Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernoi

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Sir Aleksii is inspired by the lovely and devoted Baroness Elspeth nic Grath, and served his King as the seventh Baron of Blatha an Oir.

My name is Aleksii Konstantinovich Chernyi (Translated loosely as Aleksii the Black, son of Konstantin), and I reside in the city of Novgorod, Russia in the year 1253. I was born the second son to Konstantin, the local boyar (equivalent to Baron, more like a governor) of a small village near Novgorod. As the second son, I was left free to pursue my dreams of war and conquest over the accursed Germans, Mongols, and even the Franks upon occasion.

At a young age I was taken to the city and placed into the service of Kniaz Aleksandr Nevsky, the ‘prince’ of Novgorod. His exploits are legendary. Ten years ago, he led our army to a great victory over the Teutonic Knights by leading them across the frozen Lake Peipus, ensuring the peace of our lands. His household guardsman, the druzhina, are elite troops and it is in this vein that I serve my Prince. My deeds are well known throughout our lands, and my spear is sharp and earns me much respect in my village. Thus do I honor the family name.


Aleksii as Sir Loethgar's Squire, circa 2005.

Aleksii holding spear Emprise 2008

Baron Sir Aleksii at the Emprise of the Black Lion, September 2008.

Sir Aleksii at September Crown, An Tir, 2014.

Baron Sir Aleksii at September Crown 2014.