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The Scroll of Honor was created to commemorate the passing of Evan Graham of Montrose. The project grew from two independent projects, a website maintained for many years by Duchess Jacyntha Argentarius and a list for virtual tavern called the "Prancing Yak" which exists only on the 'Steps of the Cathedral' maintained by Companion Aaron of the Black Mountains.

The rules were only three in number;

  1. Only An Tir folk are listed on the Scroll (This includes any who considered themselves An Tirian)
  2. No titles are listed on the Scroll. (Except for Her Serene Highness, Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower)
  3. The names are entered alphabetically as death is the great equalizer. (So all listed are equally honored.)

The Scroll of Honor, the Steps version of this list maintained by Aaron, hung on the wall of this virtual tavern and it became custom for Aaron to write a short story wherein a 'toast' was offered for the memory of the departed.

These tavern toasts finally resulted in the creation of a physical, paper scroll that could be held and read. Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea (OL) lead a group of scribes who calligraphed the paper Scroll. This calligraphed scroll was updated with the names of additional losses in our Kingdom.

The An Tir Remembers website that was maintained by Jacyntha was passed onto the Companions of the Rose and Valorous Estate once her Grace took on the job of Dexter Gauntlet many years ago.

When the An Tir Wiki came into being, these two separate initiatives had the opportunity to combine their efforts. Jacyntha transferred the entire contents of her website onto the pages here. Having finally passed the burden of maintaining this important piece of An Tir history onto the people of An Tir, she can rest in the secure knowledge that her 5 year odyssey is in good hands.

Both her Grace Jacyntha and Companion Aaron asked that you join us at the An Tir Wiki in asking you to take up the mantle of maintenance of this, one of our most important duties: Remembering those who came before us and paying homage to the debt that we all owe them. For as Sir Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on ye shoulders of Giants."

Those who have gone before

Those listed here are the Giants upon whose shoulders our Kingdom has been built upon.

If you wish to record a remembrance of someone listed below, click on their name. If you add a name, please include a summary comment of who was added. Please add the category [[Category:Scroll_of_Honor_-_An_Tir_Remembers]] to their page.

A - B

Addison the Lame

Aethelinda of Richard's Trail

Agata Hrafnasveltir

Agnes of Oslo

Ahmet Khalil ibn al Jihadi's

Alain de Trois Rivieres

Alexandria Sylverhawke


Alwyn of Glanymorniwl

Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland

Angus MacFarlane

Angus Argyll

Anne of Tintagel

Annica van Heusden

Anya de Challis

Arabella MacFaden

Ashley of the Bears

Atilla von Cribdeath

Aveloc the Elder

Barak Ravensfuri

Betty Columbo

Black Duncan


Brenda Azurmendi

Brother Jeremy

Bruce De Lyon

C - D

Catelin Spenser of Newmarket

Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot

Caiolainn Roarke

Cairbre mac Eochaid

Christiana Rowena-Younge

Christopher Anderson MacAndrew

Ciaran Moonhawk Stonebreaker

Ciaran Cluana Ferta

Conrad Von Gratz

David of Moffat

David the Young

Denewynn von Alsenz

Dennis an Seodoir

Devon McAyre

Dimon Issimu

Draga of Drevo

Drago Ravenspeace

Dublin O'Guinn Silverwolf

E - I

Edmund DeLaHoussaie

Edmund the Lame

Elianora de Cargow of Vulcanfeldt


Elizabeth of Midhaven

Elphread Longsword

Elspeth Schneflame

Eowyn Carrick

Eric the Kendtmand aka Stormcrowe

Erik Rikwulf

Evan Graham of Montrose

Ewein of Whowood

Filchley Q. Cutpurse


Freidrich Wilhelm von Falkenberg

Genevieve de Bohun

Geoffrey de Speraunce

Geoffrey MacLean

Gerhard Kendal of Westmoreland

Gilbert O'Gormley

Girard Antoin de Beauchamp

Gordon the Elder

Grainne Thymeharvester

Guillermo da Serra Patace

Hati Longtooth

Honoria Winthrop of Hollyshire

Hugh de Hay

Ian Cnulle


Isabell McKenzie


Jacob Williamson

James Cairns

James of Northkeep

Jamie of the Oakenshield

Jana Seasgir

Janeltis Karaine, Starfollower

Jay of Lille

Jeanne of the Isles

Jeannie of Portland

Jerald of Galloway

Jim the Merchant

Joffre of Harborcrest

Joan of Feversham

Johannes Sinistrus

John Michael Cathcart


Jonathan ap Naill

Judith de Bruges

Julian Edward Farnsworth of Falconmoors

Juliana Frostfyre

Julitta of Rosehaven

K - L

Kabell McKenzie


Karl Redstone

Karl the Purple

Katriona of the Fields

Keegan Dunvagan

Kelda Valder of Sigelhundas

Kelta Sturrock aka Kelta bri Leith


Khudkakhar the Bear


Lasairiona inghean Uilliam na Seoltadh

Liam of the Barque

Lillian Isakson

Louise de Lauzon

M - P

Madelyn de Worden

Mahala de Sorbonne

Marcos de Foronda

Mariah Blackfire

Matthew von Hemidal

Megan of Combe Luce

Melissa McCampbell


Michael de Buitler

Michael the Black


Mischka Ravensfuri

Morag of Dragons Laire



Myhrnnyn of Watersyde

Myrranda Dimici


Nicholaus Barchatov

Odli Goodwater

Ogre Mcgurn

Olav Durinson

Pagan Half Naked

Paulina Ygdrisil

Q - S

Ragnarr Thorwaldsson

Ragnulf Bjarnison

Richard of Templeton

Rob of the Bens, Glens and Passes

Roberto des Mountana del Feugo

Robbin Greybeard

Robert of Clun

Robert Lancesaiser

Robert the Young

Robin MacGregor

Roger of Belden Abbey

Roger the Mundane

Ronald of Hawkwood


Roxane of Barnby Moor

Ruairidh MacLeoid, known as 'The Reluctant'

Samira umm Alharith

Sarah Greene an'Moray

Sebastian ffraser


Serena Duran de Paz

Serena Eame

Sibylla Penrose of Netherhays

Siegfried the Immane

Sigrit Rabenfels

Siobhann' ni Chathain MacMhuiraich of Clan MacMhuiraich

Sion ap Llwyd

Skarl Odinstain

Stahlbern der Pfielschmidt

Stergar the Smiling

Swanhild Torbergsdottir

T - Z

Teleri nic Jonathon

Teodric of Blatha An Oir

Theodora of Northworthy

Tristan Gryphonroke

Uilliam Drummond of Perth

Ulfarr MacDougal Ap Loingseoir

Vesta Shoshana of Eccles

Wenzel the Abductor

Wilhelm Klaus

William of Blakeney

William of Farwood

Wulfhere the Capacious