Julian Edward Farnsworth of Falconmoors

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Founding Baron of Aquaterra - elevated to Baronial status at September Crown Tourney A.S. XXXI.


Highest Award: Laurel
Branch: Aquaterra

Award of Arms Jan 11 AS 20 / 1986
Archery Champion (Blatha An Oir) June 28 AS 22 / 1987 through June 26 AS 23 / 1988
Archery Champion (Blatha An Oir) June 18 AS 24 / 1989 through June 17 AS 25 / 1990
Sergeant (Blatha An Oir) July 29 AS 24 / 1989
Goutte de Sang Oct 21 AS 24 / 1989
Grey Goose Shaft July 21 AS 25 / 1990
Golden Blossom (Blatha An Oir) Dec 21 AS 26 / 1991
Jambe de Lion Jan 30 AS 27 / 1993
Laurel July 9 AS 30 / 1995
Forget-me-not July 20 AS 31 / 1996
Baron (Aquaterra) Sept 1 AS 31 / 1996 through Jan 25 AS 37 / 2003
Belated Rose July 16 AS 34 / 1999
Thrown Weapons Champion (Blatha An Oir) June 15 AS 37 / 2002 through June 28 AS 38 / 2003
Court Baron Jan 25 AS 37 / 2003
Archery Champion (Aquaterra) Mar 27 AS 39 / 2005 through Mar 26 AS 40 / 2006

10:27 AM 6/11/06

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Master Julian passed away last night. There will be a memorial for him at July Coronation on Saturday evening. Details to follow. Please remember him for his greatness as a person and a mentor to so many of us. Remember him best by teaching the ideals and truths he tried to live by in his everyday life because no better or lasting legacy would he wish.

Master Andras

This gentle has been added to the Scroll of Honor.


Please enter your memories of Master Julian.

11 June XLI/2006, 10:27am

It is with great sadness that I tell you that Master Julian passed away last night. There will be a memorial for him at July Coronation on Saturday evening. Details to follow. Please remember him for his greatness as a person and a mentor to so many of us. Remember him best by teaching the ideals and truths he tried to live by in his everyday life because no better or lasting legacy would he wish.

Master Andras

12 June XLI/2006, 12:41pm

Greetings, AnTir. At the request of Baroness Arianne of Falconmoors, I am providing some information about Master Julian's funeral and memorials.

Per Master Julian's request, his body was cremated. There will be no internment. A private memorial service will be held for family members. Baroness Arianne has asked that cards and letters be sent to her at the following address: [address removed for privacy]. In lieu of flowers, she asks that you make a donation to the charity of your choice. Emails are appreciated at [e-mail address removed for privacy] if that is a more convenient way to communicate.

Baroness Arianne and Baroness Rosamund invite all to join with the Barony of Aquaterra Saturday night at the tavern at Boar's Hunt (see Crier or Kingdom Events website) for a time of remembrance of the SCA life of Master Julian. All who wish to share a story are asked to gather at the tavern and tell those assembled some of the wonderful episodes of his life. For those of you who cannot make it but wish to have your say, please email your story to Her Excellency Rosamund, Baroness of Aquaterra, at [address removed for privacy]. All stories will be gathered and made into a scrap book for both Baroness Arianne and the Barony of Aquaterra.

Another memorial is being planned for July Coronation in Dragonslaire. This memorial will be in line with the wishes of Master Julian for a glorious send off. However, there are details to be approved and it is not yet time to announce the final plan for the memorial. When all the details are worked out an announcement will be sent to all the lists so that everyone may know how to participate. We appreciate your patience. There has been some stories floating around about what is planned. We ask that you wait for the official announcement, as spreading these stories confuses everyone and jeapordizes the real memorial effort.

Please send this to all appropriate lists. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at [address removed for privacy].

In Service,

Master Andras Truemark

11 June XLI/2006, 07:36pm

once upon a time a good man asked me if i would be his man at arms. i asked him why, as i was a little (okay, a lot) surprised by this.

he told me that i was a good man in a fight, and that he would feel safer knowing i had the watch.

this was the first time anyone had asked me to be anything in the sca, and i've tried my best.

sometimes all it takes is someone to believe in you.

thank you julian.

the tears are falling on my keyboard as i write this.

i am going to miss you my friend.

safe journey, and that light behind you is the candle in my window.


HL Sylverstone the Traveller
Cavalry Rider, in service to Lioness Amanda Kendal of Westmoreland
Seneschal at large / Seneschal for life, County Duvall
Man at arms to Master Baron Julian Farnsworth of Falconmoors
Protege to Companion Aaron of The Black Mountains
Member of the Order of the Iron Chain

11 June XLI/2006

Greetings Unto the Lists,

Last night at around Midnight, Julian passed away at the hospital. He left peacefully, and without pain. Family has been here, helping Arianne. She is loved, and comforted.

An Tir, raise a glass and give a blessing to Master Julian Edward Farnsworth, as he moves on to the next Journey.

Give your hugs and love to Her Excellency, Baroness Arianne of Falconmoors, when you see her.

Arianne would like to express her deepest gratitude for family and friends who have loved and supported both herself and Julian during this time.

Written for Her Excellency this day,

HL Morag MacGregor

(A "Keeper" posting from the Cathedral Steps 14 Jun XLI/2006)


In the midst of a summer rain shower, a weary old monk rode slowly into the square of the Cathedral steps. His cowl raised and soaking wet as was the rest of his gear and his horse. With the rain sheeting down the monk reined in at the Prancing Yak’s stable and dismounted with apparent difficulty. Holding the reins, he walked his steed into the stable where the stable hands were standing dry and warm. “ Please rub him dry, curry and comb him. Oh and here is a little extra for grain..... and your trouble.” said the monk, handing the reins and a coin to the lead hand. “ I’ll be inside if I’m needed.” With that he removed saddlebags from his mount and slung them over his shoulder. Stepping back out into the yard, he squished his way to the main door, opened it and entered.

In the Common room the fireplace was cold as is the thrifty tavern keep’s habit in the warm months. Heading for the bar, he asked for a room and noted that he had not been here in so long a time that his table in the corner was occupied. On the wall by the fireplace there was a sign that read, “The An Tir Scroll of Honor began here.” The monk sighed and followed the barkeep up the stairs to the rooms above the common room.

Thirty minutes later, the monk descended the stairs wearing a dry robe and with a script hanging from his shoulder. Looking around, he saw that his table was now empty, clean and a tall mug was sitting there awaiting him. The fireplace now had a crackling fire burning, casting warmth into the room. A small grimace of appreciation flashed on his sombre face as he made his way across the room to sit once again where so many of his friends ribbon’s had been added to the Scroll of Honor. The list of those who had passed on before was lengthy and as many of the folk thereon were long time friends. Placing the script on the table and withdrawing from its depths a black ribbon, ink of silver hue, penknife and quill He prepared the quill, dipped into the ink and wrote upon the ribbon. That done, he sat and stared at the ribbon for a time, lost in memories brought on by the name he had just inscribed.

As he pondered, the common room was filling quietly with the denizens of the steps and surrounding area. Sounds of horses arriving could be faintly heard from the courtyard and the odour of wet wool filled the room. Through out the growing crowd could be seen the circlets of nobility as well as Peers of all the Orders. Ex-Royalty was also present. No one approached the monk, but eyes were focused on him and even though all assembled had drinks in hand, there seemed to be little being imbibed. Low murmurs quietly filled the silence. And still more folk arrived. The spaces that had ringed the Nobility and Peers shrunk until all assembled here rubbed elbows together. Peasant, merchants and nobility mingled, seats were offered to Ladies as all waited for the monk to speak.

Looking up from his memories, the old monk gazed around the room and as his eyes swept the faces of old and new friends as well as strangers who would hopefully become future friends, the silence grew until all was silent. “ The Scroll of Honor is no longer here.” spoke the monk in a soft low voice, “But it still seems necessary for me to return here to remember both a good friend and a master of good will.” Clearing his throat, he continued. “ Julian Edward Farnsworth has passed from this vale of tears. He fought the good fight but succumbed to the disease. That his pain has ended is a blessing, but that we are bereft of his company is our sad loss. He was a man of great worth to our Kingdom. Landed Baron, Companion in the Order of the Laurel, Heavy fighter, Master Archer, the list goes on and on.

He was also my Master as I was his apprentice and proudly wore his badge and favour. I will miss him.”

The last of these spoken words were whispered with a break in the monks voice and tears in his eyes. Again clearing his throat he continued.

“I know that Julian and his Lady wife Arianne touched many lives and positively influenced all they touched. But I can only speak for me and mine. We first met Julian and Arianne at a small Lions Gate event many long years ago. Walking out of the campground there were these two really new people seemingly packing up to leave. As is our wont, we stopped and spoke with them. For two hours, or so it seemed, we talked.” The monk smiled at the memory. They had many questions and we gave them answers as best as we could. When next we met, both Julian and Arianne laughingly blamed us for being the ‘cause’ of all their involvement in our Kingdom. I wish they were right, for I can think of no greater compliment that to have been the “cause’ of such service as was done by Julian and Arianne.”

The tears run freely down the old monk’s face, but his voice is firm as he lists the achievements of his friend and Master.

“Mentor, example of chivalry, courtesy and honour, teacher, artist, artisan, warrior, Founding Baron of Aquaterra, compulsive service worker and a great man to drink beer and talk over the meaning of existence with. Julian was all of these and more. I have inscribed this ribbon with Julian’s name and will send it to the Ladies of Valorous Estate as soon as possible for addition to the Scroll of honour. A good man has gone on before and I can envision him seated with all his cronies in the Summerland’s meadows, shooting royal rounds, drinking their brew of choice and savouring existence without pain or the effects of old age.”

The monk pauses and wipes his face with the sleeve of his robe. Then looking around the packed common room, he asks Is there any who would add words of Julian’s memory here?

From the shadows steps a man in blue silk shirt, with Julian’s badge upon him. Speaking clearly he speaks with deep feeling.

“ I am Sylverstone the Traveler, Man at Arms to Julian.

Once upon a time a good man asked me if I would be his man at arms. I asked him why, as I was a little (okay, a lot) surprised by this.

He told me that I was a good man in a fight, and that he would feel safer knowing I had the watch. This was the first time anyone had asked me to be anything in the SCA, and I’ve tried my best. Sometimes all it takes is someone to believe in you.

Thank you Julian. I am going to miss you my friend.

Safe journey, and that light behind you is the candle in my window. “

With a sigh, the man in blue fades back into the shadows.

As he does so, a Norse Jarl stands forth to speak.

“I am Jarl Skeggi Hrafensfuri. I always considered Julian an icon of An Tir.

He has been fighting cancer for a while now. It was in remission but came back on him recently.

Never once have I seen Julian without a smile on his face.

Not once have I heard an ill word from his lips. He was always honourable and chivalric and a pleasure to be around. He was a teacher, a mentor and a good friend.

It was an honour to be in his presence and he will be missed.

So raise a glass, say a prayer, holler at Odin and celebrate Julian’s life!

I’m sure he is smiling now.”

Standing with his drinking horn raise high, the assembled host stands and lifts their drinks up high.

The Norseman cries “ODIN!!!” as each person gathered, according to his or her personal beliefs, joins the cry or stands silent. Then all drain their mugs.

The Monk, who had also drained his mug, waves to the barkeep. “ Fill them again please.” And standing waits as each mug is recharged.

“ Now, again lift your drinks in a toast to a Leader, a Friend, a Cousin, a Father and a Husband! A good man who was loved and valued highly!

May he find the fulfillment of all his hopes and dreams in the summer land of his faith.

To Julian Edward Farnsworth “

The room seems to explode with the sheer volume of the cry that fills the common room and the square outside.


Again mugs are drained. The monk returns to his table and carefully wraps the ribbon in a scrap of cloth, then repacks the script. Turning towards the door he says “I will return for the wake after I have said my office for Julian.”

Exiting the tavern, he puts up his cowl for the rain still is sheeting down.

Climbing the steps of the Cathedral he gets about three quarters of the way up when abruptly the rain stops and, piercing the clouds overhead, like an arrow winging it’s way to a target, a shaft of bright sunshine illuminates the Cathedral doors above. The monk sees this as a good portent and appreciates the warmth of the beam as he opens the doors and enters.

In the tavern there are the sounds of both tears and joy as Julian’s life is celebrated and the loss of his companionship is mourned by his extended family that fill the common room.

Aaron of the Black Mountains
Companion - OP
Brother at Office & Brother at Arms
Order of Hospitaliers of Saint John of Jerusalem.
Circa 1220 AD

Seated in a shadowed corner of the Yak, few people notice the silent woman seated there, quietly listening to the talk ebb and swirl around her; a tankard of mead resting before her on the dark wood table. Though few in the room might believe it, many has been the time that public words have not come easily to her. But at this time and place she can only hope that the words of her heart will find substance and take flight.

She lifts her tankard in silent salute to the passing of a strong and gentle man who believed in An Tir, the SCA and it’s ideals. A man who was many things to many people: Baron and Master, husband and friend. And someone who stood by her in the early days of her Barony and held her honor as her Sergeant and Yeoman.

To Julian Edward Farnsworth. Be at peace, my friend.

HE Dame Rowan, OP
Baroness Blatha an Oir
Courtier and Patron to the Order of Sergeantry of Blatha an Oir

It is a tribute both to Julian's memory, and to your skill as a writer, that not only are my tears flowing, but I reached for my cup so I could be a part of the toasts, and also to add my own.

"To Master Julian, who once was a Yeoman and Serjeant of Blatha An Oir, and inspired both my lord Gwalchgyn and I to attempt the trials and ultimately become members of the Serjeantry.

Melusine de Argent, OL
1st Courtier of Blatha An Oir, Emeritus

Good people of An Tir, greetings from Sir Brand.

Many are the right and moving words given here and heard in all our minds and hearts over the loss of Baron Master Julian Edward Farnsworth of Falconmoors, Founding Baron Aquaterra, the first Laurel of An Tir with emphasis on Archery, teacher, guide, inspiration, loving Lord to his noble Lady Baroness Arianne, and Father and friend to so many.

Many years ago, he honored me by accepting and becoming one of my two sons (yes, I have an idea of how many grand children that gave me;-) It was a looong ceremony involving many introductions...;-)

When I visited him after Crown and took with me notes and thoughts of several people there, we spoke of many things. One, that he would be back and that he planned to win Crown in about 20 years (so look for a really hot stick with a old spirit, extreme sense of fun and wise beyond his years in a couple of decades.) Two, that he was comfortable, ready for the next step and grateful for the many, many lives that blessed him with their love and friendship. Three, that, when asked, he gave me his thoughts on the SCA that should be put out. (I, living long, have had the sad joy of speaking with many close to their end and ask for such words). Hear exactly what he said that day:

"The thing I would like people to remember most is the SCA is a game, but a serious game. It's not a place for weekend drunken parties, but a place for education so people can learn skills that have been lost through time. Thank you."

Of course, he said many, many wise things to many people over his years. Good words of advice for all situations. This is but one that I said I would carry forth.

We are all influenced for the better by Julian's works, words and deeds. This is the best memorial, to become better by accepting and putting into play the wisdom of others. True for honoring Gerhard, Amanda, Janeltis, Thorin, etc. Living or not, carry on and improve through the wealth that is shared from the hearts of those we honor.

I also spoke to my son about a proposed memorial tournament. I see already that other memorials are planned. Huzzah. I add another, coming to events near you with his permission. The Julian Farnsworth Memorial "Just Try It" Archery Shoot, to get people who don't know a knock from a fletching to try picking up a bow and understanding more of what this noble art and science is about. I will be coordinating with event organizers to set these up. But know, in the best of cases, anything we do that spreads knowledge and understanding honors our teachers. No better monument exists.

I wish you peace and remembrance.

Proud Papa (although Julian always insisted on calling me 'Dad";-)
Brand deus Leons

My Tribute to Baron Master Julian,

I have been trying writing this missive since I have learned the news of Julian. Sometimes the tears work, sometimes the scotch work. The Scotch worked better.

Baron Master, Yeoman Serjeant of Blatha An Or Julian Edward Farnsworth. My friend, my mentor, my inspiration. My second father. A very big hole has placed in my life. A hole that will not be filled probably for some time.

I, unfortunately, do not remember the first time I met Julian and Arianne. I do remember it was at a BAO event at the archery range. I remember it was in the 1980’s exactly what event has been lost in the mist of time and the fog of my memory.

The first remembrance with is the day that I became your Arcuarii. Of course I should remember the other major event was Amanda and Alta’s wedding. Taking your bracer was only second to my taking my Yeoman buckle. My parents thought I had won an archery prize. They did not know right they were. I still have it. The bracer will have a place of honor.

I remember the many beers before an event at your RV. I remember the many talks and jokes we shared at that time.

I remember the many BAO events we shared, so many, too many to mention here.

The 4th of July picnic at your place on the coast was a highpoint. As was helping with the Barony’s Serjeant trials one year.

You were my mentor in archery and the SCA. Your gentle and kind words of encouragement helped to keep me going in archery. Our sessions on the range wonderful times I will never forget.

Your example of chivalrous behavior, your kind and gentle ways of teaching, your wicked sense of humor are just some of the things I will miss. I will miss your company.

It is not without reason that we always attend Ursalmas. We would tell people that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary with many of our closest friends. You always came by to thank us for doing this.

I still have the Nine-Man Morris game board you gave me when I was the Gamesmaster of BAO.

Undoubtedly, there are more memories but I just can’t think of any more right now.

With tears and fond farewell,
We will meet again in Archery Summer fields.

HL Yeoman Knut Skytja Thorgundobald.
Arcuarii to Baron Master Julian.

Greetings unto AnTir. This is the official announcement of Master Julian's memorial gathering at July Coronation, Saturday, July 14th, 2006, at Port Gamble, Washington. Please feel free to post this to any list not addressed above. The wider the dissemination, the better.

A group of close friends and family have written an SCA style send off for Julian that involves some Norse-type symbology and the shooting of flaming arrows into the Puget Sound. Please understand that only a select number of people will be allowed to actually shoot the flaming arrows, as this is a primary safety issue. Everyone who attends the memorial will be given a candle to use during the ceremony and can witness the shooting of the arrows. The organizers thank you in advance for your understanding that if you haven't been contacted regarding shooting the arrows, you aren't on the list and will not be allowed to shoot.

The memorial begins at 10:00 pm (or when dark falls) at the combined Aquaterra/Dragonslaire Baronial pavilions. We ask that you gather there between 9:30 and 10:00, that you remember that alcohol and fire are not necessarily compatible and that you will be carrying a large candle that will be burning for something like 20 minutes, so dress accordingly. While we all wish to mourn our friend and mentor, common sense is the word for the evening.

There will be a short sharing at the Baronial pavilions, then a procession through the site to a beach deemed safe for our purposes. Several groups of archers will shoot flaming arrows into the sound along with the sharing of words from some of the most significant SCA people in Master Julian's life. There will be a song by HL Morag MacGregor and then a return to the pavilions where a Bardic Circle dedicated to the memory and good times of the life of Julian will take place. We encourage everyone to participate and look forward to sharing with all our SCA friends.

Thank you,

Master Andras Truemark, GdS, OGGS, OL

Greetings, AnTir. This is a reminder and an update concerning Master Julian's memorial on Saturday night at July Coronation.

We are gathering at the combined Dragonslaire/Aquaterra Baronial pavilions on the main eric starting at 9:45 pm. At approximately 10:00 pm there will be a short opening talk, a lighting of candles and a procession to the area where the majority of the ceremony will take place. After that portion is concluded, we will return to the Baronial pavilions for a time of music, stories and sharing of Master Julian's life.

Some reminders:

1) Bring your own candles. We suggest something that will burn for at least 30 minutes. You will want to make sure you have a drip guard so the wax does not drip onto your clothes or your bare skin. This can be easily done with a paper plate and the candle inserted through the plate. You may know of another method. Do not light your candles before you are so instructed at the pavilions. Everyone will have an opportunity to light their candles as we begin to process to the main ceremonial area.

2) Fire and alcohol are a bad combination. This is a memorial celebration; please save your alcohol consumption for later in the evening.

3) Saturday afternoon/evening there will be a modern wedding party on site at the big Wedding Pavilion. As we gather later in the evening there is a chance that the wedding folks could still be on site. We will be taking an alternate route during the procession to avoid the big pavilion and we ask that everyone be respectful of the wedding party.

4) Only Master Julian's apprentices, arcarii and the Order of the Gray Goose Shaft will be allowed to shoot during the fire arrow portion of the ceremony. The fire arrows are potentially quite dangerous and are intimidating to use, even by an experienced archer. Please do not ask to be included in the arrow shooting if you are not part of the aforementioned groups, as you will be turned down for safety and time considerations.

5) We ask that you respect the silence of the group as we process to the ceremonial area, during the ceremony and the return to the pavilions. It is our way of showing respect not only for Master Julian, but the feelings of many of you.

6) Finally, the walk to the water area and back is longish - please wear appropriate footwear and ask for assistance where necessary. We want everyone to participate but are on a time table with the ceremony.

Thank you. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Also, please feel free to post to lists not included above.

In Service,

Master Andras Truemark
House Falconmoors