Khudkakhar the Bear

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Khudkakhar receives his Pelican
Master Khudkakhar
Khudkakhar's Funeral Boat

Master Khudkakhar's Brouhaha was held to commemorate his passing.

This gentle's name has been entered on the Scroll of Honor - An Tir Remembers and his name was read during the Riderless Horse Ceremony, Crown Tournament, AS XLII.

Awards and Honors
Totally Agressive Nasty Killers (Artemesia) on July 21st, 1990
Award of Arms (Artemesia) on September 2nd, 1990
Gryphon's Talon (Artemesia) on September 14th, 1991
Golden Feather (Artemesia) on December 7th, 1991
Peacock's Heart (Artemesia) on March 28th, 1992
Pillar of Artemisia (Artemesia) on July 11th, 1993
Gryphon's Heart (Artemesia) on October 8th, 1994
Light of Atenveldt (Artemesia) on November 19th, 1994
Queen's Grace (Artemesia) on December 10th, 1994
Master of the Pelican (Artemesia) on June 11th, 1995
Goutte de Sang Apr 15 AS 40 / 2006
Riderless Horse Tassle May 19 AS 42 / 2007


Friday, October 06, 2006
Lady Ceinwen,

You do not know me, but I am Master Khudkakhar’s brother. It is with a sad heart that I inform you that Master Khudkakhar passed away Wednesday night from a coronary. I am charged with closing his affairs on this Earth, and ask that you inform your populace there of his passing. He spoke often of Lyonsmarche in a most fond manner, and thought highly of all of you, though he was never good with words and sharing his feelings. I thank you all for making his last years happy ones. It was ever Khudakhars wish that a wake be held, should he pass from this Earth, and in this vein, We here in Artemisia will be doing so. I ask that you do the same there, that all his friends may come and drink to his passing, to celebrate who Khudkakhar was.

In thoughtful repose, I remain,
Master Liam MacFarlane, OP
Kingdom Sheriff of Artemisia
Seneschal, Shire of Twae Linnes, Artemisia

I saw Master Khudikhar grow from a crazy kid to an Honorable Peer and exceptional man over the years. The time he spent in Artimesia tempered him, but he always spoke that the first Peers he modeled himself after were the Inlands' Sir Dyon and Mistress Catriona and Master Robin and Mistress Elayne Greybeard. There are so many examples of Khudikhar's chivalrous behavior, it's hard to pick one out always, always the first to get to a site and begin work, then the last to leave. He swept hundreds of site floors,washed thousands of dirty dishes.

Marquessa Laurellen told this story to us at Baron's Ball this weekend I had not heard before.

During her Reign in Artimesia, Master Khudikhar was her Champion, he was loyal, faithful, and hard working. In those days he was doing very well as a fighter and Laurellen said he was favored to win in the Principalities' Crown Tourney, talk was he was a shoe-in. But the day of Their Crown Tourney he looked like a wreck, fought very poorly, and was eliminated quickly. Why? Someone said they got up about 3:00am in the night to visit the bathroom and found Khudi, his sleeves rolled up, mops, buckets, plungers at hand. Upon questioning, Master Khudikar finally admitted he had been up alone all Friday night, the bathrooms had flooded, were an ungodly mess and Khudikhar didn't want the populace to have to face that disgusting situation when they woke on Saturday. He spent literally all night cleaning up the bathrooms, without asking for help, without anyone knowing, in order to make it good for the people. It probably cost him the Cornet. I am humbled by this degree of service. We were lucky to have him for awhile.

Morgaina atte Wodelonde

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