Havordh and Mary Grace

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Preceded by:
Havordh and Mary Grace
Thirty-first Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
25 Aug LIII/2018 – 16 Feb LIII/2019
Succeeded by:
Sethric and Kolbera
Preceded by:
Savaric and Dalla
Havordh and Mary Grace
Sixty-Eighth King and Queen of An Tir
18 July AS L/2015 – 9 Jan AS L/2016
Succeeded by:
Eirik II and Drifinna II

Royal Progress

From http://antir.sca.org/WhosWho/HavordhMaryGrace.php

Date Event Branch Attending
May 22-24 Celtic Revolt Wealdsmere Both
June 6 June Faire Dragon's Laire Both
June 19-20 Summits Investiture Corvaria Both
June 26-28 Avacal Coronation Bitter End Both
July 17-19 July Coronation Midhaven Both
Aug 1-6 Pennsic War Aethelmarc (Kingdom) Both
Aug 14-16 Autumn War Blatha An Oir Both
Aug 21-23 Sport of Kings Three Mountains Both
Aug 28-30 Tir Righ Investiture Tir Righ Both
Sept 4-7 September Crown GLymm Mere Both
Sept 18-20 Summits Coronet Glyn Dwfn His Royal Majesty
Sept 18-20 Emprise of the Black Lion Madrone Her Royal Majesty
Oct 2-4 Baron's Ball Wastekeep Both
Oct 9-11 Golden Swan Appledore Her Royal Majesty
Oct 23-25 Tir Righ Coronet Tir Righ Both
Nov 6-8 Kingdom Feast/Crown Council An Tir Both
Nov 14 Baroness' Tournament Lions Gate Both
Dec 11-13 Summits Investiture Myrtle Holt Both
Jan 8-10 Twelfth Night Dragon's Mist Both


Head of Retinue
Dame Cristiana de Huntington
Master Charles de Bourbon
Court Coordinator
Court Coordinator
Court Reporter
Sable Mountain Herald
Head Lady in Waiting
Baroness Alianora Greymoor
Captain of the Queen's Guard
Captain of the King's Guard
Head Scribe
Head Scribe
Largesse Coordinator
Garb Coordinator
Royal Encampment Coordinator
Awards Sifter
Food Coordinator
Food Cooridnator

Awards Given

Awards in the OP

Notable Accomplishments