Eleanor de Sackville

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My name is Chris Knutson. I live in Portland Oregon USA. I took early retirement after an office closure. I joined the SCA 2003. I play in the Barony of Three Mountains. Companion of the Order of the Pelican.


Greetings, My name is Eleanor de Sackville. I am a widow. I was born just outside of Salisbury, England. I was born on The 7th of February, 1342. My father Eduard Mortimer and mother Mary (nee Wakehurst) have been dead these last 20 years. I have one sister, Maud Margaret Lyle. She is a widow living in London. My Elder brother James was the heir to my fathers estate. William, my younger brother was always of a sickly constitution, but did join the Order of Little Friars.I rarely see my family. I had 3 children. My daughter, Mary Elizabeth died soon after birth. My two young sons, John aged nine and Eduard aged 6 died when the hay wain they were riding in rolled over. My poor husband John died 16 years later, though I believe he never got over the deaths of our boys.

I live quietly on a small estate outside of Lincoln. The estate was cobbled together from land purchased with funds from a maiden aunt, and land purchased my late husband with money inherited from a cousin. As such, it did not revert back to anyone at his death. My elder brother tried to find me a suitable husband, but I was not agreeable. He agreed to not press the issue after I agreed to leave my lands and chatles to his younger son, Alfred. Alfred is a good boy and will do right by my tenants. I spend my days quietly. I have but few servants, a ladies maid, a cook, a bulter (Mr Dale), Mrs Rook the housekeeper, Kemp the steward runs my lands, such that they are. He has men from the village as well as tenants who help him