Darius and Morgaine

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Preceded by:
Skepti and Onore
Darius III and Morgaine
Thirty-first King and Queen of An Tir
11 Jan AS XXXI/1997 – 19 July AS XXXII/1997
Succeeded by:
Sven I and Signy I

Photographer unknown

The Guide to the Reign: http://www.antir.sca.org/Pubs/Reign/


Awards granted by King Darius and Queen Morgaine

Royal Progress

January 11-12 - Twelfth Night Coronation, Shire of Lysonmarche
January 25-26 - Ursulmas, Barony of Aquaterra
February 1 - Candlemas, Barony of Dragon's Laire
February 11-17 - Estrella War, Kingdom of Atenveldt
February 22 - Avacal Investiture, Barony of Montengarde
March 1 - Kingdom Arts and Sciences, Barony of Madrone
March 8 - War in the Oasis, Shire of Ambergard
March 15 - Western Regional Bardic Championship, Barony of Blatha an Oir
March 22 - Eisenmarche Shire Banquet, Shire of Eisenmarche
April 5 - Crown Council, Barony of Blatha an Oir
April 19 - Sir Edward's Memorial Tournament, Shire of Shittimwoode
April 26 - Early Britain Ithra, Shire of Appledore
May 10-11 - Spears of the Lion Camp, Shire of Fjordland
May 16-19 - May Crown Tournament, Barony of Lions Gate
May 29-31 - SeaLion War, Barony of Seagirt
June 7 - Pas D'Armes, Barony of Lions Gate
June 14 - War College, Barony of Three Mountains
June 21 - Spring Faire, Shire of Ramsgaard
June 28 - University of St. Hildegard, Shire of Windward
July 4 - An Tir-West War, Barony of Adiantium
July 18 - July Coronation, Barony of Three Mountains

Personal Memories

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12th Night Investiture of Darius & Morgaine by Her Ladyship Briana Kassia http://wiki.antir.sca.org/index.php?title=Twelfth_Night_Coronation_XXXI/1997#Personal_Memories

A Magic Moment at An Tir-West War

The first time it happened was on the Saturday morning before the battle. The King alighted a resplendent horse drawn chariot. The Queen mounted a midnight-black steed. Escorted by their Royal Retinue, the Crowns of An Tir processed through the entire camp rallying the troops to battle. To hear His Majesty’s proud voice boom to His subjects “An Tir to War!” and to see the beauty in Her Majesty’s graceful smile was inspiring.

Walking behind Their Royal Majesties, I looked behind me as we turned a corner in the path, to see a never-ending line of An Tirians who had joined our procession to the field in response to the battle cry. I hadn’t known just how large the entourage behind us had grown. It felt incredible to know that there exists such overwhelming support for An Tir, and to realize that I was proud to be a part in the making of An Tir history. Goose bumps raised the hair on my arms and a shiver went up my spine. This was the first time I had experienced a truly ‘magic moment’ in the SCA. This was why I had answered "yes" when asked if I wanted to be part of a Royal Retinue. Little did I know what was in store when I first uttered that small but powerful word, and that there would be many more ‘magic moments’ to come.

I give thanks to Dux Darius Corvinus and Cometessa Morgaine Brigantia for asking me to be part of their Retinue. The magic couldn’t have happened without them.

--HL Yolande Chastellain

One of the most awe-inspiring courts I ever attended was held by Darius and Morgaine at the Festival of St. Hildegard. The populace caravaned from site to the Stonehenge replica in the eastern Columbia River Gorge (truly a place worth visiting, if you have not). It was a stormy, blustery day in the Gorge, with tumultuous gray clouds, sudden stabs of light, and erratic spats of rain. TRM held court among the huge pillars of stone, their guard and retinue in Romano-celtic garb that exactly matched the setting, with the deep chasm of the Gorge behind them, while the light shifted around us and the wind blew fiercely. I remember Lao Yu in her Mongol garb and fox furs raising her hands and crying a spine-tingling ululation. I remember looking between the plinths to see a single white gull sailing out over the gulf. What the business of the day was, I do not recall, but it hardly mattered; what shines in memory was the sights and sounds and overpowering reality of the scene.

After the court, a funny/scary moment: a group of us went closer to the brink to look down at the river's expanse. Marian Staarveld, then Baroness of Adiantum, was wearing her Baronial circlet over a silk veil. She felt a wind gust try to lift her circlet, and clapped down her hand to save it. She glanced back up the hill and saw Miklos filos Ambrosios, her sole sergeant on site, blanch in utter horror: he knew that had the wind blown the Baronial circlet down the cliff, it would have been his duty to retrieve it! --Raven Qara ton

Kheron Azov, Yolande Chastellain, Barak Ravensfuri, King Darius Corvinus, Elizabeth Blencowe, Sabine D'Angers, Queen Morgaine Brigantia, Durin Oldenmoor Tjorkilskin, Wilhelm the Far Traveller
Photo by Mary Larose 1997

Wilhelm the Far Traveller and Queen Morgaine Brigantia
Photo by Mary Larose 1997