Rosamund of the Misty Meadows

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Baroness Rosamund of Aquaterra


I joined Aquaterra in October of 1982 and became Chronicler in November. I was the first Chronicler in An Tir to publish informative and educational articles as well as event copy in a local newsletter. In June of 1998, I became the Baronial Pursuivant Herald and wrote the ceremonial for our new Barony with Dianna of Silvershores.

In the second year of the Aquaterra's Order of the Sergeantry, I braved the Trials and became a Courtier on September 5, 1998. Within the Sergeantry, I saw a need for training prospective candidates to create a well-informed, well-rounded Sergeantry which would form the core of Order. To accomplish that I devised a training class schedule consisting of weekly 2-hour classes to be held from the first week of January through the middle of September each year. I have taught several classes in heraldic art, medieval heraldic art concepts, banner making, beginning sewing, persona development, and the role of women in chivalry. I have also taught classes in each field of the Sergeantry training and continue to encourage everyone to heraldic banner display.

In September of 2003, I became Baronial Seneschal, and in January of 2006 I became the third territorial Baroness of Aquaterra. This year, 2008, I was honored by an invitation to become a Companion of the Pelican — the Vigil and ceremony to be held at Ursulmas 2009.


Baroness of Aquaterra

Purpure, a hern close supporting in dexter upraised talon a rose argent, barbed and seeded gules. RosamundoftheMistyMeadows.gif