Ulfgar and Renee

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Preceded by:
Kheron II and Ksenia II
Ulfgar and Renee
Eighth Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
18 Nov XLI/2006 – 26 May XLII/2007
Succeeded by:
Ulf and Caoimhinn

Prince Ulfgar and Princess Renee of Tir Righ at April Investiture 2007

Royal Progress

  • Won Tir Righ Fall Coronet Tournament XLI/2006
  • Tir Righ Winter Investiture XLI/2006
  • Baroness's Tournament, Dec 2, Lions Gate
  • (Entries below, as of Dec 1 2006. Needs cleanup and formatting)
  • Dec 9 Yule Feast Ulfgar & Renee Barony of Seagirt Victoria BC
  • Jan 12-14 12th Night Ulfgar & Renee Barony of Dragon's Laire Kitsap & N Mason Counties, WA
  • Jan 20 Lionsdale Tourney Ulfgar & Renee Shire of Lionsdale Abbotsford & Chilliwack, BC
  • Jan 26 - 28 Ursulmas Ulfgar & Renee
  • Feb 10 Black Knight Ulfgar & Renee Shire of Ravensley Port Alberni, BC
  • Feb 14 - 19 Estrella Ulfgar & Renee
  • Feb 24 - 25 Red Lantern Ulfgar & Renee
  • March 24 Daffodil Ulfgar & Renee Barony of Seagirt Victoria, BC

Reign Memories

Tanist Ulfgar set several milestones with his victory. He became the first winner of a Tir Righ Coronet list to hail from anywhere other than Lions Gate. He is the first Tanist from Shittimwoode since Sir Edward Zifran of Gendy was Tanist of An Tir in AS XIV. He is the first man to win an "even numbered" Tir Righ Coronet other than Thane Ulf Bloodfoot Fallgrson. He is the fifth man to serve as Tanist of Tir Righ. Research is being done to find any other sitting Chirurgeon to win a Coronet list in an An Tirian Principality.

The Lions Gate dominance is not completely removed however! Ban-Tanist Renee hails from that august Barony. She is the seventh woman to serve as ban-Tanist of Tir Righ. She is familiar to the workings of Royalty having received a Forget Me Not from Queen Taisiia I and a Princess' Talon of Favour from the first reign of Her predessesor, Princess Ksenia Einarsdottir.

- HL Quentin Martel
Silver Yale Herald of Tir Righ
Webminister to Their Excellencies, Ulfgar and Renee