Ulf and Amanda

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Preceded by:
Ieuan and Gwyneth
Ulf III and Amanda
Sixth Prince and Princess of Tir Righ
19 Nov AS XL/2005 – 13 May AS XLI/2006
Succeeded by:
Kheron II and Ksenia II
Their Highnesses of Tir Righ, Ulf and Amanda

Royal Progress

Reign History

Royal Progress: Ulf and Amanda

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Awards granted recently by Their Highnesses Tir Righ, Prince Ulf and Princess Amanda:

  • Tournament of Roses - Shire of Danescombe - February 4, 2006 AS 40*

Serrin Bislev (Ravensweir) - Award of Arms Erinn O'Keely (Ravensweir) - Award of Arms Eskya Skerlenger (Ravensweir) - Award of Arms

  • Lover's Court - Shire of Eisenmarche - February 18, 2006 AS 40*

Siobhan the Wanderer (Frozen Mountain) - L'Etoile d'Argent (Tir Righ) Evanglina du Lac (Frozen Mountain) - Silver Pillar (Tir Righ)

  • Red Lantern Feast - Shire of Dregate - February 25, 2006 AS 40*

Noelle della Montagna (Dregate) - Award of Arms

  • Feast of Fellowship - Shire of Appledore - March 11, 2006 AS 40*

Malcolm of Lamont (Appledore) - Silver Pillar (Tir Righ) Phoenix the Wireweaver (Appledore) - Award of Arms Isobella of Wyndhaven (Appledore) - Glowing Ember (Tir Righ)

  • Daffodil Tournament and Feast - Barony of Seagirt - March 18, 2006 AS 40*

Anna-Jane Burd (Seagirt) - Award of Arms Kathrine of Crickstow (Seagirt) - Award of Arms Batu Ttísuvn (Seagirt) - Award of Arms Caieya (Seagirt) - Award of Arms Aodag·n Duueglas (Seagirt) - Award of Arms Fjorleif Fjeldoittir (Ravensley) - Award of Arms Sara Hawthorne (Ravensley) - Award of Arms Ming Lum Pee (Seagirt) - Hafoc (Tir Righ) Catherine Townson (Seagirt) - L'Etoile d'Argent (Tir Righ) William of the Battered Helm (Lions Gate) - Hafoc (Tir Righ)

  • Eisenmarche Tournament and Feast - Shire of Eisenmarche - April 1, 2006

AS 40* Elanor Wrenn (Ramsgaard) - L'Etoile d'Argent

/Bestowed on behalf of King Uther and Queen Angharad: December 3, 2005 AS 40/ Drusus Marcellanus (Eisenmarche) - Award of Arms Nigel Bard of Swansea (Eisenmarche) - Award of Arms Diana the Devious (Eisenmarche) - Award of Arms Bear the Conqueror (Eisenmarche) - Award of Arms

/Bestowed on behalf of Prince Ieuan and Princess Gwyneth: April 2, 2005 AS 40/ Quanhtlehaunitzin (Eisenmarche) - Award of Arms

Congratulations to all!

My apologies if I have missed anyone. Please send all updates/changes/corrections to:

HL Yolande Chastellain Principality of Tir Righ Deputy Herald - OP Assistant Head of Retinue to Their Highnesses Tir Righ Prince Ulf and Princess Amanda

--Elizabeth Braidwood 14:47, 15 May 2006 (EDT)