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Greetings from Michelino!

Who is this guy?

I am Michelino di Gino Martini. I live in Aquaterra, in the Western Region of An Tir. I am a proud member of the Household / War Unit Clan Carn.

The Acadmey of Saint Gabrial said in their report - "The name <Michelino di Gino Martini> would have been pronounced roughly \mee-keh-LEE-noh dee DJEE-noh mar-TEE-nee\, with secondary stress on the first syllable of <Michelino>." However, I keep forgetting that and pronouncing my first name "mich-cha-LEE-noh", like the Michelin man, so feel free to correct me.

Michelino (vert and sable) fighting Sir Duncan MacKinnon (azure and argent) in a Clan Carn Household tourney.

Huh. What do you do?

In the SCA, I enjoy fighting heavy in wars, wearing the beautiful garb my lovely wife, Mistress Lorenza, makes for me, and medieval games. One "peri-oid" game I especially enjoy is Kubb, despite it being very unlikely to be medieval. I've done a little archery, a bit of heraldry, occasional water-bearing, a few turns at constabulary, some table serving, and the assorted gate. I've been playing since about A.S. XXXIV, not counting a one time trip to an event in A.S. XV.

Somehow I was convinced to become a protégé of Hrollaug "Ralg" Nilsen. Should you see me being naughty (a not infrequent occurrence) or especially lazy (frequent occurrence), be sure to report me to him. I'm always interested in tips on how to do interesting service.

You don't say. Who do you hang out with?

Well, lots of folks. Primarily, My lady wife, Alessandra Lorenza di Martini d’Simonetti, and our friend, Gabriella Marguerite Simonetti Rucellai. Most often I can be found at the Clan Carn encampment, or in the company of it's memebers, as they are my primary household. I started with the good ship Merry Knight, but their eventing is now very infrequent. Carn is a Mercenary War Band, that does many activities. The Merry Knight largely just camps and parties, but both are fun folk.

I've been getting to know folks in my local Barony, Aquaterra. Lately I've been helping out a bit and going to a lot of their events.

Due to the fact that the membership of Carn is spread all over, and many are quite involved in their local groups, I've gotten to know quite a few folks in other Baronies as well - Madrone, Wyewood, Blatha an Oir, Dragon's Laire, Glymm Mere and Lion's Gate all contain friends. We previously lived in Madrone.

Well, do you have all that heraldry and stuff?


Chi fa falla, e chi non fa sfarfalla. Those who act make mistakes; and those who do nothing really blunder.

What's your story?


Well, let me tell-a you a story about a man named Michelino; He was a-sitting at at-a home just a-drinking of some vino. He went-a out one day, a-hunting up some pheasant; When he accidentally shot himself a peasant.

Dead, that is - manservant of the magistrate.

Well-a, the first-a thing you know, he's-a getting on a boat; His kinfolk said "Take-a anything that floats!" That's how he and Lorenza came to this present compan-eee; And suddenly left their beloved Napoli!

Ya all res soon now, ya hear?

That is to say, generally late 16th century Italian. However, I'll wear whatever garb my wife takes a fancy to making.

Michelino attending court, 2016.

Can you list some of the things you've done?

  • First battle markland style combat, XV/1980. Took a while to get back to it, however…
  • Two-handed and Pike/spear fighter with Clan Carn war unit 2000 to current.
  • Games Master for Clan Carn household from 2000 to 2010-ish.
  • Blatha An Oir Corps of Engineers - for helping set up the BaO castle - 2003
  • Secretary for Clan Carn household from 2004 to 2006, 2017 to current.
  • Administer Clan Carn email chat list for about 150 members from 2004 to current.
  • Co-ran Autumn War Kubb tournament 2004, 2005.
  • Council Member for Clan Carn 2006 to 2008.
  • An Tir Culture Wiki admin 2015 to current. I've made around 4,000 edits as of 2020.
  • An Tir Culture Wiki primary admin 2019 to current.
    • Maintain and troubleshoot issues with the wiki
    • Steward content entry and assist (or even intervene) when needed
    • Work with Kingdom web team for hosting, migrations, upgrades
    • Post status updates when there is an issue and it's resolution
    • Respond to help requests - password resets / entry issues / general help
    • Deal with sadly not infrequent spam accounts
  • Minor assistance with An Tir Web Team helpdesk ticketing system - mostly deleting spam entries
  • Gate volunteering - various, one or two times a year, from 2000 to current.
  • Waterbearing volunteering - various, often at Crown Tournies, from 2000 to current.
  • Constabulary volunteering - roving constable often at June Faire - 2000 to 2007 (when position was abolished).
  • Feast service volunteering - various feasts.
  • Retinue (Baroness Guard) for Bryson and Angharad (Aquaterra) 2015 to 2019
  • In-person wiki help and education tour 2015:
Madrone Baronial Banquet L/2015‎‎
Kingdom Feast and Bardic Celebration L/2015
Midhaven Harvest Feast L/2015
Dragons Laire Yule L/2015‎‎
Aquaterra Good Yule L/2015‎
  • Grete Boke for Aquaterra 2016 to current
  • Games Champion of Aquaterra LII/2017
  • One term as populace member of financial committee - Aquaterra.
  • Supplied and tended Tiki Bar for Lorenza's and Gabrilia's vigil - May Crown LVII/2022
  • Baked Peroski for various vigils
  • Shift as Royal guard at Athenaeum LVII/2022
  • Taught class on Introduction to the An Tir Culture Wiki / two shifts of gate at Collegium LVII/2022
  • Attendant/Guard for their Highnesses of Tir Righ at 12th Night and Ursulmas LVII/2023
  • Bartended and made two punches for John de Percy’s vigil 12h Night LVIII/2024
  • Stunt retinue for their majesties of the West 12th Night LVIII/2024
  • Guard for their majesties at Ursulmas LVIII/2024
  • Gate at Ursulmas LVIII/2024

Ever get recognized?

(Note: Italicized entries are Clan awards - non-SCA, household internal recognition. I still love and respect these honors.)

  • Chew Toy Prime - Clan award - first Chew Toy for Clan Carn (bottom tourney finish, a now abolished award) 2002-2003.
  • Sucks Less award - Clan award for most improved fighting 2003.
  • I was bestowed with an Award of Arms in AS XLI/2007.
  • Banner Bearer - Clan award for being a rabid, dedicated dog soldier. 2008.
  • I was awarded a Goutte de Sange at Ursulmas L/2016.
  • I received a Silver Dolphin at Banner War LI/2016 (Barony of Aquaterra first level service award)
  • I had the honor to become Games Champion of Aquaterra at their Aquaterra Champions Aug 26, 2017 (AS LII).
  • Various personal tokens (From the Royal patrons of Wyewood, an unknown Knight for waterbearing, Baroness of AquaTerra for retinue, Princess of Tir Righ for retinue, King and Queen of the West for retinue)

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