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The officer in charge of hospitality, and greeting and helping newcomers.

Chatelaines welcome new people to the organization, bring new members and help them become active contributors and help them get started in various ways. There are no requirements for joining except a good attitude and a willingness to participate within the organization's time period.

The Chatelaine's office in the SCA is responsible for providing an introduction to the Current Middle Ages to new or prospective members; for advising newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch; and for encouraging participation in the group. The chatelaine can provide access to educational information such as handouts, booklets and other materials. In all of these activities, the chatelaine's main charge is to represent the S.C.A. accurately and favorably, and to encourage all members to do likewise.

Read articles from Noblesse Oblige Booklet, a historical document of An Tir published by the Chatelaine's office in 1985, which sought to help people understand the culture of the SCA. The booklet represents a former time when most information to be shared between SCA folk was on paper.