Sven IV and Signy IV

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Preceded by:
Uther and Angharad VI
Sven IV and Signy IV
Forty-ninth King and Queen of An Tir
14 Jan AS XL/2006 - – 15 July AS XLI/2006
Succeeded by:
Amalric and Caia
Photo:Marcus Tullius Calvus

Reign Website:

Royal Progress

Jan. 14-15 - Twelfth Night Coronation
Jan. 28 - Ursulmas, Barony of Aquaterra
Feb. 4 - Upon a Winter's Day, Barony of Wealdsmere
Feb. 16-19 - Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt
Feb. 25 - Red Lantern Feast, Shire of Dregate
Mar. 4-5 - Kingdom Arts and Sciences Championship, Barony of Dragons Laire
Mar. 11 - Oasis War, Shire of Ambergard
Mar. 17-19 - Summits Spring Coronet Tournament, Shire of Corvaria
Mar. 25 - Crown Council, Barony of Three Mountains
Apr. 8 - Caid Crown Tournament, Kingdom of Caid
Apr. 14-16 - Honor War, College of Lyonsmarche
May 13-14 - 40th Year Celebration - Barony of Glymm Mere (Randle, WA) May 19-21 - May Crown Tournament, Shire of Ambergard
May 26-28 - Celtic Revolt, Barony of Wealdsmere
June 2-4 - Avacal June Coronet Tournament
June 17 - Summits Summer Investiture
June 30 - July 2 - An Tir-West War, Kingdom of the West
July 7-9 - Quad War
July 14-16 - July Coronation

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of King Sven IV and Queen Signy IV

Letter to Fighters

Subject: [antir-fighters] From TRM King Sven and Queen Signy - March letter

Please pass this on to any fighting list out there - Thanks Sven

The Knee line convention has always been in effect, but as a convention or tradition not as a rule. It is true that most of us follow this as a rule anyway but for those who see conventions as guide lines that may or may not be followed - I wanted to clear it up for the duration of Our Reign.

This was suppose to be our letter for the March Crier. It states exactly was is already in the ABC, but it is now a rule. I hope this helps clear things up.


Greetings unto the Noble Populace of An Tir

Our fourth reign is now well underway and We have had an enjoyable time thus far. As always, it is a great privilege to meet and work with so many wonderful citizens of this Kingdom. We look forward to the (warm) tourney season with much anticipation. On that note, there are certain conventions that we are naming as Law for the duration of Our reign. They are noted below.

1. Do not face a kneeling opponent into the sun.

2. Do not circle a kneeling opponent out of range. This is called corkscrewing.

3. When you take your opponents legs and he is forced to continue to fight from his knees, many fighters apply one of the knee/shoulder line conventions:

a) Keep directly in front of the opponent without crowding him too much. This means you should keep your feet planted in front of the line formed by his knees. Do not plant your feet between his knees. Do not straddle his legs.

b) You may take a single step beyond the knee line to either side around the opponent to attempt a single shot attack. If the blow fails the fighter must then return to in front of the knee line.

c) If your opponent is able to lean back from the fight far enough to prevent you from launching an attack without breaking the line of the knees, but is able to still fight himself, then the line should be moved to the shoulders. Keep in mind that you should still not straddle your opponent's legs or step between his knees. If your opponent leans forward again, then the line is moved back to the knees.

Now, onto another subject. We would like to send out a reminder that An Tir has a grievance procedure to aid in the area of arguments, personal issues, and other things of that nature. We ask that everyone please do their best to utilize the process when needed. It can prove to be extremely beneficial, can help solve problems before they get out of hand, and can prevent taking issues to a higher authority before the need arises. The grievance procedure can be found in the Laws of the Kingdom of An Tir.

In service to the Kingdom and its People,

King An Tir

Queen An Tir

Thank-you to Scribes

From Sven and Signy's Royal Scribe...

I would like to thank everyone who assisted with the scribal duties during the Reign of Sven and Signy. Many people helped make the scrolls and charters works of art.

I want to give a special thank you to HL Jannet Fletcher who donated all of the copying of charters during the reign.

In Service, THL Abigail Kitchener Royal Scribe to Sven and Signy

The following people helped during the Reign:

Stunt Scribes (for events I could not attend):

Charter Design:

Original Scrolls:

Charter Painters:

There were other charters received that did not include names. Thank you to all of the unknown painters!