Hraði inn Rakki

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Persona History

(This section is currently very sparse...) Hraði was raised among the rocky fjords of Iceland, but decided at a young age that raising sheep on the side of a mountain was not to be his path. He shipped out with a trading vessel travelling eastward, and offered his service to the Byzantine emperor.

(more to come.)

Prince Ulf takes Hraði as man-at-arms, Tir Righ Summer Investiture AS 42. Photo credit Cordell de Caen

Award History


Both Hraði (swift) and inn rakki (straight, upright) are names recorded in the Landnámabók, a book which describes Norse settlement of Iceland in the 9th and 10th centuries AD. While he definitely stands straight and upright, Hraði is still working on the swiftness.

Known Accomplices
Daffodil Tournament March 2006
Queen Caia Snowden inducts Hraði inn Rakki into the Order of the Jambe de Lion.

Also known as...

For many years Hraði inn rakki was known as Rodrigo de Cordova. He has also been known as Roderigo Gattamorta d'Amalfi and Crumein MacMhuirich, but that was long ago, and in another country, and besides, the wench is dead.

Words of a skald