Hrollaug Nilsen

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a.k.a. Hrollaugr Njálsson

Founding member of the Shire (Barony) of Dragon's Laire

Sarjent of Blatha an Oir: August 11 AS XIX

Order of the Pelican: June 3 AS XXXIV

3rd Baron of Dragon's Laire: Sept 2 AS XXXV to Jan 12 AS XL

Court Baron Jan 12 AS XL

Known as Ralg

Husband of Ellen Fraser

Circa 1140

OP entry

Younger son of Nils Thorgerson, from Fa"rmland. Granted a Knorr (trading vessel) by his father Ralg has a license to trade with the settlers in Greenland and Iceland. Taking iron goods and lumber to Greenland and Iceland and returning with furs and walrus hide ropes. He was wrecked in a storm off Northumbra and now makes his living as a smith and wood-right, saving to return to his family farm.

Theoretical protégés: