Einar and Thora

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Preceded by:
Einar and Thora
First Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
14 June AS XXXVIII/2003 – 22 Nov AS XXXVIII/2003
Succeeded by:
Ulf and Celdae

Our entry in the 40 Year Domes Day Boke Written by: Thora Golvik The Reign of Einar and Thora June AS 38 – Nov AS 38

There is nothing that can express the feelings of standing before Davin, King of An Tir to receive the highest honour we have received to this point, becoming the first Prince and Princess of Tir Righ. As we knelt and received the mantles and coronets little did we know that challenges and rewards that awaited us, as we became the first servants to the Crowns of An Tir. During our reign we went to as many branches and areas of Tir Righ as possible. We made friends we would have never met and had the privilege for setting into motion the traditions of this land. Nothing will ever replace the time that we spent on the Storm Thrones.