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This is the new home of the An Tir Culturewiki. A wiki is a website anyone can edit. (Yes, you too.)

The purpose of this wiki is to provide a way for the people of An Tir to cooperatively collect and describe our history and culture. (For inspiration, drop in on the West Kingdom's Annotated History project.)

The history of our Kingdom is not just one person's memories, but all our memories together.

The culture of our Kingdom is not the habits and practices of just one person or branch, but all of us together.

Please read the Policy Guidelines before creating or editing pages.

NEW Oct 2017 Photo upload policy has changed. Uploads have been enabled again. Please also see Blanket Media Grants if you are willing to make your photos available for general use on the wiki.

NEW Mar 2023 WikiEditor (extension that provided formatting buttons etc.) got clobbered in the upgrade. Updated the extension and it's working again. Clear your browser cashe if you don't see the editor buttons.

The links at the bottom of this page will help you get started editing.

Please feel free to join in and help: We welcome your contributions!

Just create a user ID and start writing!

Important change to user rights

Excessive spam has forced us to increase rigor around user accounts. You must now have a confirmed email address to edit pages. If you did not confirm your email originally, please do so from your user preference page.

New to Wiki?

Stop by How Things Work Around Here before you wade in.

Visit the Help page.

Use the Sandbox to practice editing pages, or see the process for Creating New Pages.

If you'd like to start with your own page, see the People Page Tutorial.

Here's a people page step by step tutorial to make your first very basic page.

Also, see these excellent YouTube video tutorials.

And, as always, if you need to contact us we are here.

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