Wystan Albryght

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Wystan Albryght Oct19.png
Per chevron vert semy of lozenges and argent, in base a cross formy gules.

Date added to Roll: October, 2019
Date Registered to Laurel: January, 2009

{\Wystan Albryght in the An Tir Roll of Arms.
Full Name & Title: HL Wystan Albryght
Registered: in January of 2009 (via Caid) in the Ordinary & Armorial of the SCA.
Also or Formally Known As: Nathan of Al-Sahid
Allegiance: Kingdom of An Tir, Principality of the Summits, Barony of Terra Pomaria
Years of SCA Service: A.S. XXXV (35) (1999 C.E.) to currently active
Highest Award: Goutte de Sang

Wystan Albryght in the Order of Precedence.

SCA History

I started in the SCA fairly early in life as a senior in high school, attending my first event Highland War in 1999. Unfortunately it was in the afternoon of the last day of the event and most people were packing up and prepping to leave the site. However, I was lucky enough to be welcomed by the Templars of Caid into their camp and they provided me with a space to ask as many questions as I could muster and offered a helping hand in getting involved. I accepted this offer and even joined their household, being heavily active with them from 1999-2016 when I moved to An Tir. During that time I also got involved with the local shire, the Shire of Al-Sahid and started participating as event staff for the local events and even took on a few offices. I also meet the love of my life in 2006, the wonderful Honorable Lady Christmas Caryl, having the great honor to be her introduction to the SCA. In 2016 we moved into the Kingdom of An Tir into the Barony of Terra Pomaria and have been actively participating with the Barony by holding offices and working on event staff for the majority of the baronial events ever since.

Event Related Service

Championships, Offices, & Other Services


Born in England around 1253. Wystan was the third son of a noble family and was raised and given an education of a noble lord. Since he was not going to inherit his family's lands or wealth, he chose to enter into a service contract with the Templar chapter house in London in 1269 when he was 16. He was to serve as a sergeant in their ranks for a contract term of 10 years. After two years of training and studies at the London temple, he was dispatch with the crusading force accompanying Edmund Earl of Leicester in 1271. They were dispatched to bolster the forces of Edward 1st and Charles of Anjou in breaking the siege of the City of Tripoli. He took part in the battle at Qaqun and helped repel an attack on Acre. He remained in Acre for a few years till he was dispatched (into the known world) to the Kingdom of Caid. He served out the remainder of his contract in Caid. After collecting his severance, he relocated to the Kingdom of An Tir to establish a homestead in the Barony of Terra Pomeria.


  • Exchequer 101 – last taught November 2022 at Summits Service Collegium
  • Basic Chainmail – last taught in 2018. I know several distinctive decorative weaves used mostly for decorative *jewelry chain purposes, but I also know numerous sheet weaves (European 4-1, European 6-1, Japanese 2-2, Persian 6-1, Byzantine) used in armor production.

Other Affiliations


  • Demonstrations - I have been an active participant at numerous demos for the Barony of Terra Pomaria. I particularly enjoy demonstrating martial activities and the depth and variety of the arts and sciences practiced in the SCA.
  • Chainmail - Primarily the use of butted rings for decorative purposes, but I have also done some larger pieces for demonstration uses and for an occasional commission.
  • Leather Craft -I am just getting into leatherwork and I am excited to delve further into this art.
  • Martial Activities -I have been doing heavy armor combat since I joined in 1999 and rapier combat since approximately 2008. I particularly enjoy melee combat and for the bulk of my years in Caid would attend Estrella, Patro, Highland, Great Western, Dark Well Wars each year. Since moving to An Tir I have traveled to and attended An Tir /West War, Baroness War, and a variety of other event were time permitted.
  • Service - I have held numerous offices and worked on innumerous event staffs to help the SCA experience come to life. It is a lot of work but we all benefit from the time expended. I make an effort to do service at every event I attend, even if it’s just something small like serving as stunt retinue, or helping people set-up or break camp.