Chiara Fiamma

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Residing in the Shire of Danescombe, in the Principality of Tir Righ, Viscountess Chiara Fiamma was the 12th Princess of Tir Righ. She is a heavy fighter in her her own right, a Shakespeare aficionado, and is the founder and intrepid leader of the An Tir Players.

She is also Apprentice to Mistress Alisaundre ni Feidhlimidh dal gCais


Chiara loves to perform. Particularly Shakespeare. Performing is like crack, and you should try it.


Danescombe's Bardic Defender - 2007 - 2009
Received Award of Arms - May 2008
Served as ban-Tanist of Tir Righ - September 2008 to November 2008
Princess Tir Righ - November 2008 - August 2009
Became a member of the Ladies of the Valorous Estate - August 2009
Prince's Favour (Raknar Guntharson) - August 2009
Tir Righ Bardic Champion - October 2010 - October 2011
Received Jambe de Lion - February 2011
Received l'Etoile d'Argent - June 2011
Received Blue Lily, for inspiring Sir Olen Medvedovich Ovanov in the Tir Righ Coronet - June 2011
Became a Guardian of Tir Righ - October 2011
Received Silver Leaf (Danescombe's Bardic/A&S Award)- March 2012
Received Sable Chime - May 2012
Became a member of the Order of the Pernicious Lily - June 2012
Coronet Favour (Stein Vikingsson and Gemma Delaroche) - August 2012
Tir Righ Bardic Champion - October 2012 - September 2013
Received the Order of the Silver Pillar - October 2013
Received the Order of the Goutte de Sang - August 2014
Princess' Talon of Favour (Dalla Hjalbaadsdottir) - August 2014
Appointed Tir Righ Royal Bard by TH Kerrigan and Lenora - September 2014 - present
Ban-Tanist of Tir Righ with HE Olen Medvedovich Ovanov, Oct 2014