Cedric Blackwell Rolfsson

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Cedric at May Crown 2007 in the Barony of Vulcanfeldt.

According to Cedric’s bio on the Shipcrew website:
As a young man I fought with Alferd the Great in the swamps of Wessex against the Danish invaders until I found a boat full of angry ass-whupping Vikings willing to take me raiding for women, booze, and fame. I've found the booze and the fame.

September Crown 2007, victorious Cedric being carried by Baron Sir Styrkaar Jarlskald and Sir Osrik Wolfsbatr Rolfsson.

Cedric was knighted in AS 33 by the hand of Duke Sven and Duchess Signy, he is a member of the Shipcrew, and on January 12, 2008 became the Fifty-third King of An Tir. After reclaiming the Sable Lion Throne, Cedric became the Fifty-sixth King of An Tir at July Coronation AS 44. Cedric is married to Duchess Elizabeth Yvonne Owles and together they have two children, Tedra and Thane.