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Clan Carn is a mercenary war household in the Western Region of An Tir.

About Clan Carn

Clan Carn was founded in A.S. XXVI at the first Autumn War, and is based loosely on the Scottish Clans of the 16th Century, combining elements from both the Highland and Lowland traditions. Our membership is composed primarily of Scots, Irish and Welsh but open to any persona from any period, and includes Italian, German, English and Norse personae.

We are a war Clan with a force that includes heavies, lights and siege engines. Our fight company is inclusive, meaning that anyone who is of the appropriate age, by SCA rules, and has the inclination to fight is welcome to train and take to the war field with the Clan.

There are many aspects to life in the SCA, war is just one of them. The Clan is involved in a variety of different activities including:

  • rapier combat
  • target archery
  • costuming
  • combat archery
  • tournament fighting
  • music
  • equestrian activity

Household Accomplishments

  • During A.S. XLII, the membership of Clan Carn included five champions of Baronies and Shires, in various forms.
  • As of A.S. L, the Clan has provided five Kingdom Protectors.
  • The Clan was awarded the Triquetra by Blatha an Oir at Autumn War XLVI/2011 for its continuing contributions to Autumn War.
  • The Heavy Fight Company was awarded the White Lion Banner at an An Tir / West War.
  • As of A.S. L, the Clan includes the Kingdom Martial Authorization Officer, Kingdom Siege Deputy, Central Armoured Reporting Deputy, Warlord, Kingdom Protector, Archery Champion of Madrone (outgoing and incoming), Royal Archer Contingency Deputy, Central Archery Deputy, Curia Clerk, Crier Officer Listings Editor, seneschal of Madrone and Wyewood, the Archery Marshall of Wyewood, and countless others who give in less high profile, but just as needed, service.
  • If we could get our active members to live in one area, and nobody else claimed it, we easily have both the population and experienced pool of officers to form a Barony. However, we like our local Baronies (and other groups!) just fine.


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Active Members

Alessandra da Montefeltro
Alessandra Lorenza di Martini d’Simonetti
Althaia filia Lazari
Angharat verch Reynulf
Annaka Regina Poznanska
Arabella Jazmynn
Arthur Buchanan
Arthur of the Green Arrow
Audrey S.
August Hermann Konker
Aurora Prindle
Azmus Barnabas Imhot
Avine de Hert
Akizuki Kaede
Bianca di Baldasarre Saturnio
Christopher MacEveaney
Conal MacLaren
Daffydd du Duc
Dearbhail ingean ui Dhonnchaidh
Drakkus Blackrogue
Duncan MacKinnon
Emma la rousse d'Argentan
Evrard de Valogne
ffolan O Banan
Francis of Norton
Gabriella Marguerite Simonetti Rucellai
Garrick G.
Giuliana Maria di Grazia
Grant MacDonald
Gregory McBride
Gryffyth ap Madyn ap Mitchel ap Merredudd
Hagrid Xzandu
Ifanwy ferch Lyam ap Madoc ap Owain ap Dyfydd ap Gruffudd ap Llewelyn
James Cakebaker
James Graham of Mugdock
Johanna de Wassington
John de Percy
Katryne MacKim
Kojima Ha'nako
Logan an Dearg
Luca Delmare
Lyam ap Owen ap Madoc ap Daffydd ap Llewelyn ap Gryffydd ap Llewelyn ap Fawr
Maderun verch Trahaearn
Magnus Ysenberg
Michelino di Gino Martini
Mughain inghean Donnghaille
Muirghein of Bristol
Nyssa the Furrier
Patrick MacFynn
Prudence Goodheart
Rache Ravnsson
Richard of the Isle
Richard Pavlovich Thomas
Rodrekr ormstunga Sigmundarsun
Salomea de Haesel
Sarah Fairbairn
Sebhdann ingen Cinaedha
Stefano Francesco de Genoa
Steven Desjardin
Tadhg Fairbarin
Tristin de Ver
Tymme Lytefelow
Vilda Leusch
William Sutherland
Wulfwyn Aethelwulfsdottir

Passed Over the Rainbow Bridge

Branimir of Clan Carn
Connor Hume

Less Active or Past Members

Aiden MacGregor
Akizuki Kaede
Alajandro Rodrigo Cardosa
Alan Fletcher
Amanda F.
Annora MacGregor
Andrew MacEwen
Aesa Stiendottier
Bella Xzandu
Blake Jorgensen
Breannainn inghen Cumara
Brynjolfr Oxafotr
Cellach Fitzgerald
Chris H.
Ciara MacCraith
Cogland The Confused
Danett H.
Darth N.
Durst MaqqUuard
Eldred Wulfston
Elisabetta da Prizzi
Eirik langaspjot
Godith d'Arcy of Goosefoot Mead
Isabella di Lucca
Isabella du Corbeau
Ishida no Kintaro
Jack De Winter
James of Noddins
Jason L.
Jeff S.
John L.
John H.
Josh S.
Kade MacGregor
Katrin Thorsdottir
Katrina N.
Keith M.
Konrad Rothschild
Kyle B.
Kyln M.
Lars Isbjorn
Levi J.
Lillian Cannon
Mairgrhead inghean Fhaolain
Mairi Bjornsdottir
Mary W.
Melissa L.
Michael Blackrogue
Miguel L.
Nozomi MacLeod
Osanna of Wyewood
Padric O'Shay
Phelan Kell
Ryes ap Morgan
Samson of Biggins
Sarafina MacKinnion
Sarah Simmons
Sean F.
Sean G.
Seonaid Connsacheal
Steve S.
Susanna MacEachran
Tessa Bianco
Utgardr Jorgensson
Vanessa T.
Vladimir Gunnulf Thorgard
Waldemehr Juhls