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A circlet is a narrow band of metal worn on the head as decoration, an indication of rank, or to hold your veil on.

The variety and splendor of the various styles of circlets worn in An Tir and throughout the Known World are such that you need to be very careful when wearing one that you do not presume to a higher rank unknowingly. Therefore it is strongly recommended that circlets (other than those mentioned in Sumptuary Laws) be less than an inch wide, not vary in height in any way, and have no protuberances above the top edge of the band. Any further designs (excluding those heraldic elements which denote rank), stones, or metals is left up to the taste of the wearer, but bear in mind that fancier generally denotes higher rank.

As a general guide, those without an Award of Arms may wear a simple, undecorated metal circlet. Those with an Award of Arms may add a single stone and/or a small amount of engraving to the circlet. Those with an award which conveys a Grant of Arms may add several stones and more engraving to their circlet.

In An Tir Peers may wear circlets enhanced with the badge of their order.

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