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Gate - sometimes previously referred to as "Troll Booth" - is the event entry and check-in point. This is where one goes to pay for entry for the event, or check-in if per-registered. Some event sites may have a separate gates for the site itself, or demos may have separate public and SCA entries. Things one can sometimes find at gate:

  • Gate staff (known in the past as "trolls") taking payment, and administering the required waivers, sign-ins and forms.
  • Site tokens (if in use) to show that payment has been made.
  • Car ("dragon") passes, if in use, to make it easy to contact the owner if a vehicle needs to be moved.
  • Maps of the site - may include locations of major groups and households.
  • Message boards - sometimes available to leave messages for those checking in later
  • Temporary parking for use while checking in.

Gate often needs volunteers for gate staff. They also often appreciates it if you donate some snacks to them, as they are generally stuck at gate for the duration of their shift(s). "Sitting gate", as the duty is called, is a fun way to meet many people as they enter the event.