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This page serves as a historical record of all past and present barons and baronesses with landed ties to the Baronies of An Tir. Individual pages of each person herein may be found in the People category under their full chosen SCA name. The pages are named as such to distinguish the landed baronies from the royal reign pages, as baronages are not considered royal. Persons who have served at any landed capacity, including barons and baronesses, while in office may adopt second "landed names" of their ruled territory where their given/first name is retained and the name of their land is adopted as their sur/last name. Example: "Frederick of the West Tower" may also be known also as "Baron Frederick of Three Mountains" during his tenure in office. These pages are not intended to be personal pages or reflective of the full chosen names of those who have served baronies. Each entry should be filled with highlights of the baron and baronesses time in office. Examples include photos, events attended, court occurrences / reports, memories, etc. much like the reigns of the crown and coronets of An Tir. As barons and baronesses may serve for many years at a time and work closely with their populace, they oftentimes are the most personal and highest level of ruling class many members ever personally interact with in their SCA experience.

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