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Sir Richard Fergus Fitzalan, Baron Glymm Mere

House Arkeep

Badge of House Arkeep.

In 1978 upon returning to Olympia, WA (from Pullman), Rich and Wendy Edwards created a medieval society they called "House Arkeep". There was no local SCA branch in Olympia and so they created their own group without SCA connections. Rich took the name Fergus Fitzalan.

Shire of Evercleare

In 1981, Fergus met Angharad at the Evergreen State College and attended the "Lusty Month of May" event that she hosted with the help of folks from the SCA. Shortly thereafter Angharad founded the incipient shire of Evercleare and Fergus was the founding minister of Arts. During the next decade, Fergus served at various times as the minister of Arts, Chronicler (founding the branch newsletter The Looking Glass), minister of Sciences, Gamesmaster, Chief Scribe, Constable, and Seneschal.

Barony of Glymm Mere

In 1993, Fergus changed his name to Richard Fergus Fitzalan. Richard Fergus Fitzalan and Gwendolyn Fitzalan served as founding Baron and Baroness of Glymm Mere from January 1993 to February 1995.

Kingdom Service

He has served as Kingdom Gamesmaster and Kingdom Chronicler.


Fergus began fighting in 1982. He served as Royal Huscarl to then King Thorin Njalsson. He founded the Beevairian Company (the Baronial company of Glymm Mere) in the mid 1980s. He was squire to Duke Thorin Njalsson and served in that capacity for nine years. He was Knighted at September Crown in 1993. He is also a Knight Companion of the Company of Saint Ulrich and a Companion of the Company of the Shattered Lance.

In 2023 at September Crown, Sir Richard, who was knighted on the same site 30 years earlier, renewed his knightly vows before King Morgan and Queen Livia. Then he returned the “spurs of Caid”, which had been given to him at his knighting, to the Crown so that they might be given to a new, younger knight to carry on. King Morgan then declared then to be the Spurs of An Tir, and that they would be passed down to every new knight in An Tir from then on.


Sir Richard is a published writer of poetry in medieval forms. He is apprenticed to Mistress Keilyn Fitzwarin of the Kingdom of Atlantia for the study of medieval poetry. He has three chapbooks: The Errant Knight (1995), A Long Knights Journey Into Day (1996) and Mid-Knight Today (2000) in addition to poems published in other books and magazines.



Richard's squires (past and present) include: Stergar the Smiling (Sir Richard's first squire), Sir Godric ap Rhys, Sir Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi, Squire Connor McGuire of Roscommon, Squire Cian MacDara, Squire Dunstan McLeland, Squire Cedric Helmbreaker, and Squire Tristan FitzMaurice.

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