Twelfth Night Coronation

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Historically, Twelfth Night was the twelfth day after Christmas and the last day of the Christmas season. It is also celebrated as the day that the Three Kings arrived with their gifts for the infant Jesus.

The first An Tir Twelfth Night Coronation was held on January 3rd AS IX/1975 in the Barony of Madrone while An Tir was a Principality of the Kingdom of the West. For a description of the history of Coronet/Crown events see Crown Events.

Twelfth Night Coronation is usually held on the second weekend in January to invest the new King and Queen, that were selected at September Crown. This is An Tir's premier indoor event and typically features fancy court costumes. It also normally features a ball, Arts and Sciences displays, merchants, and other large event activities. Since around 2001, it has also included the 12th Night Peers Auction, formerly known as the Twelfth Knight Auction.