William Geoffrey and Melyssande

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Preceded by:
James I and Estefania I
William Geoffrey I and Melyssande
Seventh Prince and Princess of the Summits
19 June AS XXXIV/1999 – 11 Dec AS XXXV/2000
Succeeded by:
Ambrose II and Marian II
The final court of William Geoffrey and Melyssande, Dec. 11 XXXIV/1999. (Left to Right) Lord William Cristofore of Devonshire Summits Captain of Eagles (archery champion) (behind banner), Optia ("Sergeant") Vesta Antonia Aurelia Defender of the Summits (heavy champion) (holding banner), Shiak nicGeoch (called Deasal) Summits A&S Champion (with red hair), Lady Maya, The Honourable Lord Sveyn Egilsson (between Their Highnesses), Lady Caelin Teleri, Lord Lucian MacCrimmon Summits Captain of Cats (rapier champion), Duchess Verena of Laurelin Summits Cup Bearer for that reign, and Fingall McKetterick (mostly obscured behind Duchess Verena). Many thanks to Vesta, Zorha of Caversgate, Manya of Adiantum, Fingall McKetterick, and Sveyn Egilsson for identifying most of these people for us.

Princess Melyssande, Dec. 11 XXXIV/1999. Photographer: Elspeth of Wyre Forest
William and Melyssande as they invest Their Heirs Ambrosios and Marian as Prince and Princess, Dec 11 XXXIV/1999.

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