Cedric and Elizabeth

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Preceded by:
Tiernan and Miranda
Cedric and Elizabeth
Fifty-third King and Queen of An Tir
12 Jan AS XLII/2008 – 19 Jul AS XLIII/2008
Succeeded by:
Owain and Wrenn
Twelfth Night 2008

Royal Progress

Twelfth Night (January 11-13)
Ursulmas (January 25-27)
Estrella War (February 13-18)
Youth Allthing (February 23, Elizabeth only)
February Investiture Avacal (February 23- 24, Cedric only)
Oasis War (March 8,)
Gulf Wars (March 14-16, Cedric only)
Kingdom Arts and Sciences (March 14-16, Elizabeth only)
Crown Council (March 29)
Tir Righ Coronet (April 11-13)
Honor War (April 25-27, Cedric only)
Penguin Crusade (April 25-27, Elizabeth only)
May Faire (May 2-4)
May Crown (May 16-18)
Egil’s (May 23-26, Cedric only)
Grand Thing III (May 23-26, Elizabeth only)
June Faire (May 30-June 1)
Grim Offensive IV (June 7-8)
Summits Investiture (June 20-22)
An Tir West War (July 3-6)
Folklife Festival (July 12)
July Coronation (July 18-20)

July Coronation 2008
Photo courtesy of HE Beothuk of the Beothuks.


Head of Retinue, Dame Ashley Longbow of Newcastle
Captain of the Kings Guard, Sir Rolf Longbow
Captain of the Queens Guard, Her Ladyship Tai Tjorkillsdatr
Court Coordinator and Royal Costumer, Baronessa Berengaria Longbow
Royal Scribe, Dame Tamlyn of Wyntersea
Royal Advisors, Duchess Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd and Duke Sven Gunnarsson

King's Guard:
Sir Daegar Fairhair
Sir Osrik Wolfsbatr
Sir Qorin Khanna
Sir Styrkaar Jarlskald

Queen's Guard:
Lord Berwyn Ap Ulric
His Lordship Einar Knutson
Her Ladyship Emelot du Harfleur
His Lordship Malachi of Logere
His Lordship Rurik Gjafvaldsson
Baron Shannon O'Duncan
Her Ladyship Shiak nic Geoch
Lord Theron
Sir ThorolfR Brantsson
Master Ulrik Grimwolf de Montazure
Baron William of the Battered Helm

Ladies in Waiting:
Her Ladyship Fiona ni Chonchuir
Lady Freydis Kvaranswife
Her Ladyship Halla Hrafnsdottir
Lady Isa Ormriauga
Baroness Meghan Oakendottir
Baroness Regina O'Duncan
Baroness Stjarna Ravenhair

Awards Given

Awards Given During the Reign of King Cedric and Queen Elizabeth

Notable Accomplishments


Personal Memories of the Reign