Ambrose II and Marian II

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Preceded by:
William Geoffrey I and Melyssande
Ambrose II and Marian II
Eighth Prince and Princess of the Summits
11 Dec AS XXXIV/1999 – 24 June AS XXXV/2000
Succeeded by:
Durin I and Ceridwen I
Upon Their Investiture, 11 Dec XXXIV. Photographer: Elspeth of Wyre Forest

At Twelfth Night Coronation XXXIV/2000. Accompanied by: (L to R, behind the thrones) Optia (Sgt.) Vesta Antonia Aurelia (Defender of the Summits), Lord Lucian MacCrimmon (Summits Captain of Cats), Magistra Raven Qara ton (Cup Bearer), Sgt. Bannor Oldenmoor, Bantierna (Lady) Grainne Gelleo of Locksley, Charlotte Nicholls. (Our thanks to Finngall McKetterick for providing the names of the retinue.)

Royal Progress


Awards Given

Notable Accomplishments


The symbol of this reign was an osprey.

Personal Memories of the Reign