Midhaven Harvest Feast L/2015

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November 14, L/2015
Midhaven (Skagit and San Juan Counties, WA)
Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd and Lady Avelyn de Mowbray
Hillcrest Park, Mount Vernon, WA
Annual Event
Midhaven Harvest Feast
(briefly) Sample: Cold, with snow on the ground.
This year's theme for our Harvest Feast is Robin Hood: History to Hollywood.
Come and join us as we journey to Nottinghamshire, England, where you might catch a glimpse of Robin Hood and his Merrie Men. Our lodge will be filled with the bounties of Sherwood Forest to tease your taste buds and gratify your gullet.
The main lodge will be set up for feasting all day, while classes and activities are being held in an adjacent building.
A&S classes available
a Dirty Half Dozen Largess Contest
fighting (if the weather allows).
An Tir Wiki assistance and instruction

Event Highlights

What happened in court.

Feast Menu

To tantalize your taste-buds, we now present - The Feast Menu!

First Course –
Olye Soppes – Onion Soup
Hattes –Hat shaped fried savory pastries
Wortes – Cooked Greens
Pomme d’ Orange – Illusion Meatballs
Second Course-
Roast Pork and/or Chicken
Pease Porridge with Onions
Potage of Rice
Trayn Roste – Fried skewers of Apples and Parsnips (illusion to look like fried innards)
Third Course –
Caudell – Warm eggnog style spiced wine
Tourtolettes in Fuyture – Fried Fig pies
Venison in Broth – Beef ribs in sauce
Tart de Bry or Tart of Spinach.
Duck Pies

For any allergy or food related questions, please contact Lady Miriam di Asolo


  • Arrow Fletchings by Sir Andras

This class cancelled due to instructor illness.

: The class will be on how to make plain, matched SCA appropriate target arrows. He will not be teaching how to embellish those arrows.

What Sir Andras will teach:
Determining proper arrow spine.
Theory behind arrow length and spine
Determining actual draw length (I will have a light weight bow and measuring arrow).
Choosing arrow wood.
Choosing what length, style and wing of feathers.
Choosing proper style of nocks and points
Actual steps to make an arrow...how to attach points and nocks, and how to use a fletching jig properly.
Schedule: This class will be taught twice – at 12:30pm and again at 2:30pm (each class lasting 1 ½ hours).
Class Limit: Classes will be limited to 6 people without their own gear with extras who do.
Those who have their own materials and gear are highly encouraged to bring them, as it is better to learn on your own gear. For those who do not, Sir Andras will supply the materials for this class, including arrow shafts, feathers, glue, fletching jigs, dating devices, etc.
  • Class: Your's Truly, King Arthur (Calligraphy class)
Teacher: Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Description: Learn how to write your name using Gothic Textura (Blackletter) and then learn the rest of a basic lowercase alphabet.
Materials provided. Will take any age student that has learned cursive writing. Class Limit: 8 students
  • Class: Hand-finishing seams
Teacher: Duchess Dagmaer in Hvassa
Description: Duchess Dagmaer will be available from 12:30-4pm to demonstrate how to hand finish seams on your garments. This will be a hands-on open demonstration and teaching experience. Come with your questions, any project you may wish for feedback or assistance with, and scissors. She will have some supplies to practice stitches with.
  • Class - Fighter Training
Teacher: Duke Thorin Njalsson
Duke Thorin will be onsite to give fighter instruction. This class will be hands on and held outside in the park grounds. Exact location of this class will be given when you check in at gate.

Display by the current Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion!

Marquesa Laurellen de Brandevin will be coming to our event to share some of her amazing works of art with us! She will have a display set up in our adjacent building where the A&S classes and Largesse Contest will be held. Marquesa Laurellen will be available to answer questions about entering A&S competitions, about her art, or any other related topics. You don't want to miss this!

Dirty Half Dozen Contest details:

Entries must be six similar items such as six needle books, hats, sewing kits, or other item that is good for largesse. You may have multiple entries so long as each entry has six items. If we have at least 3 youth entries, we will have a separate contest for them. Judging will be by populace choice with a token provided at gate. The winner(s) will receive one item from each entry in their contest. All other items will be used by the Shire for largesse. Contest will start at noon and end before the feast. Please contact Lady Avelyn de Mowbray with any questions.

Dessert Auction

We will be holding our annual dessert auction near the end of the feast. Come and bid on these tasty treats - some of them have become very popular favorites. Donations of desserts for the auction are welcome. Funds raised from this auction will go to support the Shire's martial activities and equipment.


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Sample: Twelfth Night Pictures By Lord Joe Populace

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Excellent feast accompanied by good bardic performances. A nice time for my first experience with a traditional Midhaven event. --Michelino di Gino Martini 08:47, 15 November 2015 (UTC)