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This is a list of the holders of the Axe of Heroes. To learn how the Axe came to reside in An Tir, see Avacal August Investiture XXXIX/2004.

See also: Recitation Of the History Of the Axe Of Heroes on the Avacal website.

(Note: Viscountess Bushra is also known as Viscountess Morrigan Clubfoot of Avacal.)

  1. Lord Rannulf Smith of West Yorvik, Ealdormere. Rannulf forged the axe. Also he was a noted bastard-swordsman in his day.
  2. Baron Corwyn Galbraith, Ealdormere, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Current Baron of Septentria in Ealdormere, married to Domhnail (#17). The axe haft was crafted in his workshop. He also first used the axe, to split wood for a carved spoon.
  3. Lord Grimwulf the Hairy, Ealdormere. The second-finest field commander Septentria has ever produced (the finest is Baron Aeden o Kincora, who taught Grimwulf).
  4. Duke Barak Hasdrubal the Carthaginian, Knight, Ealdormere. A Duke of the Eastrealm, one of the finest battle commanders ever at the Pennsic Wars, particularly in the woods.
  5. Viscount Mordain Blackcloak, Knight, Ealdormere. Warlord of Ealdormere’s forces at Pennsic XIII and at Pennsic XXXIII. Was squired to Sir Finnvarr (#71).
  6. Thegn Cynred Broccan, Ealdormere. Former Baron of Septentria, he sat the Ursine thrones beside Bushra’s sister Gaerwen. Squired to Sir David (#24).
  7. Sir Evander McLachlan, Ealdormere. A brilliant swordsman and joyous soul, he crusaded in the Middle East two years ago.
  8. Viscount Menken Brechen, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Baron, Ealdormere. Current Baron of Skraeling Althing in Ealdormere, he sat on the Board of Directors of the Society.
  9. Lord Streonwald Wulfesbana, Ealdormere. Squired to Sir Berus (#65). Also a fine smith, he provided a sharpening steel for the axe.
  10. Lord Etien au Neval, Ealdormere, Step-brother to Viscountess Bushra. King’s Champion of Ealdormere. Squire-brother to Sir Berus (#65) and Master Worgen (#14). Last Bard to the Courts of the Principality of Ealdormere, he does a frighteningly accurate imitation of a large ape.
  11. Count Sarnac Bahadur, Knight, Ealdormere. Was squired to Sir Roak (#12), an inspiring and passionate commander.
  12. Duke Roak of Ealdormere, Knight, Ealdormere. A Rozakii (see #91), famed for his prowess with mace and greatsword. Also a highly capable operational commander.
  13. Master Trumbrand the Wanderer, Master of Arms, Ealdormere. A Rozakii (see #91), second MSCA ever elevated in Ealdormere, also a fine armourer. Married to Kayla (#22)
  14. Master Worgen MacGreggor, Master of Arms, Ealdormere, Step-brother to Viscountess Bushra. First MSCA ever elevated in Ealdormere. Squire-brother to Sir Berus (#65) and Etien (#10). Universally beloved for his sweet nature, he also fights an amazing mace.
  15. Duke Edouard Beausoleil, Knight, Ealdormere. Was squired to Sir Finnvarr (#71). In his first mass battle at Pennsic he saved Kaellyn (#50) from serious injury or death, when her chinstrap failed and her helmet went flying, by throwing himself between her and an advancing army.
  16. Lord Wulfgang Donnerfaust, Ealdormere. First squire to Sir Sarnac (#10), he has the makings.
  17. Baroness Domhnail Galbraith, Ealdormere. Aunt to Viscountess Bushra. Current Baroness of Septentria in Ealdormere, married to Corwin (#2). Squired to Master Worgen (#14).
  18. Lord Graeme de Liste, Ealdormere, Married to Viscountess Bushra's niece Aurelia (who made her Coptic fillet). A fine teacher of new fighters.
  19. Lord Ralf of Oaklawn, Outlands?, Brother to Viscountess Bushra. He holds a valid heavy fighter authorization card at age 81.
  20. Viscount Edward Zifram of Gendy, Knight, Master of the Laurel and the Pelican, East. 45th Knight ever elevated in the Society, autocrat of Pennsic XXXIII.
  21. His Royal Highness Sir Rurik, Crown Prince of Aethelmearc, Aethelmearc. A valiant warrior and most gracious Prince.
  22. Lady Kayla the Cheerful, Ealdormere. Former King’s Champion of Ealdormere, a joyous fighter and generous soul. A Rozakii, married to Master Trumbrand (#13).
  23. Taog of Concusare, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Warlord of Concusare, a non-SCA group of pre-600 AD Iberian Celts. He understands deeply things Celtic.
  24. Earl David Martin Failsworth, Knight, Duke, Ealdormere. First prince of the Principality of Ealdormere; also first King of the Kingdom of Ealdormere. One of the Nine Worthies of the Known World.
  25. Sir Gregory of Loch Swan, Master of the Pelican, Lochac. A faithful Pennsic participant who flies up from Australia every summer.
  26. Duchess Elina of Beckenham, Mistress of the Laurel and the Pelican, Lady of the Rose, Middle. Author of "The Armored Rose" book and class series, a singularly graceful lady. Married to Duke Stephen of Beckenham (#106)
  27. Lord Axayacatl the Tlacuilo, Ealdormere. Distinguished bard to the Baron of Septentria (#2), formerly known as Gunnar Truthsinger, he has embraced his Mexica ("Aztec”) persona despite objections from Eurocentric SCAdians.
  28. Lady Seonid nic Thomas, Ealdormere. Baronial Champion of Septentria. Married to Streonwald (#9).
  29. Lady Isotta Gianfigliazzi, Ealdormere. A fine spear-fighter with a charming singing voice.
  30. Lord Evan Quicktongue, Ealdormere. Squired to Sir Katsu Okaiwa, he is known for a quick wit and generous nature.
  31. Her Royal Majesty Marion II, Lady of the Rose, Queen of Ealdormere, Ealdormere. Married to Sir Berus (#65), she is a noted combat archer.
  32. Master Brusten de Bearsul, Master of the Laurel and the Pelican, Middle. A former Knight of the Middle Kingdom, he threw the first blow at the first demo in what became Ealdormere. Also a former War Chirurgeon at Pennsic.
  33. Sir Ustad Hassan the Dredd, Middle. First Islamic persona to perform the Pennsic pilgrimage, the Penjj, he was squired to Sir Lothar (#47). He is an inspiring fighter to watch and a soul of vast generosity and kindness.
  34. Lord Drust mhic Arleth, Middle. First squire to Sir Ustad (#32). He has the makings.
  35. Baron Tancred of Tanglewood, Ealdormere. Foremer Baron of Rising Waters in Ealdormere and a noted craftsman, he is a wise fighter who fights single combat only, heeding his body’s limitations.
  36. Baron Andrixos Seljukroctonis, Master of the Pelican and the Laurel, Huskarl Calontir, Calontir. Noted Byzantine warrior, he teaches Latin to the army of Calontir on the field (example: "Ave, marinus”, "Hello, sailor”).
  37. His Royal Highness Brannos, Knight and Master of the Pelican, Crown Prince of the Middle, Middle. One of the Nine Worthies of the Known World, considered the finest swordsman on the east side of the continent, he is the finest coach of fighting in the Society. Married to Mistress Rebekka (#108).
  38. Master Feral von Halstern, Master of Arms, East. Senior commander within the Great Northern Army of the Eastrealm, one of the finest field commanders at the Pennsic Wars.
  39. Viscount Haakon Oaktall, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Aethelmearc, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Warlord of Clan Yama Kaminari, he walks the talk and carves legends with his spear. See #85.
  40. Lord Ardal of Antioch, Aethelmearc, Cousin to Viscountess Bushra. Squire to Sir Haakon (#39), a convivial companion.
  41. Sir Trelogin Tavistock, Master of the Pelican and the Laurel, Middle. A truly joyous man, he begged the boon for Viscountess Bushra’s Laurel when he was placed on vigil for the Pelican. Interestingly, his first of three Peerages was his Pelican.
  42. Sir Osric Eisenwulf, Middle. Head of a famous Midrealm fighting house, House Ironwolf, his generosity is well-known.
  43. Baron Dur (Mukhtar Durr al-Jabal al Mukhfi), Aethelmearc, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Father and guiding light of the Society’s Mozarab renaissance, he named Bushra al-Jazeeri bint al-Nahr.
  44. Badger of Anglesey. Another non-SCA Celt and fine warrior, he casts bronze.
  45. Countess Elina de Braose, Lady of the Rose, Ealdormere. First Queen of Ealdormere, she led her army on the field, sword in hand.
  46. Sir Aengus MacBain, Aethelmearc, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Knighted at Pennsic XXXIII. He held the axe before he knew he was to be knighted -- he was squired to Sir Haakon (#38). Married to Mistress Yvianne (#47). A truly generous, joyous man.
  47. Maitresse Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon, Mistress of the Laurel, Aethelmearc, Married to Viscountess Bushra's uncle Sir Aengus (#46). Scutifer to her husband, the previous summer Yvianne was injured on the field protecting him. After surgery she returned to the field to fight beside him.
  48. Baron Lothar von Drachenstein, Knight, Master of the Laurel and the Pelican, Middle. Noted Knight and artisan. His "Drachenstein Treasures” is one of the leading SCA jewellers of the Known World.
  49. Master Efenwealt Wystle, Master of the Laurel, Atlantia. Once killed the King of Ealdormere at Gulf Wars with his spear and wrote a song about it. He is mad, utterly mad.
  50. Viscountess Kaellyn MacDermott, Mistress of the Pelican, Ealdormere. Second Princess of Ealdormere, War Chirurgeon, Pennsic XXV. Also a faithful friend and advisor to Bushra during her reign. She cannot stop working and serving.
  51. Count Ruslan Novgorodcev, Master of Arms, Master of the Pelican, East. Warlord of the East at Pennsic XXXIII. A fine field commander, his quick thinking saved Pennsic War XXIII from crisis and collapse on the field.
  52. Baron Malachi von Uri, Knight, Calontir. In service to Queen Sile II (#102).
  53. Viscount Bear the Wallsbane, Knight, Aethelmearc. Famed Aethelmearc warrior known for tenacity on the field.
  54. Lord Justinian Clarus, Ealdormere, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Past Bard to the Court of Ealdormere, as a shieldman in the line he has used his voice to command whole armies when the generals were silent.
  55. Count Valharic Caligula Aurelius, Knight, Middle. King of the Middle at Pennsic XXXI, he learned much during his reign.
  56. Lord Fian mhic Kennedy of House Darkyard, Middle. Man-at-arms to Sir Valharic (#55). He has the makings.
  57. The High Lord Barak Petreus Marinus Comitatus, Ealdormere. Squire to Barak Sir Hasdrubal (#4), a distinguished small-unit tactician and tenacious patriot.
  58. The High Lord Richard Larmer, Ealdormere. Squire to Sir Finnvarr (#71), a distinguished participant in and organizer of high medieval tournament companies.
  59. Duke Alaric von Drachenklaue, Knight, Caid. A gracious Peer and noted film student, and therein lies a tale.
  60. Ritter Brion Landgraff von Bellatrix, Knight, West. Viscount and Knight. A Bellatrix of the blood, son of Duke Paul Bellatrix.
  61. Viscount Atai Yoshina, Knight, Aethelmearc. A wandering Knight due to his previous employment in the service of his demanding uncle Samuel, the Society at large is his home.
  62. Lord Dietrich von Berne, East?. Proprietor of "Dark Victory Armoury" maker of black plastic harness. He has put 1,000 fighters on the field.
  63. Master Wulfgar o’the Wood, Master of Arms, East. Noble head of a glorious house; the squire reflects the Master and the Master is most impressive indeed. He understands kin, profoundly.
  64. Lord Eric Polynares, East. Squire to Master Wulfgar (#63), a noble and generous heart. His Master held the axe on his behalf.
  65. His Royal Majesty Berus II, Knight, King of Ealdormere, Ealdormere. Squire-brother to Master Worgen (#14) and Etien (#10), married to Marion (# 31), he made Bushra’s gold Viscounty coronet.
  66. Sir Hrymgnar Aeulfsson, East?. Long-time merchant at Pennsic, his goods are reliable and priced fairly.
  67. Count Aaron Preslee Worgensson, Knight, Ealdormere, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Was squired to Master Worgen (#14). Also known as "Iron Aaron of the Thousand Battles”, he fought 1,000 bouts at Pennsic XXXII. His kindness, patience and common sense all are treasures.
  68. Sir Ivar the Black, An Tir. Knight of An Tir who fought for Ealdormere at Pennsic XXXIII at the Princess of Avacal’s request.
  69. Baron Ephraim ben Shlomo, Knight, Middle. Baron of the Cleftlands, one of the Nine Worthies of the Known World. Perhaps the single most humble and gracious Knight in the Society.
  70. Lord Hamish Gunn, Ealdormere, Grand-nephew to Viscountess Bushra. A member of House Galbraith, calls Bushra’s Laurel "Grandpa" through her brother Master Garraed Galbraith.
  71. Duke Finnvarr de Taahe, Knight, Master of the Pelican and the Laurel, Ealdormere. Only fighter to have fought in every war-point battle in every Pennsic War. One of the Nine Worthies of the Known World. Sat on the Board of Directors of the Society.
  72. The High Lord Hereward Feorbend, Ealdormere. Squire to Sir Finnvarr (#71), beloved of the Kingdom of Calontir.
  73. Lord Travis Greywolf, Ealdormere. Squire to Sir Finnvarr (#71), he enjoys fighting with short pole weapons.
  74. Lord Wat of Sarum, Ealdormere. A steady fighter and gentle man with a wicked sense of humour.
  75. Sir Nigel Macfarlane, Ealdormere. Very effective Ealdormere field commander, Pennsic XXXIII. The axe rested on the Runestone immediately before Sir Nigel’s wife, Baroness Adrielle Kerrec OP OL (herself a fine warrior), sat vigil for the Laurel at Pennsic XXXIII.
  76. Lord Angus Albhanni, Ealdormere, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. Captain of the Black Tower and Head of the Eoforwic City Guard, he served as group marshal of a group without a permanent fight practice site for a decade, which is an act of vast dedication in the face of insurmountable frustration.
  77. Master John the Pell, Master of Arms, East?. One of the legendary large-force commanders of the Pennsic War.
  78. Duke Siegfried von Halstern, Knight, East?. Founder of the renowned Eastern Haus von Halstern.
  79. Countess Kenna Harve, Mistress of the Pelican, Lady of the Rose, Middle. Ruled the Middle alone after the death of her consort, Prince Jafar. She authorized as a heavy fighter after his death so the Crown could be on the field with her troops.
  80. Lord Chengir abu Bene Said, Aethelmearc. The greatest Mozarab storyteller in the Known World.
  81. Viscount Gunther von Wieselburg, Knight, Trimaris, Uncle to Viscountess Bushra. The finest War Prince Ealdormere ever had lead it into the field.
  82. Duke Dagan du Darregonne, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Middle. A distinguished Master of the Pelican, he has a strong conscience and great sense of personal honour.
  83. Lord Simon Ivanovich Tzarakov, Aethelmearc, Cousin to Viscountess Bushra. Squired to Sir Haakon (#39), a dedicated servant.
  84. Lord Damian Haakonsson, Aethelmearc, Cousin to Viscountess Bushra. Squired to Sir Haakon (#39). He has the makings.
  85. Sir Dirk MacMartin, Huskarl Calontir, Calontir, Cousin to Viscountess Bushra. Was squired to Sir Haakon (#39), a generous and joyous warrior.
  86. Sir Ogami Akira, Aethelmearc. Head of Clan Yama Kaminari ("Clan Mountain Lightning"), he does very detailed samurai. Also head of Security, Pennsic XXXIII.
  87. Sir Magarichi no Kordono, Aethelmearc. Was squired to Sir Ogami (#86), he does his knight honour.
  88. Lord Kataura Hachirou, Aethelmearc. Squired to Sir Ogami (#86), a very proficient senior squire to a very demanding knight.
  89. Duke Ronald Wilmot, Knight, East. Took a tragic relic, a helmet half-made for the late Sir Thorbjorn Osis, and turned it into a joyous gift for Sir Aaron Preslee’s knighting.
  90. His Grace Tribune Darius Aurelius Serpentius, Knight, East. While King of the East at Pennsic XXXI was voted the title "Imperator" by his army on the field. Fought 1,000 bouts at Pennsic (circa Pennsic XXIX). Married to Roxane (#90).
  91. Her Grace Roxane Arabi Shahzadch, Mistress of the Laurel, Lady of the Rose, East. While Queen at Pennsic XXXI was awarded the East’s Blue Tiger (martial award) for her abilities as a field commander. Married to Darius (#89).
  92. Baron Thorgrim of the Rozakii, Aethelmearc. Khagan (head) of the Rozakii, a famed Khazari fighting house that has produced many great warriors.
  93. Lord Garth Halfdan of the Marines, An Tir. In service to Duke Sir Hasdrubal (#4) he travels from An Tir every summer to fight alongside his kin; he calls himself "The Westernmost Ealdormerian".
  94. His Royal Majesty Siridean, Knight, King of Calontir, Calontir. A most gracious and patient Knight.
  95. Duke Talymar gan y Llewyn, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Middle. Famed as "Hammer of the Tiger", the Middle’s greatest field general ever. Also a fine friend to Ealdormere in its darkest hours.
  96. Baron Brand Thorwaldsson, Master of the Pelican, Ealdormere. One of the best heralds in the Known World, a well-feared greatswordsman and, in his spare time, both patron saint of armourers and mailmakers and father of his Barony.
  97. His Royal Highness Malik, Knight, Crown Prince of Ealdormere, Ealdormere. He held the axe while doing his Penjj as part of his vigil, prior to being knighted at Pennsic XXXIII.
  98. Duke Eliahu ben Itzhak, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Middle. A firm friend of the Northlands.
  99. Baron Thomas Damian Blackmoor, Aethelmearc?. He once fought in an AIDS benefit tourney at Pennsic while recovering from heat exhaustion because the tourney was under-subscribed.
  100. Serjeant the Lady Sigrid de Mere, Middle. Squire to Sir Eliahu (#98).
  101. Lord Kasimir of Staargard, Ealdormere. Second squire to Sir Sarnac (#11). His Knight held the axe on his behalf.
  102. Her Royal Majesty Sile II, Mistress of the Laurel, Lady of the Rose, Queen of Calontir, Calontir. Queen of Calontir at Pennsic XX. An old and dear friend of the Northlands.
  103. Duke Christofer Kensor, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Calontir. A Knight of colourful origins who has learned much and become a stalwart of his Kingdom.
  104. Duke Palymar of the Two Baronies, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Middle. A firm friend of the Northlands, he both delivered the Midrealm proscription of the word "Ealdormere” and presided over Ealdormere’s first Crown Tournament.
  105. Sir Jehane de la Batarde, East. Former head of Security, circa Pennsic XXVII.
  106. Lord Agnar the Goth, Ealdormere. Faithful Northman, fought in every Pennsic, starting about Pennsic XVI.
  107. Duke Stephen of Beckenham, Knight, Master of the Laurel and the Pelican, Middle. I believe he is married to Duchess Elina (#26). Reputed one of the finest swords of the Society.
  108. Morgana of Concusare. Lady of Viscountess Bushra's uncle Taog (#23), A deadly spear-woman amidst a clan of gallant and passionate warriors.
  109. Her Royal Highness Rebekka, Mistress of the Laurel and the Pelican, Lady of the Rose, Crown Princess of the Middle, Middle. Married to Sir Brannos (#37), she is the only non-fighter within this roll. She went to Pennsic XXXIII while completing a course of chemotherapy. Of all this roll of heroes, she shines most brightly.
  110. Sir Alan Culross, Master of the Pelican, Middle. Former Earl Marshal of the Middle. Once spent fifteen hours in his car driving to a Coronation site, driving to the outgoing Crown’s home to recover a forgotten piece of regalia and returned to the event site (across the US/Canada border). A very patient man.
  111. Lord Ulvar van der Nederlander, Ealdormere. One of the finest scouts in the woods battle, Pennsic XXXIII.
  112. Lord Lucius Aurelius Varus, East?. A former Rozakii moved afar, renowned for his swordsmanship.
  113. The High Lord Tynne Duair ap Beul, Ealdormere. A Rozakii, apprenticed in illumination to Princess Genevieve of Ealdormere.
  114. Tigearn Corrig Mhor, Ealdormere. A deadly spear fighter with a decidedly early Irish bent.
  115. Lord Rhodri ap Ieuan ap Hywel, Fyrdman Calontir, Calontir. A Calontiri who lived in Ealdormere for a year, he both learned and taught much.
  116. Lord Thorolfr inn Smithr, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard, well-reputed amongst the Calontiri.
  117. Lord Pelayo of Eoforwic, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  118. Lady Sara of Eoforwic, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  119. Bjarn Styrmirsson, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  120. His Worship the Lord Hans Thorwaldsson, Ealdormere. Lord Mayor of the Royal City of Eoforwic and a member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  121. Lady Bridget of Eoforwic, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  122. James MacDonald of Eoforwic, Ealdormere. A member of the Eoforwic City Guard.
  123. The High Lord Dafydd ap Sion, Ealdormere. Archery Champion to Their Majesties Ealdormere and a faithful friend to those in grief and need.
  124. Lord Augustine Ely, Ealdormere. A new fighter with eyesight challenges, he fought fearlessly in the woods while holding a great and pure faith in those around him.
  125. Baron Colin James MacLachlan, Knight, Master of the Pelican, Huskarl Calontir, Calontir. He held the axe while sitting vigil on his elevation to the Chivalry at Pennsic XXXIII, at the Runestone. Sat on the Board of Directors of the Society.
  126. Master Charles Oakley, Master of the Pelican, Middle. Current Seneschal of the Middle Kingdom.
  127. Baron Konrad Matthais Jaeger, Master of the Pelican, Ealdormere. Commanded troops brilliantly on the Pennsic XXXIII bridges.
  128. Lord Eoin o Berne, Ealdormere, Married to Viscountess Bushra's sister Zahra. Man-at-arms to Sir Malik (#97), former Baronial Champion of the Barony of Rising Waters in Ealdormere.
  129. Viscount Kitakaze Tatsu Raito, Knight, Middle. Viscount of Northshield, he is cutting the jewels for that land’s first Crowns.
  130. Beothuk of the Beothuk, An Tir, Faithful friend. Last of the roll of heroes and by no means least.

Four sitting Kings and Queens
Four Crown Princes and Princesses
Seventeen Dukes and Duchesses
Six Counts and Countesses
Seven Ladies of the Rose
Ten Viscounts and Viscountesses
Fifty Knights
Six Masters of Arms
Twenty-nine Peers of one or both of the Peaceful Orders
Fourteen Barons and Baronesses
Eighteen direct relations to Viscountess Bushra

The axe rested on the Pennsic Runestone

(Note: some of the number references in the comments have been corrected.)