Yolande Chastellain

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September 2006
Azure, a shakefork argent between three crosses bottony within an orle Or.


Yolande is a lady-in-waiting in the household of the Duke and Duchess of Burgundy in Dijon, France in the year 1453. She is a lady-in-waiting to the duchess, assists with the duties of the chamberlain and often travels with the ducal court.

Some time ago, her Lord husband Lucullus (an Englishman) was thrown from his horse and hit his head on a rock, and now he thinks that he is part of the Romano-British army circa 500 AD. Originally Yolande altered her clothing and re-created this time period simply to humour her Lord, but has since found that she quite enjoys the Romano-British era and the ideals it conveys. Her Lord husband is squire to Dux Darius Corvinus, and as a good wife, Yolande joined her husband in the Darian Household. With great respect and admiration she herself swore fealty to His Grace Dux Darius.

SCA History

Yolande has been playing in the SCA for 30+ years, with her first event being a week shy of her 16th birthday, at Seagirt's Secret Tourney in 1986.

She has had many memorable events, including falling in love with her Lord and future husband at Autumn War, attending a very distant An Tir-West War in 1997 with Their Majesties Darius and Morgaine where she experienced a true Magic Moment, 30th Year Celebration, and Estrella War 2004.

She has proudly served on many Royal Retinues for An Tir and Tir Righ, and has been privileged to work with and to come to know Darius and Morgaine, Ulf and Celdae, Ulf and Bernadette, Ulf and Amanda, Ulf and Caoimhinn and Ulfgar & Renee. It was during her service to Amira Celdae the Seeker that they took a long held acquaintance and forged it into a friendship.

The most thrilling memory for her occurred at Lions Gate Baroness' Winter Tourney XL/2005 which started with Naqiba Celdae saying that it was her right and her privilege to take on Proteges, and she had chosen Yolande. Yolande then wanted to honor the fealty arrangements that she already had by making presentations to Dux Darius and Ulf and Amanda, Prince and Princess of Tir Righ. Apparently Their Majesties Uther and Angharad thought that there were just too many confusing fealty ties and they should all be severed...by making her a Pelican! Suddenly, all the Pelicans--in very Pelicanate style--flocked in from all corners of the room! Yolande was put on vigil until the time that her babe would be old enough to travel to a kingdom event. She was elevated to the Order of the Pelican at September Crown Tournament XLI/2006.

She is very honoured to be the 3rd recipient in the Order of the Raven of Tir Righ, an award in Tir Righ that is a mark of favour given once per reign to an individual who embodies the ideals of the Society.

Yolande is a proud mother to her son Logan and daughter Lydia, and step-mother to her Lord's son Brandyn.


Maîtresse Yolande enjoys working on retinues, being a lady-in-waiting, event steward, running the Lists, waterbearing, shopping on merchants row, dancing, watching court, watching combat, and helping others. Her interests also lie in precedence and etiquette, research, persona development, costuming, period fabrics, spinning, embroidery, calligraphy, and period methods of waterbearing.


Dame Arianna Freemont of the Clan MacBeighn - August 25, 2007 AS 42 until her elevation to the Order of the Pelican on May 21, 2016 AS 51