Kingdom Arts & Sciences Championship XXXVI/2002

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2 March XXXVI/2002
Hosting Branch

Court Report

Saturday Court

Notes from Their Royal Majesties Court

Kingdom Arts & Sciences - Saturday

Greetings, noble cousins!

Please forward to any lists you feel that it may be appropriate too. I've had requests to use my court reports in branch newsletters. You have my permission to do so.

The following business occured in the Saturday Kingdom Arts & Sciences court(s) of Their Royal Majesties, Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir, in the Shire of Shittimwoode, on the second day of March being anno societatus thirty six.

The first order of business was for the five champion contestants to introduce themselves to His Majesty. His Majesty said many inspirational things and thanked them for entering. The five champions then swore their oath on the Spoon of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion.

The Crown Principality of the North gave a petition to His Majesty which was accepted. After consultation with the Kingdom Seneschal, Viscountess Calista, His Majesty called forth Jarl Hwulf, Guardian of the North, and commanded him to hold a coronet tournament at his earliest convenience for the purpose of choosing the first Prince of the North.

His Majesty received a packet from Countess Elisabeth de Rossignol which pleased him greatly. (Submission forms for his personal arms.)

Viscountess Callista spoke of her journey to the Kingdom of Lego down by the Laurel Kingdom of Caid. She presented His Majesty with a wee likeness of him that she found there, "as word of his greatness had obviously traveled far outside the Kingdom of An Tir." Well pleased, His Majesty styled the Viscountess as An Tir's Ambassador to the Kingdom of Lego for the day.

Halima al-Rakkasa from Cragmere was awarded a Goutte de Sang for her outstanding service to the Kingdom. Huzzah for Her Ladyship!

Event Announcements were made.

Lady Anne Marie Quinn, Kingdom Officer for Disabilities Accomodations explained the purpose of this new position and what she hopes to accomplish in the future.

An announcment was made that there will be ongoing raffles to raise funds for the Northern Principality Regalia. Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5. See HL Thora, Sir Oak or other from the Principality committee for Raffle tickets or questions.

To be raffled: Helm by Sir Thorvald - Kingdom A&S, Brass Bowl from Zelda of Jorvik - Eisenmarche Champions Tourney, Stained Glass Window - May Crown, Cloak made by Amanda Kendal - May Bardic, Gauntlets by Baron Sir Liam - Sealion War, Cooking tripod setup by HL Ljotr - July Coronation.

And so ended morning court.

Later in the day, as His Majesty observed the events happenings, visited with the populace, checked out the entries, He was minded to hold an impromptu court in the Judges room. The populace was called forth to witness a court barony being bestowed upon Mistress Isolde de la Vielle a Roue for her great service in a time of need. The most worthy and surprised Baroness was gifted the baronial circlet of Baron Sir Atais and a hand-illuminated scroll created by Duchess Hlutewige Wolfkiller. Huzzah for Mistress Isolde, Baroness of the Court of An Tir! Vivat!

As His Majesty gazed upon the gathered populace, He saw not the face of one he wished to honor, so he invited all assembled to accompany him down to the room where the merchants had set their wares.

Everyone trouped down to the first floor whereupon His Majesty called forth Karl Redstone. The floor being most hard, Karl was invited to kneel upon the offered boot of Duke Skepti Thorinson and recieved from the Royal Hand his Grant of Arms in the Noble order of the Goutte de Sang! Well deserved! Congratulations unto His Lordship!

The populace again dispersed until about 1 1/2 hours later whereupon all were called forth to witness the final bit of court business of the day. In a short, but no less dramatic and touching ceremony, Aaron of the Black Mountains was called to kneel before His Majesty. Nice things were said about him and he was granted and accepted his Patent of Arms in the Order of the Pelican. He then was reminded of his right to swear fealty to the Crown of An Tir if he so chose. He chose yes and swore his oath. He then said that as he was no man's master, he would like to be known as Companion Aaron. Huzzah for the newest Peer of the Realm - Companion Aaron of the Black Mountains! Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah! Hip Hip Huzzah!

And thus ended an exciting day of court stuff. Long live King Wilam! Long live Queen Siobhan! An Tir! An Tir! An Tir!

Stay tuned for part two - Kingdom Arts and Sciences, the second day!

Sunday Court

Notes from Their Royal Majesties Court

Kingdom Arts & Sciences - Sunday

Greetings, noble cousins!

The following business occured in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Final Court of Their Royal Majesties, Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir, in the Shire of Shittimwoode, on the third day of March being anno societatis thirty six. The following excellent account is written by Vox Leonis, HL Natasha Orionova Zateeva.

<<Begin Natasha's report>>

The first order of business was to release HL Leticia Troischenes as outgoing champion. She was relieved of her regalia, the Spoon and the Cloak. His Majesty then presented her with the Honor of the Lion's Heart, and placed a medalion representing it upon her. He released her from her duties with his thanks.

Then the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, Isabella Lucrezia was called forth. His Majesty then said, "we have lost a Champion today." Isabella answered that the competition for the new Champion was completed, and that Cystennin had prevailed.

Cystennin was called into His Majesty's presence, and asked if he would accept the title and responsibilities of Arts and Sciences Champion of An Tir. He answered in the affirmative, and was then sworn into the office. He swore fealty to Wilam and Siobhan, undoubted King and Queen of An Tir, that they are his leige Lord and Lady and only Sovereigns.

His Majesty then presented Cystennin with the Baton of Office (the Spoon!). During this presentation, His Majesty hefted the spoon, and looked at Cystennin as though sizing him up...and then said, "No, I'm not going to give him a buffet." A voice from the populace was heard to say "Isn't that supposed to be buffet in this venue?" (As in the spread of foods at a feast or restaurant/N)

His Majesty recognized the voice as Sir Cornelius von Rugen, and called him forth. (Called him 3 times before Cornelius came down...) Sir Cornelius was directed to sit at the edge of the stage, and be quiet.

His Majesty then completed the new Champion's ceremony, fastening the Champion's cloak upon Cystennin, and inviting him to take his place in the court.

Prizes for the entrants were then given by A&S Minister Isabella for the Populace Choice (a tie beween Cystennin and Elisabeth de Besancon, so both were given prizes), Judges Choice was Cystennin, and His Majesties Choice was Cystennin. Also receiving a prize was Siobhan Ruadh ni Mhathghamhana for her miniature. Gifts of thanks were also presented to the Autocrats by Isabella, and His Majesty also presented a gift of thanks for their efforts.

Every now and then Cornelius would forget he was to be quiet and say something, and the King would glower at him. Once, he took the Baton of Office (the Spoon) from Cystennin, and went over to Cornelius and asked if he needed more incentive to be quiet. Cornelius shook his head no. Once more court resumed. A few minutes later he spoke again, and as the new A&S Champions first service to the Kingdom His Majesty posted Cystennin behind Cornelius and told him to thump him with the Baton (Spoon!) if he talked again.

Somewhere in this time frame someone gave Cornelius a piece of soft leather to hold between his teeth so he wouldn't talk any more...

The next piece of court business was to release the Kingdom A&S Minister. His Majesty complained loudly that Isabella had been mean to him, nagging him about the judging schedule and such, and told her she was fired. (Arranged ahead of time, not a surprise, good court schtick.) Isabella went and sat down in the front row.

Then His Majesty started looking at the assembled populace, and there was a chanting from the populace, Linnet, Linnet, Linnet! His Majesty then called Mistress Linnet Kestrel to come before him, where she accepted the office and swore her oaths of office and fealty. Three cheers followed, and Linnet left the dias. The herald asked if there should be cheers for Isabella?

His Majesty asked the populace if they really wanted to cheer for Isabella, and they loudly replied Yes! The herald then called for three cheers for the "old" Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister, Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!

The Seneschale of Shittimwoode presented His Majesty in his office of Prince of the Crown Principality of the North a check for $600US to be used for the Crown Principality Regalia fund. His Majesty then called forward HL Thora, the chairperson for the regalia fund, who took the check with the thanks of the people of the North. Thora also announced that during the weekend, from sales of raffle tickets and the snack table nearly $400C was raised for the regalia fund.

HL Dana made an announcement for the upcoming "Fiber and Fletching" event in Aquaterra and invited the populace to attend.

At this point, the business being ended, His Majesty turned to Sir Cornelius, saying he had heard that this goodly knight is to be married soon. Cornelius was directed to tell the populace about the upcoming wedding. Then His Majesty released Cornelius from his post, telling him "Run for it!"

And thus ended the court....except for the cheers.

The herald began with Long Live Wilam and Siobhan, King and Queen of An Tir -- and before she could add Prince and Princess of the North, the populace responded.

The herald then said something like "Long Live Wilam and Siobhan who are Prince and Princess of the North for the time being -- which the populace duly repeated nearly word for word -- during which the King told the herald that they were repeating everything she said. I, Goddess help me, said "I have them well trained, Your Majesty", and the populace repeated that too! The only way out was to finish -- AN TIR!! AN TIR!! AN TIR!! and run away.

<<end Natasha's report>>