Laric Godwin

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September Crown 2021
September Crown 2021 Photo credit: Greta Grunwald
Resides: Barony of Lions Gate
Date Started: Feb 1991
Awards: Order of Precedence
Offices: Former Sable Loat Pursuivant
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Per pale vert and azure, in chief on a sun Or a rat rampant to sinister sable.

Laric Godwin

Has also resided in Ramsgaard, Danescombe, and Borealis
Became a Man-at-Arms to Hucbald Ap Urp, Squire to Yarl Barak
Became a member of the Sargentry of Lions Gate in 2010
Became a Man-at-Arms to Viscount Steinn in 2013 and Squired in 2014
Became a member of MacAndrews Clan (Service for Service Sake) in 2015

Service by Retinue

Raknar I and Chiara I :guard
Alden I and Kate I :guard
Alden II and Lenora I :guard
Steinn I and Gemma I :guard
UlfR II and Caoimhe II :guard
Olen I and Chiara II :Captain of the Guard
Thorwulf I and Wulfwyn I :guard and Vox
Havordh I and Mary Grace I :guard
Seth I and Kolberra I :guard
Steinn II and Gemma II :Captain of the Guard and Vox
Saif I and Alessandra I :guard and anything else to entertain

Laric has also done many day retinues as either a guard or herald


Hitting people with big sticks, specializing in sword and scutum but can pick up and use most other weapons
Court, Field and protocol Heraldry
Service, Laric likes to help out


2018 - Sable Loat Pursuivant (Lions Gate)
Voice Herald
Sr Heavy Marshal, Jr Rapier Marshal
Event set-up and strike

Current and past Defender/Champion

Tir Bannog - Heavy Defender 2015 and 2016
Lions Gate - Games Champion 2021
Cold Keep - Heavy Defender 2022
Krakafjord - Heavy Defender 2022