Sigridis "Gala" Eriksdottir

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Lærðimoðir Sigridis "Gala" Eriksdottir is the Norse name of Mistress Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig...
"Gala" for short.

I am Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig,

Namesake of a Goddess, powerful and true,
Christened for the river where emerald Eire draws its life.
Sometimes I am remembered of as Sigridis "Gala" Eriksdottir, the Half-Dane,
Whose name means "Lovely voice".
(or to "crow", depending on who you ask :)
I come from across the sea to feast with the people of my Mother's line,
Grandmother's Grandmother's kin,
And the kin of my choosing.

Once lauded Skald of the North,
Söngvari... Many are the songs I sing.
Strong, clear the tones of gentle supplication.
Surely the birds are silent and heaven weeps to hear.
Melodious the notes I play.
Stirring poems I write.
Deftly I pluck the heartstrings of joy and sorrow till all is spent.

Beauty trapped in paint and stone, forever frozen,
Unlocked by my hands.
Music, Art, the lifeblood surging.
They are marrow of my bones.

My frame looms large, if only to house the heart within.
Eyes changeable, flashing green, crystal blue, wintry grey.
See my soul in their myriad hues.
Gratefully I learn.
Passionately I create.
Quietly I serve.
Faithfully I love.

AKA Sionann in Ui Fhlaithbheartaig (shee-OH-nan Knee LAY-ver-tee... or Shannon o'Flaherty for the Gaelically impaired)
Formerly of Ramsgaard & Lions Gate, currently residing in the Shire of Lionsdale.
MKA: Sheila Louise Wright


I have an SCA Website where you can see some of my charter painting, music, and other projects at:
You can check out some Celtic and Scandinavian Folk Ballads on my YouTube channel at:

And here's some of my words...(not necessarily SCA related): POETRY


- First event, Butterfly Ball... followed closely by Clinton War, 1997
- Made "Dough" in 1997 and then a full-fledged "Tart" in the Pure Wenching Tarts Society (PWTS), 1998
- Bardic Defender of Lions Gate, 2005-2006
- Apprentice to Mistress Seiglynda Thyrisdotter of Elphinstone, 2005
- Member of Holly House, 2005
- Bardic Champion of Tir Righ / Skald of the North - April 2008- May 2009
- Apprentice to Mistress Alisaundre ni Feidhlimidh dal gCais, 2011
- Bardic Champion of Lionsdale, 2012
- Made a member of Clan MacAndrew, Baroness' Tourney, 2014.
- Put on Vigil for the Order of the Laurel by TMs Styrkarr Jarlsskald and Dagrun Stjarna at An Tir 12th Night Coronation 2015.
- Elevated to the Order of the Laurel at July Coronation 2015 by TMs Savaric de Porte des Lions and Dalla Hjalbaadsdottir.
- Protegee to Baron Master Uilliam MacAndrew
- Bardic Champion of An Tir, Nov. 2017

Current Apprentii & Students

Hlaford (Lordship) Wulfstan Hrafnsson - Apprentice #1
Her Ladyship Eleanor Odlowe - Apprentice #2
Lord Brynteach MacQuarrie - Apprentice #3
Lord Malys mac Néill - Apprentice #4


Early period Norse (yeah, good luck) and Celtic music and Elizabethan/Renaissance (and early Baroque) vocal music.
My latest obsession is "kulning"... Swedish "cow calling" and shepherding songs... and Saami "yoiking"... Yeah I'm just THAT weird.
Playing Anglo Saxon Lyre and Anglo-Saxon Harpe, Bodhran, pennywhistle, alto & soprano recorder, flute, percussion, guitar (still learning)...
I was gifted, by Their Highnesses of Tir Righ, with a Rebec (made by HL Aleyn Wyckington) and so I am now attempting to learn to play it :)
I was also gifted with an Irish Harp by Mistress Seiglynda of Elphinstone, thus I am attemping to learn that too.
I am a member of the Bards of An Tir and the An Tir Players and LOVE acting, drama, writing music, poetry and short stories...
(outside of the SCA I also play bass guitar, piano, flute and various percussion... and am STILL learning to play guitar... damn these small hands :)

Naalbinding (EEEYARGH!!!), Scribal, crocheting (yeah I know it isn't exactly period but I don't care...), card weaving, embroidery, Hand sewing, Painting, sculpting, ceramics (specifically hand building... I dislike wheel-throwing...), researching various topics and writing stupid long essays because that's the kind of GEEK I am :)

Archery (on occasion), laughing with friends over dinner and wine and song, feasting, sitting gate, helping out in the kitchen and serving at feasts, cooking and feeding/watering people, organizing events/autocratting... Scheduling Kingdom A&S and Tir Righ A&S etc... (I <3 Spreadsheets)

Known Accomplices