Ulfred and Adara

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Preceded by:
Torgul and Angharad
Ulfred III and Adara
Third King and Queen of An Tir
8 Jan AS XVII/1983 – 9 July AS XVIII/1983
Succeeded by:
Manfred and Morwyn
LtoR: unknown, possibly Sir Garan, Steingrim Stallari, Ulfred and Adara. Date unknown.
With the Dowager Princess Janeltis, in red. Possibly at Their Coronation (8 Jan XVII/1983).
L to R: Grendel (now Master Nikolai Grendal Gornych), King Ulfred in the helm, and Queen Adara. Date unknown. (Our thanks to Elfreda for identifying Ulfred under the helm.)

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of King Ulfred I and Queen Adara I