Lady Siobhan Macdonald

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Having attended her first SCA event of September Crown in the third reign of Their Majesties King Thorin and Queen Angharad, Lady Siobhan began her exploration in the Barony of Three Mountains under the reign of Baron Roger Fitzlyon and Baroness Morag Campbell of Glenbourne. She was welcomed by then Chatelaine Tjorkill Kanne (who taught her some basic fighting skills) and Hlutwige Wolfkiller (later to become Their Royal Majesties, and the first royals she swore fealty to.) Attending a few Kingdom events as well as Baronial gatherings and events, she became a member and participated regularly under the name Iris of Willowmist. By early 1989 she moved to Washington State to the Shire of Silverthorne (no longer a branch) and assisted her mundane mother HL Parthenia Cambrone of Lochyell with autocrat and feastocrat events, including multiple "Festival of (water)Colors" in the coastal areas.

As a member of the Shire of Silverthorne, she attended events there, including serving on the group's staff as Scribe and newsletter editor. The lack of unified group goals and interpersonal conflicts among various members (which eventually led to the group's demise) caused her to begin to drop out of participation until her move to Glymm Mere shortly before its elevation to the status of Barony. Unjustly accused of moving to pad the vote for founding Baron and Baroness in a particular direction due to her mother's association with one of the pairings, she felt unwelcome by most of the static members of the Barony, a feeling which has left a particularly sour taste in her mouth and never quite left.

With an avid interest in heraldry, bardic arts, and healing, she has had the opportunity to attend two Known World Heraldic Symposiums, meet several Lords and Ladies of the Laurel, has been friends with at least one Black Lion and Vox Leonus, and acted as court herald at 30th Year for Royals, as well as during Grand Court. One of her fondest memories was receiving her AoA on July 11, AS 27 from Their Majesties King Gunnarr and Queen Gabriell and then being asked by Their Majesties to personally herald them down a campground road and into the campsite of Lady Parthenia whereupon they awarded Parthenia with her Goutte de Sang as she stood disheveled in a cooking apron, unable to kneel due to medical reasons, thereby raising her to the order. Another fond memory was waking and emerging from her tent the morning after the Crown Tourney to see her nearest tent neighbor, HH Darius, cooking breakfast in hiking boots, shorts, a t-shirt, and his coronet won in favor of his Lady Jacyntha the day before (grin). This was the first reign of Their Majesties. This also began a familiarity with various royals, whom she respected.

Mother of three children, she often struggled between parental duties and medieval interests and pursuits. She was never fully able to participate as completely as she wanted - the frustration of which, combined with group politics and cliquish attitudes among some participants - caused her to drop out of active participation in the Society at all after her attendance at 30th Year Celebration. She lived quietly in the Barony of Glymm Mere again for many years, and occasionally attended fighter practice. Her first event in over a decade was in the fall of 2007, where she camped with members of Clan Carn.

Lady Siobhan Macdonald has been most recently reported to be in The Shire of Windale, Kingdom of Atenveldt, where she resides with her husband and dotes over her grandchildren.