Myrtle Holt

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Azure, a myrtle tree eradicated within a laurel wreath argent, all within a bordure compony sable and argent.

The Shire of Myrtle Holt (Grants Pass, OR) is a fun-loving group located in Josephine County (and also Rogue River and Wimer), Oregon. Our domain ranges from the just inland from the coastal border with the Kingdom of West. Our border with West is dominantly wildland with little population. A bit further inland, within the Illinois Valley region, is the farthest South-west our populous ranges. To the west is a vast wildland that borders with the Shire of Tymberhavene. There are many miles of wilderness that contain no population at all. To our North, range the industrious inhabitants of Briaroak, and to our East, our friendly neighboring shire of Glyn Dwfn. This is all located in South of the Principality of Summits.