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This gentleman's name has been added to the Scroll of Honor. A tassel was added during the Riderless_Horse_Ceremony in his name at September Crown Tournament XLIII/2008.

Ciaran has been active as a herald since May Crown AS XXIII, when he and Baroness Saewynn Silfrhrafn answered the call for volunteer field heralds at their first Tournament. He has served as Vox Leonis Herald (overseeing all Voice Heraldry in the Kingdom), Black Stag Herald (which was then the Heraldic Education Deputy), Lion's Blood Herald (submissions), Goutte de Sang Herald (heraldic rabble-rouser & instigator), Löwenmähne Herald (Tournament, supervising Town Crier), Æstel Herald (consulting) and Argent Scroll Herald (current Education Deputy).

HL Ciaran at rest between duties, Acorn War 2002

Memorial Announcement

Greetings unto the An Tir community from Meadhbha inghean Bhrain Mhuilleoir. I come bearing sad tidings.

As many of you know, His Lordship Ciaran Cluna Ferta passed from this realm on Sunday. The herald community and the Shire of Dragon's Mist are missing one of their own. He was a great herald, friend and mentor to many in both those communities.

It has been decided, with Dame Guiliana's blessing, that a memorial shall take place at Dragon's Mist Defender's Tournament August 1-3, 2008. That memorial will be a wake at herald's consult point on Saturday August 2 following the Shire Moot and the scheduled fire dancer preformance, so some time after dark. Bring yourself, your chair, and if you desire a food or beverage you associate with Ciaran. Most of all bring your memories and stories to share as we unite to remember a remarkable man.

In service to the Crown and Shire, Meadhbha inghean Bhrain Mhuilleoir, GdS Shire of Dragon's Mist Pursuivant
Cat's Meow Tribute to Ciaran by Mistress Keterlin von dem Drachen, OL, OP


Cousins, I have not seen this posted here yet. I believe it has gone out over some mailing list. I apologize if this is a duplicate.

HL Ciaran Cluana Ferta of the Shire of Dragon's Mist passed away early Sunday morning at a hospital in Kennewick, WA. He spent the evening with many of his friends. He will be greatly missed.

The Barony of Wastekeep is to be highly commended for the great assistance they are giving his lady. As many have said, it is a reminder of why we continue to play, and is what we do for our chosen family.


Vis. Nadezhda Volynskaiia
Seneschal An Tir
July 20, 2008

Here is a compilation of the various messages so far that have been posted across various lists I am a member of. Others should feel free to post from lists that are not shown here. - July 21, 2008, HL Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle.


With deepest sadness, I have been given the honor and duty of reporting the sudden death of His Lordship Ciaran Cluana Ferta. His last day in this realm was a happy one spent with his many friends at July Coronation. Somewhere in the small hours of the morning, his Maker called him home to the great music of the cosmos.

His beloved lady, Dame Giuliana Benevoli, was with him at his passing. She is with friends and is being well supported by them. Ciaran always said that if he were ever offered a peerage, he would swear his oath on her hands and the Sword of State.

If any have any messages they would wish to send to her, please send them to me and I will be sure that she gets them. She has a number of things she must attend to in these next few days.

Meanwhile, keep them both in your love and your prayers.

I will miss you, my dearest friend.

Mistress Arlys o Gordon


I received the distressed call from Lady Angela Rosa Delamora from the event this morning. It hasn't sunk in just yet.

As webminister for DM (and with Mistress Arlys's help) I would like to create and upload a memorial page for Ciaran on the DM website.

If you have any images of him, please upload them here or contact me off list.

Sincerely, Cara Dea


How sad that I will never be able to meet His Lordship Ciaran Cluana Ferta. I was just in contact with him last week for a first time. He is from Dragon's Mist, (Washington County, OR), where he so nicely gave me information for my girlfriend from Forest Grove who attended her first event at the An Tir/West War. He also had nice things to say of Lord Brendan and our area.

Peace to all who carry a sadness on his passing, Adieu, and may God comfort you.

Au revoir, Madame du Pont


Dame Giuliana, you are in my heart and thoughts as you mourn your incredibly wonderful husband!

I will miss Cieran so much. He was a teacher, friend and inspiration. His passing is an incredible loss to us all!

I have many fond memories of my times with Cieran, and they will be most dear forever.

Good travels my friend... Keyring Clown Ferret... May you spend eternity singing and teaching - your favorite things to do!



the outpouring of love from all of you is wonderful, even though I am getting a very wet keyboard. While I can't thank you all in person, please be assured that all of your missives will be given to Giuliana once she returns.

Many thanks, Arlys


My dear friends,

You have all heard by now that our beloved Ciaran is with his Lord. Our equally beloved Giuliana is remaining in Kennewick until tomorrow and hopes to be home then. Through the wonders of modern technology and cell phones, I can share further thoughts with you, as I think Earl Edward and Contessa Ilaria are busy seeking his family and next of kin. I hope I am not being presumptive by sharing this information, but I know many friends will be concerned and wondering.

Let me share with you that I believe his passing was quick, apparently from a heart attack. Giuliana said that he awoke in the wee hours complaining of heartburn, the headed for the restrooms. Upon hearing his calling out a few moments later, she went quickly to him. If I remember her words correctly, she said that she thought he was gone before the emergency medical team arrived. Earl Edward and Contessa Ilaria were awoken by the autocrat's team shortly thereafter, at about 4, as were those of us camped close by. They went over to the hospital to get Giuliana.

We all spent the morning sharing and crying and packing down. Giuliana is staying with one of the kind folk from Wastekeep, and hopes to return to tomorrow, after which I know she will welcome your thoughts, calls and emails. She was in good spirits, and was remembering many of the good moments of Ciaran's life with us.

Since it is possible that funeral arrangements may be private (we know nothing yet), perhaps a fitting and musical memorial will be planned for one of our brightest and best!

God speed, Ciaran.

In service, Lady Angela Rosa Dellamora


Ciaran Cluana Ferta was a giant, in my eyes. I could always tell where he was on the field (judging by the fighters' behavior on the eric), and I could always tell where he was sitting (judging from the waves of laughter from his pithy commentary).

He was, in the highest and finest sense of the word, a gentle man. Knowledgeable and kind, he would have a word (or two) to say to the rank beginner exploring the beginnings of a persona as well as the most finicky of us refining our heraldric display.

Even when he lost most of his eyesight, he was still personable, still patient, still kind, displaying a courtliness and devotion to his Lady that, upon remembrance, brings tears to my eyes.

He had a sprightly wit, a keen mind, a strong spirit, a devout belief in Deity, and above all, a tenacious will. His head remained unbowed by difficulty or circumstance, and he did all he did with a joy and whimsical turn of phrase--whether in conversation or as Vox or as consultant at Heralds' Point. I shall miss his conversation, his heraldic voice, his talents, and his singing. I shall miss him altogether.

He was delightful, and I am grieved beyond words to lose another friend.



After Coronation, Ciaran was going to join this list as soon as he came home. He'd promised me.

  1. $%^&!

HL Ciaran Cluana Ferta was a Companion of the Orders of the Jambe de Lion and the Goutte de Sang. His participation here would have been most valuable and now will be sorely missed.




I knew Ciaran as a fine Voice Herald. He added a lot of pageantry to the Emprises he heralded. Presenting the beautiful spectacle of the horse competitions was one of my goals and I was grateful to him for his contributions.

A poignant phrase about peerage by Arlys for thought. I for one, although we were not close, greatly admired his abilities and dedication. Ciaran was very talented and his loss will be greatly felt in this Kingdom.

Its also a defintion of a Peer when the loss of someone's contribution will be deeply felt by the kingdom. ... . At least he will not be forgotten... I am certain everyone thought of him as a Peer and hopefully he realized it on some level.

What a horrible time of loss we are going through in this Kingdom! HL Karl Redstone, Sir Jerald of Galloway, Master Mischka and now THL Ciaran--- all in less than 1 year. (sorry if I forgot someone--but these were the ones I knew).

We are growing old as a group. On a personal level, I am deeply sorry for the loss of those, like Teceangl, who were very close to Ciaran. Please accept my heartfelt condolences.



Greetings from Thomas Sinclair.

Dame Giuliana is my aunt mundanely, and therefore I have always (since I found out) called Ciaran cluana Ferta My "unka Ciaran". I am shocked to here of his passing!! I will always remember him with thoughts of his enthusiastic judging of "Scottish Rules Croquet", His Vibrant teaching of Voice Heraldry classes,. I will never forget the Pride in his stature, and the extra thunder in his voice when he Heralded myself, and my consort to Crown, or Coronets upon the list Field...

Mistress Arlys, Could you kindly pass my hugs, and deepest sympathy's to my aunt in this most sorrowful time. I will contact her privately at a more appropriate time.


Damn. I wasn't sure until a little bit ago as I don't believe I ever saw Ciaran's name printed, and I always mispronounced it as Clarion. I'm getting real tired of this whole death thing. Seems like every six months or less someone I know and love or at least know and respect goes to the meadhall. He will be missed.



Morrigan - Clarion and Ciaran are 2 different people. Clarion is the one you are most familiar with, I believe - he's done heralding for Blatha an Oir & Glymm Mere [among other places] quite a bit but more from Glymm Mere north. Ciaran primarily played south of Glymm Mere, though went all over when the occasion presented itself.

Yes, Ciaran will be missed. It was my pleasure to have taken Heraldry classes from him. I was just beginning to get to know him more as a friend. We'd been speaking of late on several voice topics, among other things. His warmth & willingness to help anyone & everyone were an inspiration. His gentleness was evident in every gesture, in every word that issued from him in his melodic & resonating voice. My heart grieves for his Lady and for the rest of us. I will certainly miss one of my newest friends.

In sadness, Nettie


For those who did not have the chance to know Ciaran Cluna Ferta, one of the early shapers of An Tir - here is the link to his Wiki information:

He not only was very active and intrumental in the heraldic community, he also practiced the bardic arts and was an all around sweet guy.

His work, spirit and passion will still continue in the society and arts that he has given so much to. His passings is a huge loss to this kingdom.

In solemn service, Raffaella


O dear, this is very sad news indeed. Ciaran was an institution in heraldry, and will indeed be missed. I saw him throughout the weekend, one of cloudless beauty. When it is my time, I shouldn't mind slipping away at such an event, surrounded by friends. May his shade have peace and his family comfort.

-- Julia Sempronia, AA, JdL (Sara Urdahl) Gules, a ram couchant contourny reguardant Or Student to Companion Osogarow of Quarakorum, OL Arcuaria to HL Conuil the Carrick, OGGS


Thank you SOOOO Much for posting the link to his Wiki and picture!

When I saw the posting I thought "How sad"... Then I saw something that Matrise Melusine wrote about a Celtic Bardic performance and thought... "I remember that and how beautiful the voice was"; but that was many years ago so I still didn't have a good picture in my mind of who it was...

then you posted the Wiki and I looked at the picture... "Holy C*! I was talking to him on Saturday..." In fact, he was one of first of the Kingdom Heralds to come over and thank me for the Tabard (that I finished on Saturday). He was a very kind gentleman!

Sadly, Katheryn de Gonneville


My deepest and most profound condolences to you and the entire Kingdom. I have many good friends in An Tir and know this will impact many of them.

If anyone is attending Pennsic War this month, there is a memorial Viking boat which sails on the last day of War down by the lake. The arms of the beloved dead may be painted on the sail or shields (I believe this is a small donation fee to pay for the cost of the boat, which is lovingly created over the year by Baron Garwig der Waffenschmidt of Ealdormere), also names and little notes may be left with Garwig to be put on the boat. It is launched into the pond at sunset and those who have lost people call their names, weep, and howl. It is a wonderfully cathartic act for us all, and our prayers and love are sent to the heavens on the boat, which is set alight. So if anyone is going, they can place the thoughts and love of a Kingdom there for him.

The last bits of the hull start the last-night Bardic at Ealdormere's royal encampment afterwards.

Again, my most sincere condolences. This has not been a good year for many of us in the Society when it comes to losing great lions of our Kingdoms. (and yes, I use the reference so specifically, having been a long-term and boon friend of Master Gerhard, and also of his wonderful lady-wife Amanda and their daughter).

TSivia (Ealdormere)


I am sad beyond words for the loss of this kind man, and sick with sorrow for those many of you who were closer to Ciaran. All of you, and Dame Giuliana are in my thoughts. I wish I were with you all at Coronation right now.



Sad news indeed.

I remember Ciaran always being there for Crown events, always serving and giving of himself freely. He was a teacher, and mentor guiding heralds in the ways of the voice. He wore his heraldry proudly, and boldly, and was a herald to his core. We don't get out to events as often anymore, but when I do I'm probably going to be listening for his voice, and looking for his big yellow cloak and his gray hat every time I do. It's sad to think that I won't, but I hope he's resting comfortably where he is now.

Thanks Ciaran, for all you gave us.

Frederic Badger Couronne Rouge Herald


I am relatively new to An Tir and even newer to heraldry. Yet I consider His Lordship Ciaran to be my mentor in the field of voice heraldry. I was privailaged to take a voice class from him at last year's kingdom heraldic symposium. I'm certain that my story is not unique. He is one of the kindest souls I've had the pleasure of meeting.

To my heraldic inspiration, mentor and friend, you will be missed.



Cirain was the reason I became a herald and has been my unofficial teacher. He was one of my deputies as well as a mentor. He was often at the center of Heraldic Rabble Rousing and the Dragon's Mist Brute Squad. I know I wouldn't be half the herald I am without his teaching.

I will miss his stories of royal courts past, of awards given, and tournaments fought and won, of heroic deeds he witnessed and other the other aspects of this game that he was more than happy to share.

In great Sadness, Meadhbha inghean Bhrain Mhuilleoir, GdS Dragon's Mist Pursuivant


Uilliam and I are shocked to hear of Ciaran's passing. He was the first Herald I met at my first May Crown when I decided to try my hand at heraldry. He made me feel instantly welcome and at home. The last we saw him was in January at 12th Night. We had a wonderful visit when he crashed at our place. The stories, the advise, the laughter long into the night will be cherished always. We will raise our glasses and hope our voices ring as true. To his lovely lady our deepest condolences and support in any way we can.

Caitrina and Uilliam


I am saddened beyond words at Ciaran's passing. I had the incredible gift of seeing him last night at the gathering to celebrate CT's stepping down. We spoke of many SCA topics, both Heraldically and Seneschal related. As always, he was looking forward to the work to come on Sunday for the Champion's tourney.

Ciaran introduced me to Field Heraldry some 5+ years ago, and I will treasure the lessons he taught me. I am sure that when I take the field in the future, it will be with his guidance ringing in my ears. His teachings will live on as all of us who learned from him pass on his words of wisdom.

I was touched to see Master Mir take to the field to Announce Finals today wearing Ciaran's cloak.

Like Badger, I will be looking for Ciaran around the corner of the eric for years to come.

Tayla (Now Ysolt Tayler)


It is hard to type through the tears as I sit here at my keyboard, still stunned by An Tir's loss. Ciaran and I qualified as voice heralds on the same day over 20 years ago, and he has been a tireless worker and good friend ever since. My mind is filled with "nevers":

I'll never get to sing morning wake-up with him. I'll never hear that hearty laugh again. He and I will never have that competition to find out, once and for all, which of us was the loudest and clearest. I'll never get to trade puns with him again. I'll never get to hear him purr as I scratch his back. Never, ever again.

In grief and service, Saewynn


I want to take this opportunity to thank the heralds who were at Coronation, and say how proud I am to be part of a community that cares so much about its fellows. We hung Ciaran's banner over the Azure field for the Kingdom Champion Tournament, and Master Mir did the final round in both Kingdom Tabard and Ciaran's cloak. The support circle of those present eased some of the burden and the sharing of workload meant that we could continue doing justice to the activities that Ciaran loved to do.

The following heralds (and non-union heralds) called rounds for the Tournament, or were simply present to offer support at Heralds' Point, today:

Her Highness Sofia Matriana della Tempesta, Princess Summits; Viscountess Nadezhda Volynskaiia; Master Finngall Goutte de Sang; Master Mir; Countess Elisabeth Pomegranate; Christopher Queue Forchee; Gwenlian Black Lion; Baroness Saewynn; Laurence of Damascus; Companion Inguz Basilisk; Emma Oakenrode; William Drake; Constance Wyatt; William Farquhar; Marya Kargashina; Gwenliana Clutterboke; Galina; Juliana Æstel; Richenda Black Antelope; Natasha Orionova Zateeva; and Lindis de Aquisgranno

You all made it possible to get through the day largely unscathed. Getting on the road for five hours and starting to process, however, was a different story. But you all reminded me so much why I love the SCA and the people in it. Thank you.

Yours in service,
Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle
Lowenmahne Herald


Like many, I recognised the name of Ciaran, but could not bring to mind his face. It is with deep sorrow that I see his picture here within... Ciaran was ever willing to 'give voice' to An Tir and to help those in need of heraldic advice. If he didn't know something he didn't hesitate to say as much, and would direct you to someone that did. He had a dry wit, and his comments would often have those around him in giggles. I will miss him, as will the rest of An Tir~ In sorrow~ Vicomtesse HL Duana Traherne


I, like so many others who have been active in voice heraldry, or the vocal arts in general owe so much to Ciaran. He was one of my mentors, my teachers, and my friends. I last saw Ciaran at Picnic in the Park last weekend and we sat and talked about a little of everything for about a half hour (mostly heraldry and music – no surprises there!). In light of recent events I feel very blessed to have had that precious time with him. You will be sorely missed, my friend, but we’ll meet again.

- Aedan mac Suibne


Greetings from Sofia, Princess of the Summits.

My heart was very heavy this weekend with the passing of Ciaran Cluana Ferta. He has been so very instrumental in the heraldic community, and to me specifically on numerous instances.

I was heralding my first Crown event *many* years ago as a relative newcomer to the SCA. I tend to be very shy and was terrified of all the many knights, counts, and dukes that I had to herald. He spent nearly the entire time with me to help me over my extreme nervousness. This is why I wanted to herald the Champion Tournament. I am not a herald, but wanted to honor him in this way.

When I was Chatelaine of Couer du Val, he travelled down to our shire in the middle of the week to teach a class on name and device heraldry for newcomers. He touched many people with his willingness to share his knowledge about the often arcane world of heraldry.

I have talked with him many times over the years about my choosing a device. He was always very patient with my constant changing of the design and the innumerable questions about what might pass and why.

He was truly respected and loved among his fellow heralds.

With a heavy heart, I remain, in service,

Sofia of the Summits


I'm grateful to Gwen Black Lion that she let me herald in his cloak... I've known him, what, twenty years now? We worked together as heralds, or as herald and marshal, so many times - with all the chatting that builds comfortable friendships. When Vis. Edward came to my camp Sunday morning, I didn't want to accept what he was telling me. It must have taken ten minutes to sink in, while Ed patiently waited for me to reach the reality of our loss. I'm grateful he had such a wonderful day Saturday, and I too will be looking for a flash of yellow coming toward me across the erics... during the day or in evening chatting.

This song has hit me today differently - mon vieux, may that home harbor be all you hoped... and may I meet you there.

    Sailing to Mingalay

Hail ya ho boys, let her go boys

Turn her head round into the weather

Hail ya ho boys, let her go boys

Sailing homeward to Mingalay

What care we how wild the minch is?

What care we for windy weather?

For we know boys, every inch is

Bringing us closer to Mingalay

Well our hearts they shook inside us

On the night of the hurricane

Now the stars come out to guide us

Guide us home to Mingalay

We are waiting by the harbor

We've been waiting since break of day

We are waiting by the harbor

Ere the suns sets on Mingalay

So hail ya ho boys, let her go boys

Turn her head round into the weather

Hail ya ho boys, let her go boys

Sailing homeward to Mingalay

                                                ...Here's to absent friends...

Sadly, Mir

Tvorimir Danilov, OP, MC, WOAW


Greetings, from Cecille de Beumund,

Ciaran was one of my earliest mentors and an amazing friend. Coming down to Triumphs of Oriana from Seagirt once a year to compete, but more importantly, to be able to have talks and debates with Ciaran about the ins-and-outs of directing, consort work, music history, theory, arrangement and composition; and to be able to get together in the evening to do group songs just for the sheer joy of it. He had a beautiful baritone that would go on forever! Those times were absolutely amazing and had such a huge impact on my personal life and music as well as that of groups of which I was a part.

His joy and love of his arts and passions was transmitted through Ciaran to those around him so easily and so brilliantly; and left you wanting more! I'm going to miss his bear hugs so much!! 12th Night was for learning more about book heraldry. He never stopped teaching, though you didn't always realize just how much you were absorbing from him. What an amazing gift and generous spirit!

Giuliana, we'll be singing "The Herald Song" in his memory at Seagirt Sergeant's Trials next weekend, for he always requested it of us, as it combined his two favourite loves in the SCA: heraldry and music! And as soon as I get into remission/well enough to start making it to I-5 events again, we'll come and sing for you again, just as he had always asked us to, whether we find you in the kitchen or not!

Love and hugs, - Cecille, OL Barony of Seagirt (Vancouver Island, BC) (formerly director of "Daffodil Consort")


Being in the SCA for only about 2 years, I have heard some names so many times that they are legends in their on right. Ciaran was one of those names. He was a teacher, a mentor and a friend. He will be missed.

Constance Wyatt


A Note about Ciaran, he was a wonderful man and a great advocate for the sca and participation in the society. As a young fighter he encouraged me to go to demos and attend tournaments that I might have otherwise not have. Either by giving me a ride to the event/demo or just giving me a nudge in the right direction. I hadn't talked to him since a demo last year and I regret it now. If I had known what a short time he would be amongst us I would have given him a hug and my thanks for being such a good friend.

I will miss him.

Maestro Sigmund Helmschmied O.L.


I have no idea where to begin. I calculate that Ciaran and I logged over 6,000 miles of car travel and countless events, meetings, social times and other points of contact over the years. There is just so much I remember, and miss. How does one find any single point to address? We'd sing period music driving to Lions Blood meetings when I held that office - an office I could have never fulfilled to its full potential without Ciaran's help - some clean and some downright filthy. When I'd say I needed to be somewhere, his first question was, "Do you need a ride?" provided he asked at all. More often it was, "I'll pick you up at..." Five point nine trips to Canada, one trip to California, all in the company of Ciaran Cluana Ferta, plus all over Oregon and Washington, the last to May Crown. The miles passed quickly with such excellent company.

It's his voice I miss the most. "Hi there." On the phone, in person, at meetings or events, at my front door or his and Giuliana's. Wednesdays were Student Night with Sebastian and the two men would disappear into the studio and talk, research, laugh and drink coffee. I would visit, but mostly stayed back and let them have their time. One recent night I had the pleasure of cooking dinner for us all, a nice German meal of sausage and red cabbage and himmel & erde. What a pleasure to serve such a gracious guest who honestly enjoyed my cooking!

Oh, Ciaran... There was so much more we all should have done together, but thank you for what we did.

- Teceangl

-- Ciaran loved music and heraldry as his lady Giuliana--all three were his soul. I knew Ciaran best as a singer and musician and had the pleasure of singing English and Italian madrigals with both of them when we formed a vocal trio some years back. He taught a number of music classes, as did I, and both of us helped each other with them. We had many a lively debate over the finer points of music, and reveled in them. I will never forget one of his cheerfully boomed rules of vocal support for singers and voice heralds alike: "From the gonads, boys!," even if you were of the female persuasion. Long live the milliciaran!