Honor War A.S. XLII/2008

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April 25-27, 2008
College of Lyonsmarche
Tova Fransdottir
Hells Gate State Park 4832 Hells Gate Road Lewiston, ID 83501
Temperate days, cool nights.
Total 131 - 111 Adults, 15 Youth, 5 Children.
Event Copy


Honor War XLII Site Token by Phelan Tolusmiðr.


Friday, April 25th
8PM - War Council & Boasting Competition
Saturday, April 26th
9am - Nine Men's Morris tournament sign-up hosted by Tawny
Viking Gaming throughout the day hosted by Phelan
10-11:30am - Middle Eastern Garb Survey class hosted by Mistress Morgaina
Evening COURT - Time to be announced
8pm - BARDIC
Sunday, April 27th

Court Report

Awards given by King Cedric
Desdemona Dacre of Wastekeep, Goutte de Sang
Richenda du Jardin of Wealdsmere, Goutte de Sang
Gernot von Meer of Wealdsmere, Award of Arms
Rhiannon Vreith wreic Gryffyd of Wealdsmere, Award of Arms

Baron Sir Caieth of Umber, current Arts and Sciences Champion of Lyonsmarche, called forth the new Champion, Phelan Tolusmidr. Baron Caieth presented Phelan with the old Arts and Sciences banner from the Canton of Silverhart.


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Personal Memories

The weather was temperate during the day and fair at night (though I've been told I've got a fair amount of antifreeze in my blood, and not always the brewed kind!). We were in the furthest south loop of Hellsgate State Park, the C-Loop. We had about 130 people turn out, quite good for an early event off on the edges of the Kingdom. Quite a few fighters from Artemesia, and of course King Cedric. Also in attendance were Their Excellencies Arthur and Rowena of Wastekeep and Their Excellencies Caieth and Araviere of Wealdsmere.

The war started around noon on Saturday, with the first battle down in the tall weeds along the river. After enough war arrows were lost, the battle progressed to the high banks that separated the river plain from the camping area. The park workers have used this bank area for years as their leaf disposal area, so in many places there were "drifts" of leaves up to ten feet wide and five feet high that the fighters had to work their way UPHILL through. At the same time, the defenders on the top of the bank were throwing seige rocks on the attackers! Finally, the battle shifted to the keep, which in this case was a bunch of wood shipping pallets roped together and anchored to a group of trees. Battles raged for several hours, with the only casualties being used for bardic fires that evening. -- Phelan Tolusmidr 17:38, 6 Jan 2009 (PST)