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The Barony of Terra Pomaria is an active branch of the SCA since AS XVIII/1982 centered in the City of Salem and including Marion, Polk and Lincoln Counties of Oregon located within the Principality of the Summits in the Kingdom of An Tir.

The barony is located midway within the Willamette Valley and is split in the middle by the Willamette River. Geographically, Terra Pomaria contains hills and some mountainous areas of the Cascade and Coast Ranges. It's neighbors bordering on the north being the Barony of Three Mountains and the Shire of Mountain Edge; on the south by the Shire of Coeur du Val; and to the east by the Shire of Corvaria. It is the northern-most branch of the Principality of the Summits. Its well-known event sites used for many branch and higher-level An Tir events include Willamette Mission State Park and Silver Creek Falls State Park.

Terra Pomaria’s borders. Image by Rafe Neuton
Terra Pomaria’s borders. Image by Rafe Neuton

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Branch Heraldry

Branch Name

The name was initially registered with the College of Arms May AS XVIII/1984 as the "Shire of Terra Pomaria," as the branch originally intended to be an indpendent shire. However, since it ended up relying on the sponsorship of Three Mountains in canton status, the name was reregistered in March AS XX/1986 along with the arms as the "Canton of Terra Pomaria." Even though independent shire status was obtained at September Crown Tournament XXI/1986 the name was never re-registered as a shire. The final registration took place in January ASXXVII/1993 as the "Barony of Terra Pomaria."
Terra Pomaria’s Arms. Image by Sebastian zem Sterne from An Tir: Roll of Arms


Upon naming the branch a concensus was contemplated and voted upon. Some sources say there were 7 submissions, others say 14 total, with the #2 name was Willum Shire (Willamette Shire), and the #1 name was Terra Pomarium (Land of the Orchards). The Kingdom Herald later corrected the Latin form to Terra Pomaria.

Branch Arms

Populace badge
Blazon Azure, three chevronels braced argent, in chief two broad arrows and overall a laurel wreath Or.
Registered with the College of Arms in March of AS XX/1986. As with all baronies in the Known World, the branch arms symbolize the landed baron and baroness and may only be used by them for display to signify their presence, land and properties.
Vandoral the Merchant, talented in heraldic arts, was an early herald of the branch and acted as chief designer of the arms making him integral in its creation. Initially he had proposed arms with a stalk of Wheat and a Ferret to symbolize, within heraldic humor, the Wheatland Ferry - a well-known landmark within the branch's lands. Instead, the arms were decided upon to strongly reflect the look of Three Mountains' arms as initially the branch was made a canton of that barony. The three chevronels actually are to symbolize the mountains of Three Mountains' arms; the two broad arrows pointing downward literaly are there to point out Terra Pomaria is "the land below Three Mountains." The downside is long after Terra Pomaria's independence first as a shire then as a barony, the strong association with Three Mountains' arms remains so uncanny that many times it is heraldically mistaken for Three Mountains.

Populace Badge

Blazon - Azure, three chevronels braced argent and in base a broad arrow Or.
Registered with the College of Arms in September of AS XX/1986.

Timeline of General History

  • Circa mid-AS XII/1977 through circa AS XV/1981 sections of what would become Terra Pomaria, namely Salem and parts of Marion County, Oregon belong to the Shire of Stormshadow.
  • Circa AS XVI/1981, just prior to An Tir becoming a kingdom, Stormshadow went defunct. Salem and the other select Marion County zip codes it possessed are given to the newly formed Shire of Nether Edge centered out of Dallas / Polk County, Oregon.
  • January XVI/1982, the Principality of An Tir becomes a kingdom.
  • August AS XVIII/1982, Owain of Corn Valley and his wife Rose aux Mains Habiles grow restless with the Shire of Nether Edge and consider rebuilding an independent SCA branch once again in Salem or greater Marion County area.
  • November AS XVIII/1982, the organizational meeting forming Terra Pomaria was held in Salem although the only zip codes the branch could acquire were centered more rurally in Marion County, specifically in and around Silverton, Oregon.
  • Terra Pomaria became a Canton of the Barony of Three Mountains at May Crown Tournament XVIII/1983 lasting until September Crown Tournament XXI/1986.
  • Terra Pomaria was elevated to a shire at September Crown Tournament XXI/1986 lasting until May Crown Tournament XXVII/1992.
  • Beginning in circa early AS XXIV/1990, Terra Pomaria was a branch included in the Rivers Region for the duration of the region's recognized existence.
  • Terra Pomaria was elevated to a barony at May Crown Tournament XXVII/1992. Circa this time the branch finally acquired remaining Marion County zip codes as well as all of Polk County.
  • Terra Pomaria was moved into the Principality of the Summits: May Crown Tournament XXXVII/2002.
  • Formally recognized as part of the Principality of the Summits: Summits Summer Investiture XXXVII/2002.
  • The Board of Directors noted the dissolution of the Shire of Dun an Chalaidh on January 27, 2007 [1], thereafter its former land holdings (mundanely known as Lincoln County, Oregon) were granted to the Barony of Terra Pomaria.

Landed Barons and Baronesses


Terra Pomaria currently has eight active championships. The barony follows the standard set by both the Kingdom of An Tir and the Principality of the Summits with the caliber and skill of her champions equaling entrants found competing at the highest of levels. The history of Terra Pomaria's champions is rich, spanning decades. All championships are presented in order of elevation.





College of Heralds

Arts and Sciences Ministry






The current sergeants (and holders of equivalent ranks) in Terra Pomaria:





Branch Awards and Orders

Terra Pomaria Awards and Orders


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Traditional Events

Winter Season Terra Pomaria Winter Event

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Kingdom, Principality and Regional Hosted Events

Anniversary Events

Populace Facts & Milestones

The Northern Horde

Various honorary members of Terra Pomaria who often participated, but did not reside, within its borders.

Elevated to Peerage

This section intends to honor by naming, in order of receipt, those current and past Terra Pomarians either by mundane residence or exclusively playing in / claiming residency of the branch who were elevated to peerage.




Passed Away

This section intends to honor by naming, in order of passing, those current and past Terra Pomarians either by mundane residence or exclusively playing in / claiming residency of the branch who have passed away.