 hour (Lions Gate) April 2022
Tir Righ Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Classes taught (Zoom) April 2022 - Begin Documenting Your Name, Begin Designing Your Armory, An Tir Submissions Forms
Canterbury Fair Co-Steward (Lions Gate) April 2022
Lionsdale Practice Class(June 2022) - Introduction to Names, Armory and Submissions
Town Cry and teaching Town Cry (Tir Righ Investiture) - August 2022
Town Cry, Field Cry Archery, Field Cry/Runner Coronet Tourney, Retinue service (Tir Righ Coronet) - November 2022
Baroness' Inspiration, Begin Documenting Your Name, Begin Designing Your Armory, An Tir Submissions Forms, (Lions Gate) - November 2022
PayPal in the SCA Training with Kira Mikkeldotter (Zoom) - January 2023
virtural Known World Heraldic and Scribal: Principal Herald 101, Documenting From Oral Traditions (Zoom) - January 2023
12th Night Live Stream Production crew-member (Live Stream) = January 2023
SCA Magnificently Awesome Scavenger Hunt, Team Swan Song, 9 items: 290 pts = January 2023
Ursulmas Live Stream Production crew-member (Live Stream) = January 2023
Town Cry and Field heraldry - (Tir Righ Investiture) - February 2023
FanExpo Fibers Demo - (Lions Gate) - February 2023
Demo Lead and Liaison for Langley FMS School - (Lions Gate) - February 2023
Fight and Fibres Demo - (Appledore Althing) - March 4, 2023
Bardic Champion Entry - (Canterbury Fools) - (Lions Gate) - April 1, 2023
Golden Fleece Participant, Heavy Tourney, Archery Tourney, Iron Rose Tourney - (Ramsgaard)
Lions Gate Champions Heavy Tourney and Youth Combat demo - April 29, 2023
Sir Eddie's Holmgang Tourney - May 6, 2023
Town Cry, Live Stream Team, Inspiration (May Crown) - (Vulcanvelt) - May 19-21, 2023
Gender Minority Fighter Talk, Vigil and Elevation support for Mistress Elizabetta, Pelican Queen of Arms - (Egil's) - May 26-28, 2023
Gate, Field Heraldry, Youth Combat Marshal - (Tir Righ Coronet) (Coill Mhor) - June 9-11, 2023
Marshalling - (Langley Scout Demo) (Lions Gate) - June 17, 2023
Lion's Blood Herald and student (Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium) (Northshield) - June 23-25, 2023
Gormflaith Bernadette and Prionsa Argyle Attendant, Heavy Tourney, Archery Tourney, Bardic Tourney, now Cold Keep Bardic Defender for a year (Cold Keep Defenders Tourney) - June 30-July 2, 2023
Equestrian Equipment Maintenance Day - Lions Gate - July 17, 2023
War Fighter, Baroness' Walk Defender, Iron Rose Tourney - Lions War (Clinton) - Aug 4-6, 2023
MiC Youth Combat teaching and demo, Archery Tourney - Seagirt Gathering - Aug 12, 2023 Processional Herald, Town Cry, Youth Combat Support, Archery Champion Support - Tir Righ Investiture (Hartwood), August 25-27, 2023
Nettle Talk, Equestrian Ground Crew for Equestrian Champion Tourney Entrants, Queen's Guard - September Crown - Sept 1-4, 2023
An Tir Live Stream Home Supports Team for several Live Streams this year (An Tir) - 2023
Co-Steward - Lions Gate Banquet listed for December 2, 2023
SCADEIB online Collegium - Class Mod x3 classes - An Tir Hosting, January 20, 2024
Demo Lead and Liaison for Langley FMS School - (Lions Gate) - February 2024

Known Associates