Luciano and Elizabeth

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Preceded by:
Aaron and Telisia
Luciano Foscari and Elizabeth Turner de Carlisle
Thirty-fourth Prince and Princess of the Summits
8 Dec AS XLVII/2012 – 22 June AS XLVIII/2013
Succeeded by:
Keith and Ekaterina

Royal Progress

11th Night (Coeur du Val) - December 8th
Feast of Saint Ductus (Tymberhavene) - December 15th
Hogmanay (Myrtleholt) - January 5th - Her Highness Elizabeth Only
12th Night (Three Mountains) - January 11-13
Ursulmas (Aquaterra) - January 25-27 - His Highness Luciano Only
Briaroak Birl (Briaroak) - February 2
Carnivale di Venezia (Dragon's Mist) - February 16
Midwinter's Feast (Adiantum) - February 23
Estrella War (Atenveldt) - February 26 to March 3
Daffodil War (Seagirt)- March 9
Summits Spring Coronet (Corvaria) - March 16
Hastilude (Tymberhavene) - March 30 - His Highness Luciano Only
All Fools (Corvaria) - April 6
St. Eggbert's (Myrtleholt) - April 13
Adiantum natalium celebratoris (Adiantum) - April 20 - His Highness Luciano Only
Bar Gemels (Terra Pomaria) - April 26-28
May Revel (Southmarch) - May 4 - His Highness Luciano Only
Hocktide Emprise (Glyn Dwfn) - May 10-12
May Crown (Vulcanfeldt) - May 17-19
Egil Skallagrimmson Memorial Tournament (Adiantum) - May 24-27
Summits Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (Briaroak) - June 1
The Long and Short of It (Terra Pomaria) - June 7-9
War In The Trees (Tymberhavene) - June 14-16
Summits Summer Investiture (Glyn Dwfn) - June 21-23


Head of Retinue - Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne
Head Lady-in-waiting - Olivia Magdalene
Captain of the Guards - Monsignor Chrestien de Valois
Court Coordinator - Aelis the Rose
Royal Scribe - Jennet MacLachlan of Loch Fyne
Court Herald - Michael Alan of Davenant
Cupbearer - Master Finngall McKetterick
Head Seamstress - Lady Ayla Roth
Largess Coordinator - Isadora of Boetia

Awards Given

Awards given in the Reign of Doge Luciano and Dogaressa Elizabeth

Personal Memories of the Reign