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Dukes and Duchesses are gentles who have ruled at least twice over a kingdom.

They are addressed as "Your Grace" and referred to in the third person as "Duke/Duchess [personal name]." They may wear a circlet embellished with strawberry leaves to indicate their rank.

As former royalty, they have a Patent of Arms and are considered Royal Peers. In the order of precedence, they rank just below those bestowed with a Lion of An Tir, and just above Counts and Countesses.

All those of Ducal rank (Duke or Duchess or their equivalents) may create for themselves a Ducal retinue (personal herald, guard, ladies in waiting, etc.), which will be recognized by the Crown and may hold Ducal Audiences or Courts. They may not grant any awards, but they may give tokens and scrolls of praise and recognition.

Like all SCA titles, alternate language version exist - I have heard Dux and Jarl used locally.

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