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Elisabetta Tommaso di Carduci currently lives in the Barony of Adiantum. She is a bard and has served as the Bardic Champion of the Barony of Adiantum. She took her Honorary Oath of Citizenship in Adiantum at Egil's in May 2008 while still a resident of Coeur du Val and served from April 2008 to July 2009 as scribe for the Barony. In September 2009, she passed the Cohort trials held by Baron Tadhg.

In most of her SCA activities, she is a herald. She was once known as Áine Steele, but soon realized that it might be prudent to have a more authentic name if she was going to ask others to do the same. She has served as Löwenmähne Herald, Sinister Gauntlet Pursuivant and Lions Blood Herald for the An Tir College of Heralds. Currently, she is Pelican Queen of Arms for the SCA, the sovereign of arms responsible for writing all of the monthly names decisions for the Letter of Acceptances and Returns.

At 11th Night, 2006, she became a protégé to Master Finngall McKetterick, a Companion of the Order of the Pelican.

At Summits Fall Coronet, AS 47, she was consort to Luciano Foscari, who was victorious in the Coronet List. They were invested as the thirty-fourth Tanist and Tanista later that evening. They were invested as Doge and Dogaressa of the Summits on December 8, 2012 in the Shire of Coeur du Val.

The Elizabeth persona is 14th-16th Century English, depending on the whims. Her name is authentic for that entire block of time.

During the Long Away Times, an effort was made to change name and persona. Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle became Elisabetta Tommaso di Carduci, a Venetian noblewoman living in the 16th century. She is working on projects involving period dialects and languages of Italian city-states, a set of names data from 14th century Montepulciano, a set of names data from ancient Thera, a set of armorial data from 16th century Venice and a handful of other projects that attempt to broaden the accessibility of onomastics data to the rest of the known world.

Registered Armory

Device: Per pale sable and argent, two chevronels inverted counterchanged
(registered November 2020)

Badges: Sable, two chevronels and in chief an arrow fesswise argent
(registered December 2006 and made a badge in November 2020)

(Fieldless) Two chevronels couped braced argent
(registered August 2009)

Per pale offset sable and argent
(registered October 2019)

(Fieldless) A trivet sable
(registered November 2019)

(Fieldless) A fer-à-loup inverted purpure
for Company of the Gargoyle
(registered November 2020)

Registered Names

Áine Steele
(registered December 2006)

Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle
(registered December 2007)

Tóra máni
(registered February 2019)

Marin la Picarde
(registered January 2020)

Elisabetta Tommaso di Carduci
(registered November 2020)

Company of the Gargoyle
for use of the group at-large
(registered November 2020)

Order of Precedence

Current/Last Known Branch: Adiantum
Highest Current Award: Viscountess


Offices Held

Coeur du Val Pursuivant ......... April AS 40 (2006) to April AS 43 (2008)
Lowenmahne Herald ............... January AS 41 (2007) to January AS 43 (2009)
Sinister Gauntlet Pursuivant .... April AS 41 (2007) to September AS 44 (2009)
Lions Blood Herald .............. September AS 44 (2009) to September AS 46 (2011)
Adiantum Scribe ................. May AS 43 (2008) to July AS 44 (2009)
Summits Disaster Coordinator .... September AS 40 (2005) to July AS 47 (2012)
Bleu Grael Herald ............... June AS 48 (2014) to March AS 50 (2016)
Lions Blood Herald .............. December AS 52 (2017) to December AS 54 (2019)
Adiantum Lists .................. October AS 53 (2018) to October AS 55 (2020)
Pelican Queen of Arms ........... October AS 55 (2020) to October AS 58 (2023)


Court Herald for Prince Brogan and Princess Johanna - June 2009 to December 2009
Court Coordinator for Prince Rustam and Princess Suvia II - December 2009 to June 2010
Court Coordinator for Prince Gabriel II and Princess Sumayya - June 2010 to December 2010
Royal Scribe South for King Vik II and Queen Astrid - July 2012 to September 2012 (became Tanista of the Summits)
Court Coordinator for Prince Aaron II and Princess Jennet - December 2013 to June 2014
Coort Coordinator for Prince Diego and Princess Taraneh - June 2014 to December 2014
Court Coordinator for Prince Njal and Princess Elisif - December 2018 to June 2019
Court Coordinator for Baron Evan and Baroness Ayla of Adiantum - May 2019 to May 2021
Court Herald Deputy South for King Morgan and Queen Livia - July 2019 to January 2020

Classes Taught

What New Heralds Need To Know - KHSS 2007, Druim Doineann
Helping Submitters Understand Notifications - KHSS 2008, co-taught with Ciaran Cluana Ferta, Heron's Reach
Basic Voice Heraldry, KHSS 2008, Heron's Reach
De-mystifying Submissions - KHSS and Grand Ithra 2010, Aquaterra
Conventions for Arms on Charters - KHSS 2013, Adiantum
How To Do Court Heraldry - KHSS 2013, Adiantum
Heralding and Court Procedures - Amergin's Relief 2017, Adiantum
How To Organize and Do Town Cry - Egil's 2018, Adiantum

Other Service

Served Aryanhwy Pelican Queen of Arms on her team from July 2008 to April 2010
Served on Committee to revise the Rules for Submission (RfS) that resulted in the release of the Standard Evaluations for Names and Armory (SENA) in 2012
Member of the SCA Grand Council, May 2010 through June 2014 (with eight month break due to preparing to reign and reigning the Summits)
Attended meetings and participated on discussion list for Alys Pelican Queen of Arms, beginning March 2019

Events Autocratted/Event Staff

Moon Festival (Coeur du Val) - 10/06
June Investiture (Coeur du Val) - with Nadezhda Volynskaiia, 6/08
Day of Champions (Adiantum) - 10/08
Egil's (Adiantum) - with Ariana Aislinn, 5/09
Coeur du Valentines (Coeur du Val) - with Rhieinwylydd verch Einion Llanelhaearn, 2/10
Midwinters (Adiantum) - with Andrew Crowe, 1/12 [interrupted with personal events]
Gate Coordinator, Bar Gemels (Terra Pomaria) - Autocrat: Mellanei, 4/14
Lists Mistress, Egil's (Adiantum) - Autocrat: Yseult of Broceliande, 5/19
Championships at the Bear and Apple and Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (Adiantum), 10/19