Good Yule L/2015

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December 12, L/2015
Aquaterra (Snohomish County, WA)
Dame Rosamund of the Misty Meadows, Baroness Elewyn verch Emrys
Stillaguamish Grange #1058, Standwood, WA
Annual Event
Good Yule
(briefly) Sample: Cold, with snow on the ground.
Games tables
a bocce or kubb contest
fight practice.
Silent Auction
Dessert Auction
Nobless Obliqe class
Bardic competition
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Event Copy

Gate opens at 10:00AM and event closes at 10:00PM.

Come and enjoy the Scotland theme interwoven throughout the day's activities followed by a sumptuous feast celebrating the season!

Spend time at the half-day-of-dance - instruction in the morning followed by a ball to show off what you have learned in the late afternoon with Scots and English Country dances featured. Games tables encouraging participants of all ages will be set up. Weather permitting, a bocce or kubbe contest (or alternately an indoor games contest) is planned, as well as a fight practice. Throughout the afternoon, enjoy a Silent Auction to benefit purchase of a period-style gate pavilion for the Barony, and our annual Dessert Auction benefiting the general fund will be held at the end of the feast.

Duchess Angharad and Dame Rosamund will teach a class of Noblesse Oblige for those who are interested in the obligations and social mores of the medieval landed class. Baron Bryson and Baroness Angharad will sponsor a Bardic Competition during the feast - no documentation is required for entries - just good taste and entertainment. To participate in that competition, sign up at the event with Their Excellencies' appointed Coordinator.

Reservations: Baroness Arianne.

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