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Dublin O'Guinn Silverwolf on April 22nd Bar Gemels XL/2006 in the evening court of Gawin and Marianna of Terra Pomaria where he was being honored for creating the event 21 years prior. Photo by Rafe Neuton from Terra Pomaria Grete Boke.

Dublin O'Guinn Briggs crossed the rainbow bridge on Monday, August 19th, at around 11:30am, surrounded by those he loved.

His name has been added to the Scroll of Honor - An Tir Remembers, and he will be honored at the Riderless Horse Ceremony at September Crown, AS 54.

Dublin Stories

I believe it was an An Tir/West War where there was a castle set up. Just before lay on Dublin backed into the castle, with a yellow and black braid hanging from his helmet. They looked at him but did nothing. When lay on was called he got 4 or5 of them and we got into the castle no problem. 😂
Lizard told me about Dublin the first time I met him. It was at an Acorn War. With the information that I was given I had a little fun. Dublin is on the other side and one of the fights we met. He runs by me and I spin and get him. He runs by you and smacks you in the back. When I took that away he had the biggest grin and said something like “tall people aren't supposed to be sneaky.”
Also reminds of Bar Gemels. We double killed like 10 times and I decided to change it up,,, he got me and said I was wondering when you would do that. Pete

Love and light to you both. You are both loved mightily. I really miss you both. Such good times watching SCA TV while lounging in your tent! That and the accidental recording of part of my biology lab on the tape I recorded Horslips the Tain on for you. It gets smaller and smaller and smaller... 😀 Christina

One of my favorite stories is the one Ambrose tells about the Crimson Sky where Dublin was the captain and kept stealing the opponents' rice bags by playing possum, then grabbing bags and rolling into the bushes with them. Erika

I met the Mighty Dublin 45 years ago. Dublin, you were a fresh faced college student then.
You were always the gifted story teller, regaling us with tales of your shenanigans, like the dorm Thanksgiving turkey: a frozen Turkey, thawing in a dorm room trash can, that became a Turkey football for an impromptu game in dorm hallways, which effectively tenderized the Turkey well! Your tale concluded with the roasting of the football/Turkey, still filled with the previously frozen giblets, and how absolutely moist and delectable it was when served!
And the story of the exodus from "Lemming Hall", from the second story window, using mattresses for safe landings still makes me giggle.
After revel revels held in our house in Springfield so often included trekkie gun fights. We found those little gun discs in corners, under carpets, and behind base heaters for years afterward! Some of my kids favorite memories are of you and those wild battles.
Yagar Stumpface was always ready for Shenanigans.
Dublin is a very special soul in my life! I love you much! Thank you for adding so much joy, light, and love to this existence. Bonnie

He once picked up one of my sword blanks and tried to run off with it he liked it so much...I think of that every time I make a new sword...I still make them the same.
So, here is my story about how I met Dublin.
I came to Egils 1994 with Max and co., and wanted to join the Varangians.....
So Max takes me and introduces me to lots of people and I end up sitting around the campfire, enjoying the stories and singing and really thinking I could hang with these folks.
Max turns to some little short dude and introduces me....said dude (Dublin) turns to shake my hand and stabs me right in the shoulder with his giant thistle broach....I still have the scar.....
He was funny and warm enough that I fell in love with the guy anyways....Chris Hall/UlfR

I just told the tale of Dublin and Murphy working together to throw and retrieve tennis balls at the war, and how Dublin would laugh while he loaded up the soaking dog slobber tennis balls in his chuck-it and hurl them back into the fray. Barbara

I don’t really have any stories because I'm the "newbie" but the past few years I've had people tell me...oh you gotta meet this dude he makes trouble fun and if you're the executioner well then he’s you're kind of fun
And then hey you're looking for stuff don’t bother because this guy Dublin, he probably already got all the good stuff you'll have to ask him.
And then of course Kate you taught my daughter how to crochet and then when she showed you the next year Dublin beamed at her that was the best thing ever. Elianna said she’s glad she got to learn from you and is happy she got to show Dublin and him being proud made her glad. Duvessa

I look forward to regaling friends and family about how Dublin taught me how to tell if the sake was ready to be served...You put your pinky finger in the top of the carafe and if it is hot enough for you to pull your pinky out with a Ooooh!, the it is ready. Lois

It's not one of those but this always meant a lot to me and try to do the same at every opportunity. It was December and everywhere was is full holiday splendor. Brave Dublin risked life and limb to traverse the modern mall. As he was walking the halls a little girl being escorted by a busy mom where walking the opposite direction and she joyful led pulled at her parent and exclaimed, "look Mom its Santa!!" Of course she was referring to Sir Dublin. The Mom didn’t appear too happy at that concept and then her by. As they passed the young girl kept watching when the jolly old elf himself turned around to her, winked and put his finger to his lips to share their secret.
I love this so much. Every child deserves a bit of magic in their lives and I know he has done that sorta magic for children all along. Thank you Dublin! Ke'Nan

One of my first An Tir/West wars, where I was an actual combatant. Maybe wind war. I was sitting with Dublin, Sigurd, Byron and I think Atli and Finn.
We were going over what we could to cause utter chaos to the West.
So as we are all shooting the breeze and bellowing are soon to be bravado, we notice Dublin giggling, and start walking backwards to the kingdom of the west's lines. As we are trying to figure out what he might be up to, we finally agree upon a three prong charge. And we would all try to push to the Wests banner. During this time Dublin has made it to the Wests line, and has wiggled his butt into there second rank.
The lay on is called and with great gusto we start charging as we wait to see what Dublin has done or is about to do. When we get about 30 yards or so from the great crescendo of meat slapping meat and shield to shield chaos, Dublin starts killing from behind while hooting and hollering. Running back and forth till he was able to wiggle and squirm his way out and meet up with the rest of are war band.
I later asked him why he did what he did. And he calmly stated, they never suspect the little guy the first time, everybody is worried about this and that and all the grand things in war. So I gave them a big ole surprise , so they had something to remember us by. Sean

I remember watching him shoot those stupid pressurized water bottles at the enemy during one of my first Autumn Wars. The little guy was a hoot!
I remember throwing Barak a party on his 35th. We had to kick Duke Davin and Duke Thorin out of our basement in the wee hours so you and Dublin could go to bed. Jim

So many stories, and memories, of times we shared... One that immediately comes to mind was when we drove from Olympia to Summits Investiture for your stepping down as Prince and Princess, and Yagar gradually "went mad"...
... and later, after the event, when the Olympia contingent was stranded in Eugene, halfway home, you came and rescued us and drove us the rest of the way back to the house at Mud Bay... Fjorlief
That wasn't Jaegar going mad on the throne. I would never sit a throne with Jaegar Stumpface. Alas, t’was Dublin, gone mad on the throne, the Hospitallers came and removed him, such was our stepping down. Kate

Last year at Acorn War. Sir Dublin presented me with his Pictish Armor Repair box. It is in the top 3 best experience in the SCA for me. I will always cherish it and treat it as a great artifact of An Tir and Summits. I was truly blessed.
1st fight practice in Timberline park I went to. Dublin had a spear. All of us new fighters formed a shield wall. (3 of us) spear to the face, Dublin "you need to block it." Repeat, repeat, repeat and I blocked it....took spear to cup...Dublin "you really need to block it" Jaime

Dublin was such a fixture for me that it is hard to recall a specific incident but I do clearly remember the first time I got stoned with him. We were all hanging out in your tent at some event, the pipe was being passed and when it got to me I took a hit instead of just passing it on as I had in the past. He paused and broke into the biggest grin saying something about ‘welcome to adulthood’. Ula

Wish I could remember stories, but what I have are a hundred tiny memories. My very first event, Summits Defender in 1989, when you and Dublin invited the new girl to a yurt warming party. Dublin and Barak laughing their asses off at some prank or dumb Norse trick...or getting a squire to do one. Dublin offering me a bite of smoked trout he caught and smoked himself. Yagar rolling around on the ground in court in his tatters and shreds. The cards you made and passed around during Barak's reign - I still have the "What His Majesty MEANT to say was..." card somewhere. Firelight and wood smoke and rain on the canvas and hospitality. Stacy

The Tale of How I Met Yagar Stumpface
It seems so long ago, yet it was yesterday. I was but a slip of a girl, not yet 20 summers, with wide eyes full of wonder. I heard tell of a magical land where ALL were welcome to join in the joy of wise rulers, knights in shining armor upon white chargers, men and women who would share the burden you carry, tournaments of prowess, hospitality in every camp, and life-long friendship.
Like in the best of tales, I was given the treasure map to find this mythical land known as An Tir. There was to be a war between Dukes, and the victor would share the spoils with all. X marked the spot, a stretch of open land in the hills west of Dundee. I packed my meager belongings, hopeful to share a fire with others. When I arrived, I was met as an old friend.
Indeed, I was invited to share a fire with Zenobia of Navarre and her camp. I met Aleyn the Younger, Timothy McDaniel, and so many other heroes. At night, the air crackled with the sound of laughter mixed with fire. I knew that I had found my home.
And now to the tale of how I met Yagar Stumpface...
After the war, King Tjorkill I and Queen Hlutwige I held a Grand Court. Lords and Ladies were recognized for their valor, franchise, and skill. My heart burst with joy.
Clothed in my finest gown of purple polyester velvet with a convenient zipper up the back, I marvelled at the panoply of color and light. As it was His Majesty's Birthday, many citizens bestowed gifts. I had no gift to give, but I had some little talent as a juggler, so I thought to teach His Majesty to juggle.
I did not know how to address Their Majesties, so I waited for a lull and then piped up, "I have a gift." I was called forward, and with knocking knees offered to teach His Majesty to juggle. I had a foole's stick, so I laid it down. His Majesty came toward me with a wry smile. I started with one, then two, and then three balls. Suddenly, His Majesty stole the balls from me and proceeded to juggle! I was dumbfounded, but had the presence of mind to step back, bow, and encourage the populace to cheer for His prowess!
But what of Yagar Stumpface, you ask? Pray be patient! As I was making a foole of myself in front of the King, Yagar snuck over to my foole stick and proceeded to make nasty gestures with his own stick... His Foole's Stick... The populace cried out in laughter, and I turned to find Yagar staring up at me with mischief on his eyes. I should have been mortally embarrassed, but Their Majesties and Their populace cheered and made me feel loved.
Whenever I juggle, I remember Yagar Stumpface, Master of Court Theatre. Daily, I strive to be like him, and there is no better joy in my life.
With love,
Arwen McDougall, now Jacqueline de Lioncourt
Arwyn, that's one of his favorite stories. That was also the court that Jaegar stuffed his mouth full of the King's grapes, (bulging squirrel cheeks) and was commanded to spit them out by one of the Kings guards. Looking straight at Sir Rustam, he garbled 'spi em ut?', with a shrug of his shoulders, 'OK' and they came spewing out all over Rustam. Bad Jaegar.... Kate

Dublin won the tournament and allowed to sit at the High Table for the feast (in the days when tournaments often had feasts), with the titled nobility, dressed in his furs and bare skin. The main course served, as Prince I declared the winner sat the High Table but as a peasant was now banished from Our Presence. I had been drinking. Throw him in the mud! Two guardsmen picked up Dublin and his chair, carried him out to the front door of the hall and pitched him into a mud puddle. So was honor AND justice served! Jeffrey/Steingrim

Dublin and the Deerheart! The glow stick ninja fight at my first Egils (he was both invisible and able to see in the dark)! Running full speed away in a melee, and pegging me in the face, over his shoulder. Many hours of fine companionship in his home. Good journey to you. Patrick/Torgul

I remember the Varangians surrounding your pavilion and holding you hostage for ransom demanding beer. We went to the Varangian camp found their cheap swill, shook it up.... and used it to pay their ransom. They went away happy. Not sure what followed when or if they figured it out. Jeff
Oh! Beer bombs! So many times I would hear a giggle from the bushes, look around, and find some poor unsuspecting sucker pick up a random beer from the ground. Never not funny! Ula
The beer bombs!! I forgot it was him who taught me that trick. I use it frequently at far away wars like Pennsic! Chris Hall/UlfR

I remember standing in the trees on the coast at A&W and Dublin showing me his new stone bow. And with glee showing me his water soaked tennis balls. Jeff
Those damn tennis balls! There was an extremely wet War College at Milo McIver Park where he was trying out a Chuck-It for the first time. I had a perfectly round bruise 4” across on my thigh for two weeks after that. Ula

One of my favorite moments in my entire life was a few west wars ago there was Dublin, @Jeffrey Williams , @Curtis Sweatt @Richard Rogers and Ulfred, and we all singing together. And it was the first time Natasha and I had really drank heavily at an event to that point. And we sat, and we sang, and Natasha and I held each other, and cried. Because it was the sounds of our childhood. Ivan

I walked into my 1st SCA event by accident, through the back door at Zumwalt Park, not knowing anything about what was going on around me. I was walking by the combat field in time to witness He-Who-Turned-Out-To-Be-Dublin explaining the rules for the next combat scenario of Romans (Have to fight as unit, spear/sword/shield only) vs Barbarians (any weapon, may NOT fight as a unit). I was struck by the clever twists he introduced, and the obvious fiendish Glee with which he twisted. I asked someone who that entertaining fellow was, and was told, " That's Sir Dublin, he's a Pict", which I later learned made great cover for some pretty egregiously silly behavior. We didn't actually meet until several years later, and them suddenly discovered that "We're your friends!"
I edged my way into the SCA slowly, but eventually began trying to help out, and finally, volunteering for things. I found myself in charge of camp space allotment and pre/post arrangements. I was approached by Kate and Dublin with an offer to help with some odious task, if they could occupy their camp spot a day early, before the event. Not possessing that authority, I took the request to my very harried Autocrat, at a particularly harried moment. It was one distraction too many, and with a throwing up of hands, said, "They're your friends, you are totally responsible for their behavior!" Well, up I saunters to Dublin at the window of their van, and relate my conversation with the Autocrat, to which Kate gleefully shrieked, "We're your FRIENDS!" It's been all downhill from there. Michael

Dublin, you taught me to look for and enjoy the fun in the SCA. I remember being really keyed up at an Alpine Pass War as a young squire walking toward the castle. I was one of the queen’s personal guard, so I was being serious and very focused. Halfway down the field this knight in green armor, cackling loudly, rolled on by me pulling a cart with a sheep, a goat, several large rocks, a chair and other assorted crazy looking weapons. I had never seen anything like it. The sight was really distracting but I lost him in the crowd as we formed sides. We would charge the castle first and I would be near the front. Just as the column hit the castle door I could hear the wild laughter again. Looking up I saw Dublin tossing his livestock and rocks from the battlements. I was killed by a sheep in the first charge. A javelin on the second....you could hear his cackling laugh above the battlefield background. At the first break I went over and talked with him and checked out the siege animals he had constructed. They were awesome, and everyone who came by where he sat laughed and shared their stories. Dublin and I have been friends ever since. His example of either finding the fun or making his own stuck with me. It lead to many other mutual friendships where that sense of values became a true north. Thank you brother, for sharing that with me and including me in your circle of friends. Much love to you, Kate and yours. Damon/Davin

Dublin will forever be remembered in Stromgard for the conception, creation, and ongoing success of the adult and children monastery raids at Grand Thing. His ability to spend the year searching thrift stores for treasures; which he then donated to the event. The varied ways he would run each year’s raid with new rules just to mess with Ship Crew, (I liked the “Arriving by boat year” best). This year you were missed because of failing health, but I spoke your word fame and told everyone present that the raids they enjoyed were because of you. Many fighters present pledged to bring treasure next year to carry on the tradition of the raid including His Royal Highness (now Royal Majesty) and it was declared that forever more it would be Sir Dublin’s Monastery that was raided. :)
A few weeks ago Her Royal Majesty posted on the Book of Faces that she had gone through her children toys and had gathered many donations she planned to hold until next years’ event challenging other parents to do the same. I think we might declare the children's Monastery to belong to Jaegar Stumpface. Gerald

Dublin has been a joy in our life. Having him orchestrate the Monastery Raid at Grand Thing was a blast, especially with youth to entertain. The gifts were so amazing and fun to find. He taught me the gift of giving.
Also, we found the Skittle game he introduced to us. We will bring it to Acorn War for open playing.
I love his laugh, his kindness, and gift of giving. ❤️❤️❤️
Many blessings to you both. Heidi

I have got to dig out the picture of him wearing a soccer ball..... My favorite memories of him all involve him being a studio Ghibli character...... mad cackle/goggle, followed by improbable action..... yep. Cackle.... WHEEEEE!!! Marian

I remember so many times with Dublin, but details begin to fade.
At OSU, we lived at Heckart together but I did not get to know him right away. One day he was showing folks pictures from his weekend trip to Eugene. Various shots of people off in the distance for the most part. But he described with great enthusiasm what the pictures showed us. Most of which evoked puzzlement. But then one picture was shown of a picnic table loaded to the edges with many beautiful plates of food surrounding a large roasted pig, apple in mouth. This! This looked Medieval and fun and delicious and like something to know more about and do! The event was Egil’s 1.
We later roomed together in the same house, traveled to events in Adiantum, Three Mountains, Madrone, Lions Gate and central West Kingdom. Built our first armor together, imagined our personas, learned songs, recruited others - we became brothers in spirit.
Fun times - meeting Thorgeirr the Thirsty for the first time as we arrived at a park in Adiantum looking for the revel. As we approach in the car, out from the trees walks this large bearded man in chainmail, metal cap with nasal, two handed axe in one hand and full drinking horn in the other bellowing welcome friends!
The days in our room when bored we invented the game stick. Two guys, one stick, on a bed seeing who could control and hit the other the most times with the stick, without falling off the bed. Later morphed into the game rock (fist sized ball of duct tape replaced the stick).
There was a later time when Dublin, Thorgeirr, Sir Auden the Red and I were traveling in costume to or from an event in Adiantum. Only pocket change amongst the lot of us and very hungry, we stopped a chain burger place. Each to his means order some food Fries for Dublin perhaps, a small burger for me and a little more for Thorgeirr and Auden. We are loud boisterous and strange to the other patrons. True to his nature Dublin waits until I am distracted and grabs for my burger. But I see his move and grab also, and horror, the burger takes flight and each bun half falls to the floor dry side up. While Auden and Thorgeirr bellow in laughter, I lunge across the table to grab Dublin yelling “You little &@$!?, I’ll kill you!”
Dublin seeing I was no longer going to eat the burger reassembled it and ate it before I could change my mind. Our group realized that there was no noise elsewhere in the place, just large eyed patrons and employees being very, very cautious. We decided it was time to move on. Alfred

One of my happy memories was of a Varangian weekend up at Hood Canal at Groa’s family cabin, there were yurts and such. Anyway, Ulfred and Dublin and a few of us were play cards and probably drinking. The stories that Dublin, Duncan and Ulfred told had us all laughing so hard. It’s years later, I don’t remember the stories-I remember the joy and feeling utterly welcome. Barbara

As written by Master William Bjornson: So I expect that everyone will be telling Stumpface stories, and they are super funny, especially the one about the humping jesters' bobbles. But the thing that is really special about Dublin is that he is such an enabler of mischief, and has so often provided the rest of us with ways to get into trouble. So here is the story of:
Why Dublin and I Are Not Allowed to Dress as One Another.
I'm not sure why people think I look like Dublin, nor why they think he looks like me. We don't look much alike, we don't sound smell or move the same. I guess it's that we are neither very tall and both have long whiskers, and that is close enough for a lot of people. Fiach once said: “All you longhairs look the same.” when somebody came up to us and mistook me for Dublin.
One Summer this sort of thing had been happening a lot, and for some reason, I think it was that my new helmet was not finished yet, and Dublin's knee was giving him trouble, we decided that I would wear his armor at An Tir / West, and he would dress as me and marshal. So I put on his green suit of armor, and he put on a long tunic and broad brim hat, and we went off to the field with Kate and Beth watching with concerned looks. Until we were actually on the field I didn't understand how much this was to confuse people. I was immediately given command of a group of a few dozen fighters, and all my opponents were afraid of me. In the armor I looked like Dublin, but I did not do what everyone was expecting him to do. Instead of running backwards and jabbing them in the face, I would charge in, tangle their spears, give a couple whacks at the biggest of them, and dart back out of range. If someone got through my lines, I would get them to chase me, and draw them away, and kill them where they couldn't cause any damage. In fact the wilder and crazier I fought the more they were scared. I overheard someone saying “Man, Dublin has really gone nuts today.” Occasionally I could see the real Dublin watching me and laughing. As the day wore on I found myself in a castle siege that was not going at all well, and I didn't really want to get stomped into the dirt on the inside of the castle. Since my pole-arm did reach the ground, I stuck the point in at the base of the wall, and leaped off the wall. Someone yelled “Holy Crap!” as I sailed over the fighting, and landed hard behind their lines. Thinking it was Dublin, they were all getting ready to be attacked from behind, but I decided that if I kept that sort of thing up, someone would get hurt, probably me. So I went off to where Beth and Kate were watching, and Beth gave me some water, and Kate wrapped my ankle. They both said “That was weird; you need to get your armor fixed.” Years later I would hear stories about the crazy stuff Dublin did at the war.
The last straw happened the following October. There was to be a Halloween revel in Ashland, and people were still mixing us up, even though we still didn't look much alike, and dressed completely differently. Again Dublin put on a tunic and Anglo-Saxon belt and cloak, while I curled my hair, and wore his Cavalier outfit, with the big coat and hat, and tall boots. At the party everyone was having a great time; There was food and music; costumes and dancing. I sipped wine from a goblet, and Dublin drank beer from a horn; after a spell we both slipped outside to smoke a little weed. When we came back inside the cake was being served, and after the grass it looked real good. We all had some, and it tasted just as good as it looked. We noticed that Kate hadn't gotten any, so we cut her a piece before it all disappeared. She was chatting with someone, so I walked up and offered her cake from behind, reaching over her right shoulder. She took a big bite, ate it, and then spun around and kisses me hard before realizing I was not Dublin. Him and Beth laughed so hard they almost spewed their cake, but Kate was not laughing. She was shooting a glare first at one of us then the other, back and forth, and finally at us both, and said “That's it! That's it you two! You are not allowed to dress as one another! Not ever!” And though we have both gotten into plenty of trouble since then, we have had to do it in ways that don't involve dressing as one another.
More stories to come. Master William Bjornson

My mind and heart are filled with great memories with Dublin.
We have camped on snow, we have danced around fire pits..
I have witnessed why scotch tastes like piss!
You are brilliantly clever ; be it fighting around corners with a spear, or sheer effortless zingers that resound in roars of laughter.
When I think of the vikingsholm story; your version comes to mind- the fighting over the hamburger.... and it teetering off the edge of the table...Ulfred wanting to kill you. So so funny.
The story I tell the most is a ceremony of the laurels speaking of why Grendel is a peer.
“and the main reason why Grendel is a peer?”
Yagar interrupts shouting “BECAUSE HE’S BIG ENOUGH TO TIE BOATS TO!!!”
Dublin, you are such a kind man, and a dear friend.
You humbled me so deeply at the beach house thing, by telling me that you knew you wanted to be my friend because you could see that I cared about people around me having fun.
Songs have been sung, and will continue to be sung.
So much love for you both.

My favorite memory is one of a quiet moment. It was An Tir West War some twenty years ago. We were sitting with Kate and Dublin in their tent enjoying the afternoon. Dublin was sitting on the rug, and Kate leaned over and told me to watch what he was doing. He had found a bit of string and a piece of lint and fashioned them into a. . . frankly I don't really know what it was, but he was having a hell of a good time with his new toy. "I married a man who never gets bored. He will always find a way to entertain himself," she said with such love and pride. I knew that that moment was more true love than had ever been seen in a Disney movie, and I wanted that kind of love for myself.
Dublin is the kind of human that brings a smile to your face when you see him, but Jaegar on the other hand. . . I will never forget the look on the king's face after the third time he called Jaegar "Sir". Mistakes were made, and the ridiculously long white belt was as well.
And when I hear the words "Oh look, a beer" I will make sure to get to a safe distance before giggling maniacally. Sara

Dublin and I were at Clinton, sitting behind Colin MacKay`s tent (Colin being autocrat at the time), when we decided to blaze at the edge of the creek. Colin had his beer in a milk crate submersed in the water to keep his suds cold. I took my shoes off and plunked my feet in the creek for a quick medieval cool off.
Some woman, whom I have never ever met before, came up to us and demanded I get out of the creek. Confused I complied, where she further demanded I get my milk crate out of the creek too.
I look at Dublin, he looks at me: I tell the woman – That`s not my milk crate of beer. I don`t touch other peoples' stuff. She started to give me a further lecture, when I advised, “No, you`re right ma`am, but be advised that is the autocrat`s beer. I want to ensure you understand that the person running this event, that is HIS beer.”
She obviously wasn’t having any of this when I further suggested: you know what? You’re right. Let’s go find Colin and tell him he has no authority at his event to keep his beer by his tent in his creek. Furthermore, let’s swing by my tent so I can grab my camera to take a picture of, not only his face when you tell him you know more than him, but so I can get a pic of your face when he turns you to stone for such a preposterous suggestion.
In a huff she took off all the while Dublin visibly trying not to guffaw out loud while lighting up. Some people’s children, really! Azure (Mary MacGregor) al Khabeelah

Ok, I have been racking what's left of my brain for a good Dublin story. So here goes.
I think it was the last time we were at the old Egils site .me and Brenna stumbled on the gang doing what I can only describe as Reverse Caroling. (Going to other peoples camps, drinking and singing horribly. And in the back was Dublin shaking up a beer can of something he called "The worst Beer in the known world." I think I asked why. He said minor baiting. ( or something to that effect) he had been shaking the can since the sun went down. Anyway, I am fuzzy about the rest of the details. ( I think I went to the Biffies ) But when I got back everybody was surrounding these two kids who were COVERED in bad Beer. I am not 100%sure but I think their parents were in the group.
The look of Absolute Astonishment on the kids’ faces still makes me laugh. Shane

I unfortunately don't witness this but a story that was retold a lot. Dublin set a trap in a port-a-poty and a rather large man went in. What was told is that the thing started shaking and almost fell over, the rather large man emerged covered in beer and pulling up his pants. Apparently he was not amused. Pete

I was on Barak and Lao's retinue for one of the reigns when he summoned Jaegar. It was so hard to keep a straight face with him around. One time I had stepped forward to hand out tokens to some people called before the crown, and stepped backwards right onto his artfully placed whoopee cushion. Erika

Seeing these pictures remind me of one of my favorite Dublin stories.
There was a Varangian feast just outside of Portland at a housing communities recreation hall. It was a fairly large feast, and I think the Glym-Folk were our guests.
What should spark everyone’s memories about this particular feast, is the amount of salmon that was prepared .... a true heroes portion for everyone.
Towards the end of the feast, I was sitting next to Steingrim’s squire Freyln, and I struck a wager with him regarding my throwing accuracy with a small piece of bread.
I pointed out Dublin O’Guinn, who happened to be on the farthest side of the feast hall, and I said “Hey Freyln, I bet you an ounce of silver that I can hit Dublin over there with this piece of bread.”
Freyln, seeing that it was such a great distance, happily accepted the bet.
I then proceeded to walk across the length of the hall, and up to Dublin just to toss a small piece of bread at his chest.
In typical fashion, Dublin said “Hrmph?”
I then returned to Freyln proudly claiming that he owed me an once of silver.
Freyln said “That’s not fair!!” I told him that the bet was to hit Dublin over there with a piece of bread... I clearly walked over there and hit Dublin with a piece of bread... “What’s not fair?”
Freyln said “That’s not fair! You need to hit him from here with a piece a bread.”
“Oh... Ok” I said, “I’ll bet you double or nothing, that I can hit Dublin from here with a piece of bread.”
Freyln said “You’re on. Double or nothing, but you have to hit him from here with a piece of bread.”
“Ok... you’re on.” I said,
“HEY DUBLIN! Come here!”.....🤪
It is wonderful thing having mischievous friends, such brilliant bastards.
I have learned from the best..

I remember a time not long ago, Game of Thrones & Stormgods. Hunt for the Hoarde, each station on the hunt has a clue and an alcohol concoction. Tequila Sunrise, Screwdriver, etc... we were guests of Baron Ivon, requested to camp next to his tent. It was just Dublin and I in a small geteld with open air front cover, raised fire pit in, torches I front. We had opted out of participating in the hunt that year, although a station of the game was not far from us. We watched with great entertainment of the spectacle, all had thier clues and drink of this station and had moved on to the next station. We noticed that many a vessel of concoction were left at this table. My persona being of Norse persuasion was one of not to let a good thing go to waste, ambled over to abandoned table of refreshment. Taking as many cups of said libation back to my camp to share with my brother, Sir Dublin. Cup upon cup of mojitos I retrieved from the abandoned station until I had my fill of the drink. At this juncture, Sir Dublin touches the tip of his nose and stated with much unapproval, "You fucker, you got me drunk!" Haha, I replied, no one forced you to drink them. Payback from when I was 13. (Another story to connect from mundane activities, forthcoming) Dan

So, there I am, a newb.
It's my 2nd year in the Society and Dublin is Prince of the Summits--and I'm one of his retinue. (Kate recruited me as Throne Lizard on Marian's introduction.)
There are only two other important points to note:
-Kate is not there.
-Finn (Finnegan) is the only other retinue.
It's Royal Court. The Queen (Aryana Silkenfyre) is handing out awards. I'm enthralled--I get to hear the pomp and circumstance and I'm even starting to understand what all the awards really *mean*.
But Dublin is bored.
...and Finn is bored.
So they start drinking.
Finn is the "mixmaster" for the Godhorn, which is filled with GIN and tonic. Please note the letters indicate the proportion of gin to tonic. I'm not sure I could make the tonic letters small enough to indicate how little a passing acquaintance the tonic had with the gin in that horn.
I take a couple of sips, but learn I'm not a fan of G&Ts, so the rest of the horn is theirs. Finn is graciously keeping the horn topped off for Dublin. He keeps shoving his hands behind the front of his vest-coat (a long sleeveless coat) and making his fingers waggle out the sides of the armholes. Court is getting more and more entertaining for Dublin.
At one point, he starts blowing bubbles... well, probably more like motorboating... the gin. When Aryana exasperatedly says, "Your Highness!" Dublin whips his head around, mustachios full of gin, and portentously says, "Yes, Your Majesty!"... liberally sprinkling Her Majesty with GIN and tonic.
Her Majesty calls a short recess for Court.
Dublin hops up and says, "I have to pee!"
Her Majesty has, by then, grabbed Finn. I do not hear What she is saying, but I can still see her face while she is saying it.
So, I have to get Dublin to the bathroom.
He's not steering too steady at this point, and the biffs are downhill. Somehow, we manage to navigate to the biffs. I open the door, push him in, and tell him he's on his own in there. I shut the door and lean on it.
I don't know Kate and Dublin that well at this point in time. I'm also as starchy and prim as a schoolmarm and as earnest as a 1950s sitcom. I am also terrified that--if Finn and I manage to break Dublin or his clothes--that Kate will kill us both, probably Finn first, so that I have to watch.
Eventually, Dublin is finished, and steps back out of the biff. I chirp, "Back off to Court, Your Highness!" as he stands there swaying. We both look up the hill. It's a lot longer and steeper from the bottom.
We start walking up. Dublin is snaking all over the place. He clearly Does Not Want to go back to Court. But I am Earnest and Newb and I step behind him, grab the armholes of his sleeveless vest coat, and push/steer him back to Court.
Finn hands Dublin a different cup.
Court goes on. Vestia
Hah! I heard that story from Dublin. Though his version went something like “I was in court, Finn gave me a huge horn full Gin & Tonic, though it was mostly gin. I woke up the next morning in my tent and thought ‘Oh God, what did I do?’ They tell me I was very entertaining.” Matt

The most magical thing that ever happened to us.
Part 1) In 1988 we made our first trip to Scotland. We were on a quest to find the Ardrosshire Wolf Stone, Dublin's totem. We stumbled on it, on the outskirts of town. We were avoiding the rain, while waiting for a bus. The Inverness Art Museum and Gallery was a street away behind a low berm. Exploring their basement exhibition we found his Wolf. 4' x 3' hanging on a half wall display, right out in the open. Dublin was able to *touch* his Wolf and I saw him glow. This was religious ectasy.
Part 2: Years later we went back, in 2013. Of course we had to go back and visit the Wolf. But the guidebook took us into the center of Inverness?!? Located between hundred year old buildings, theres a building, it says it’s the Art museum and gallery, but, it’s not the building we remember. We asked where the other museum was...."What other museum?"... We went in, it had a display, with the wolf, but it was a 2' x 2' plaque behind glass, on the first floor. "Where", we asked, "was the original wolf"? Hmmmmm, this *is* the original wolf. WTF?!? We hadn't even been drinking. We think we crossed a ley line. True tale. Kate

"May those who love us, love us;
and those who don't love us,
may God turn their hearts;
and if He doesn't turn their hearts,
may he turn their ankles,
so we'll know them by their limping."
---an Irish blessing for those remembering him around the fires this day, Aug 24, 2019